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Darklands lyrics

Album: Chronicles [1996]

 01  Dance her spirit dead
 02  Dead but dreaming
 03  Doorways
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Dance her spirit dead
A little girl her heart of gold
For silvercoins her heart she sold
That little girl was led astray
With silvercoins she had to pay
See this gound, where she bled
Come with me and dance her spirit dead
And the whispering winds weep her name
Her lips turnes as blue as her empty eyes
On naked ground she naked lies
Come with me and burn our love
Come, dance her spirit dead
See this ground...back to top
Dead but dreaming
Death reigns - even in solitude
Spaun of such raging hate
In the city doth asleep
Underneath the sand and stones
R'lyeh - the place of my dreams
Sunken so long ago
Awake ye demon without a mouth

In the town of wings and claws
High-priest of the past awakes
The Absu (?) , the sea turns red
Yes, he's rising from the deep

Dead but dreaming

Turns his face towards the sky
The sun goed down and daylight dies
Ancient evil - demon from the sea
Hear my prayers, let me come with thee

In the town of wings and claws
Dead but dreamingback to top
I have seen the angels
die and fade away
And the rage of demons
when they play

I have learned the lounge
of gods, long since gone
I've watched the moon grow old
and I have touched the sun

The doorway is open for me now
I could enter if I only knew how

Walk among the ancient oaks with me
In the woulds so dark is where you'll always be
So take my hand and I will lead you through
A drop of your blood and I will be there too

All my knowledge
All my wisdom gone to waste
I feel the lips of death
And she is begging me to tasteback to top
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