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Darkseed lyrics

Album: Diving Into Darkness [1999]

 01  Forever Darkness
 02  I Deny You
 03  Counting Moments
 04  Can't Find You
 05  Autumn
 06  Rain
 07  Hopelessness
 08  Left Alone
 09  Downwards
 10  Cold Under Water
 11  Many Wills
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Forever Darkness
In the fire of the sunken sun
fast as ravens, bullets, thoughts I run
I inhale the golden oil
and I fear forever darkness
Nights come, bringing snow
Forever darkness in my soul
Black, cold days will never cease
when the ground shakes and the light falls
Look into Your heart
Do You see the ruins of what we felt before?
Look into Your heart
Forever darkness in my soul
Do You see the ruins of what we felt before?
Look into Your heart
Do You feel it?
Do You see the ruines
of what we felt before?
Sickening lives the fallen man
This is our world
Here the snake gets her poison
to kill innocense in paradise
Lies come, spirit?s gone
devil?s might has won
Black cold days will never cease
when the ground shakes and the light fallsback to top
I Deny You
Would You like to go for a walk?
Essential for You...
May I introduce You to my words:
Small amusements give You joy
You don?t think about it?s sense
stupid guy...
I deny You, I despise You
You?re the one ?bout whom I laugh
Go to hell now, get a move on!
Follow my advice!
I deny You, I despise You
You?re the one whom I regret
Go to hell now, get a move on!
I?ll show You, go to hell!
Truth it has no value for You
You keep up appearances
Shut Your gob, now I am talking!
A fat lot You know about the truth
Now our ways will seperate forever
Forget my words and live the world
You live Now it?s time to say good-bye to You
Walk Your path again and keep a fool!back to top
Counting Moments
This is the day
When grief pours freezing over me
Like rushing mighty floods
To drown the flame
burning in my eyes
Freezing coals in my soul
I ask myself,
how came these things to pass?
Sometimes unexpected seconds just arrive too fast
Counting moments always change my life
Counting moments when joy or tears arrive
Counting moments I never will forget
Sudden, unexpected things come to pass
I?ll never enter dreams of Eden anymore
The low last edge of the universe
Now all hope?s destroyed
images burst
Perspectives gone and past
Dreams devide and break
Sudden movements piercing through my life
Unforeseen joy or tears arriveback to top
Can't Find You
I?m standing at the coast
and I listen to the waves
I?m searching for a place
to anchor my heart
But the water is too deep
to find You
I?m drifting away
washed to the shore
Sand in my eyes
I can?t find You
I?m searching stone for stone
I?m diving blue for blue
I?m diving deep in You
but I can?t find You
Waters wash my soul
I listen to the waves
telling stories far from home
They live and breathe and break
they?re washing clear my soulback to top
My heart is crushed
It?s lying there and growing cold
Summer?s sunset falls
Sunlight flees away
and dews of night arise
Rainy autumn moves my heart
Flowers welking welk my joy
Clouds come rolling over
they depress me, overrun me
They overshadow my heart
Autumn comes apace,
a last warm glance sighing to me
Now grey vails between the earth and sea
Birdless branches in the wind
Leaves they found their death in coldness
Naked trees in the frost of night
yearning for the sun again and again
Waters laying still in transparent fog
Lakes of blue covered with ice
to sleep their winter-sleepback to top
When the day comes You wish it dark
Life?s black window of Your soul
When the day comes
You wish I?m dead
Black temptation in Your head
When Your lies come I wish You?re gone
The pulse of Your veins under ice
When I look into Your heart I find a desert
where You let hot rain falling burn
I?m walking down this dying land
step by step, walk for walk
The autumn rain rains on my life
drop for drop, tear for tear
When the day comes You wish it dark
Life?s black window of Your soul
Let the hot rain falling burn
Tell Your heart it has to learn
Let the hot rain falling burn
Keep Your thoughtful land aliveback to top
I?m looking through my window and I see
a lonesome star lost in the night
I?m looking through my window and I see
midnight?s gloomy forest, it?s mighty trees
The new-moon winter-bright
overspread with phantom light
Cold winds are knocking at my door
Should I open?
Welcome to my broken heart, I invite You
I?ll show You hidden dreams, just explore
Dreams that yearn for sunny days
Dreams that search for hopeful ways
Realize my deepest dreams!
When the cold winds visit me
my wishes freeze, illusions flee
Hopelessness, it fills my soul
Hopeless ways I?m walking down
I?m sitting here, no window there
No lights I see I?m waiting for
Dreams that yearn for sunny days
Dreams that search for hopeful waysback to top
Left Alone
A shining star it sinks
and spreads it?s last silver rays
A short glance and then escape
to universal spheres
The last sinking star leaving us
and with it the last remaining truth
Mankind stained itself with sin
Wisdom changed to cold, we hunted everything
The last fleeing star says good-bye
We?re left in loneliness
Stars we cannot buy
We?re left alone
without warmth, without light
The stars, the moon they leave tonight
God is out of sight
We?re left alone
without heart, without soul
We?re left alone in fields of gold
The sun, the stars, the moon
returning home to God
Crying about the earth
We?re lost in emptiness of space,
we?re lost in emptiness of sense
Wounds we have to close
before the last wise thought perishesback to top
I?m walking down this way
without an aim, without a course
I sometimes find an open door
to rooms that show me trivial thoughts
I see wastelands in Your heads
without ideas, without respect
I blame mankind
Your road leads downwards
into sinful life
Down and down the steps You fall
Tears they fall like springing rain
down onto the poisoned earth
Thoughts that love the routine life
push me out of Your door
A tree?s my friend just loving me
despite it?s wounds bleeding free
And the sun is blind,
happy rays are gone
The tree is dead...
I blame mankindback to top
Cold Under Water
I dive into the sea
to realms of unknown blue
I break the surface
to drown in nothingness
Calm before the storm
Storms drowning everything
Floods drowning all
You?re sinking down
Water, deep, blue, cold
The sea?s calling You
Floods drowning all
Blue dimensions
Water, deep, blue, cold
destroying all
And the flood?s destroying all
And the world is sinking down
Blue dimensions over us
Our world is dying
Black clouds appear
and the rain falls
Lands under water
they sink into forget
Cold under water
lies the wreck called mankindback to top
Many Wills
I?m lying on my bed now
No morning gives me promise
of a glorious day
Will happiness return?
I overdrink the day
I overdring the night
I?m drinking forth myself
abroad to an empty loss
down to a sunless sea
to drown in my own misery
Will my happiness return?
Will the night lay to rest?
Future-expectations there?
Hopeful promise anywhere?
Will my happiness return?
Will the night lay to rest?
Will the rainbow bridge my ways?
Will there be glorious days?
I?m a stranger for the world
Nevermore to dance
Isolation in my rooms
Oh hell that I was born
Too many wills that don?t come true
No chance to realize
The final countown, final flight
to false illusions, astral suicide
I?ll stop my sadness, use the key
to the outlet of my miseryback to top
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