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Darkseed lyrics

Album: Romantic Tales (Re-released) [1998]

 01  Dream Recalled On Waking
 02  In Broken Images
 03  Above The Edge Of Doom
 04  A Charm For Sound Sleeping
 05  Last Dream
 06  Frozen Tears
 07  Atoned For Cries
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Dream Recalled On Waking
...and after a many summer dies the swan
It withers slowly in thine arms
All night long amorous anthems sung
It's tears on your cheek, history of the fan

Sweet is the breath of night
with charm of earliest birds
Close over us, the silver star, thy guide
Dying embers, our only light
(scorching away mortality
Till the moon rising in clouded majesty)

But see the many-coloured prime retired to rest
Thy long tongued blood demands supplies
Honour and beauty are but dreams
Big alike with wound and dart

Like fiery dews that melt
the swan's soul into the boughs does glide
Flaming swords forbidden
They banish me from you
Remembrance of a bitter loss

Ruined love, when it's built anew
grows fairer, more strong, far greater
While glory crowns so many hatreds crest
Waking, thou wert in thy nakedness
...and after a many summer dies the swanback to top
In Broken Images
Grotesque fairyland-astray
With fine falling snow
this myth now melts away
Through bloody archways
it flows upstreams to see
this heartache parching me
Burns my gaiety, tahng down it's golden mask
My tears ooze away on drifting soil

Through peace I stride and flee
Your musing thoughts caressed by fear
I hear some nightingales, they sing
My withered dreams to heal

Beauty's rose should never die
My grief lies onward, joy behind
But nature calls it to be gone
So tired with my woe...

Stormy gusts of winter's day
For restful death I beg
Ere that sun doth wake
Drown my sins'black memory

What freezings have I felt
what dark days seen in sleep a kind
Mounted on the wind your bareness
comes to touch the seals

Stormy gusts of winter's day
For restful death I beg
Ere that sun doth wake
Drown my sins' black memory

For never resting time leads summer
on my heart is slain
Withing this would which iron did impress
there will a river whispering run
The very birds are mute
The dread the winter's near
Their sings, they wet my eyes
Drown my world with weeping earnestly

Too hot the eye of heaven shined
Anon, the tunnel I will find
Praise deep vermilion in the rose
What tree or stone doth want a soul?

Light, thy picture in my sight
It's held within his hands
It's grounded in my heart
Disguised in bridal veils

Morning shadows wear away
How many mornings have I seen?back to top
Above The Edge Of Doom
Don't drink the wine, it could be blood
This torrent could be thine
Turbid water cannot glearn
Your amity to truth departs

The moonlit sky is lightning up in lands where
shadows drearn my thoughts

I want to deny my frown
This war starves out my faith
it naughts my peace
Weed stamps on it's guilt, it crumbles off
Ere you were born was beauty summer's dead

Find the first conseit of love there bred
Faith falling...
No bitterness that I have bitter thing
Doom's calling

Whatever midnight hath been here
The flames of love I cannot view
So glid my path with thine eyes
Winter's cold falling deep

Make glad seasons as thou fleets
through crystal brooks where silence heats
Winning, when I saw myself to lose
Ruined love is built anew

On thorns rose stand
Two mourning eyes thy face
Bashful dreams, my soul is fled
where late sweet birds sand

Solicit your evil minds
wandering through the morning fog
Through the grove where trees conseil the light
Through the leaves, through fallen snow

My tears on your skin
but water cools not pain
from my soul which in thy breast doth lie
(It's useless shine it may forbear,
the weeping days to chase)

Find the first conceit of love there bred
Faith falling...
No bitterness that I have bitter throught
Doom's calling...back to top
A Charm For Sound Sleeping
My loveless eyes, they gaze on thee
They break the crystal of the sea
That smile for which my feelings sigh
This pain could teach us how to die

Your heart once left thus desolate
Must fly at least for ease to hate
So many summer flowers there
So many shadows love might share

Love's image upon earth without its wings
I feel relief when sorrows flows
My days though few have passed below
Dark tree, still sad when other's grief is fled

Grasped in the holy hands of mystery
So beautyful shine, dark eyes flashing free
Last eve in beauty's circle proudly gay
Let thy scattered shafts of light play

Sleep at noon with branches overground
You can't enliven dying man for
God takes back his gift
Beat the twilight into flakes of fire
Glow with the glow that slowly crimsoned au
Through all memory I found a way
I walked in throughts, today they walk in meback to top
Last Dream
Laughter of the night devours your life's brightness
Virgirn is singing - apparition of your death
exterior of the dark's standing deep in fern
white robe's waving in fog like her pitch-dark hair
your past was grey, your future is black
tears of extinct days stream through her eyes
blood over your tomb

She begins to cry, the master of the dead
holds a cross towards the sky
her empty eyes turn red, ardour is her soul
I hear this screaming flame

Ashes to ashes, blood to blood
condemnation, dust to dust

The bloody, black full moon
illuminates her skin
deadly pale it shines
reflecting at your grave
beyond the shades of sun
where pleasure's obsolete

I stride into a cryptic faint
ashore benighted thoughts

Your past was grey, your future is black
tears of extinct days stream through her eyes
blood over your tomb

See the wind abate
your dreamland life now ends
downpour leaves the clouds
raintrops touch your skin
grass will grow on your vault
comply with the night

Unveil this appearance,
it's your deceased wife
walk through untrod glades
The undefeated low will end...

Defane forsaken joy
domestic close behind
shadows prowl in the dark,
messengers of god
a modest epitaph carved in your stone
what have they written,
your will never knowback to top
Frozen Tears
Follow then rain into the end of paradise
where the eternal dark's crying so near
cold wind plays with my minds
when the fog appears and lovely words
will change to screams

When I sleep I mount and fall
untrue flowers sprout and die

Feelings stained with blood
They don't endure this cill
engrained in deepest grief
silent, sad farewell

The daybreak drowns in my tears
a last spark mirrors on blackened seas
feeble waves whisper through the night
in the calm I saw angel die...

I cry - left alone
my grave - I can't evade
now I watch the stars
and silence crawls to me
my frozen tears will fuse and
leave my helpless eyes
implied I wait and stare
a view into my past

I cry - left alone
my grave - I can't evade
sniff a glacial breath of fear
wearyness befalls your eyes
sadness thrives on tonely thoughts
they never fade away to dust
raven moves his wings
it flies into eternal sleep
thorns will bar the path to wake

pain is beaunting me, obfuseating me
I will find the dawn - redemption from my grief
fear is blazing up and penetrating me
darksome thoughts now close my eyes
mischief is bright - shadows on my doom
can't prevent my death.back to top
Atoned For Cries
I feel greed, ungracious oath
through current flows, through solitude
your stroke my cheek, this weird voice
a mistry night where my lute cries

This distant sounds they flee from me
conceil my dread, black nebula
I may observe the pouring rain
perpetual wind they groan...

Irresolute they blow asleep
the curse the torch-lights scare
they bring along the hoaring chimes
timidity sneers in your face

Extinguish the submissive light
shining through the exit of obscurity
I light the frozen fervor with my breath
nourishing the ancient fire
shettered in the lonely, tepid sphere
percipice into afflication
I'm walking through unvisible gates
taking up the burden of ferocity
the twilight atones for cries
warm sunbeams take refuge
I roam through the meadow
I search the execrable dawn
I ravere the fersome side
crown of thorns adorn my soul

Words we sow and cries we reap
cold will bloom, but will it pass...back to top
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