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Darkseed lyrics

Album: Spellcraft [1997]

 01  Craft Her Spell
 02  Fall Whatever Falls
 03  Self Pity Sick
 04  You Will Come
 05  That Kills my Heart
 06  Be Ever Heard
 07  Walk in Me
 08  Spirits
 09  Nevermight
 10  Senca
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Craft Her Spell
Enchanting mights overwhelming me
with skin pale as fiery snow
and eyes dark as night...
My growing heart - bleeding

I craft her spell
A rising fountain of lust
One more staring glance
and my favour will never lust!

I am armed to suffer with quietness of spirit
Soft stillness with the touch of night's sweet harmony
She seeks my life
Her love drops as gentle rain from heaven
A day when sun is hid
Give me light, give light
by these blessed candles of the night
The night methinks is the daylight sickback to top
Fall Whatever Falls
I wished Your heart was grown
to shoot an arrow to me down,
You made waste of all I have
The worst everfall I serve

I only think that you forgot me
I hope You see what You did to me
Such a harm a wind will do at sea
I leave You now with better company

Go, tenderness of years
no sighing sign she hears
Fall whatever falls
sweet flowery welkin' call
Fall whatever falls
sweet flowery welkin' call
See I keep the day,
cure overnights so grey

There are many keys, but wherefore should I go?
No sign of hearts, but Your breathing now
I'll leave to hang myself, pity on my loss
Meadows never crossed,
winter now at hand!

"I am honey-mouthed, but I don't talk
You smell my feelings as You walk"

You have the choice
to have me blessed or cursed
Soft Your bright voice
Scorn running time and make it worseback to top
Self Pity Sick
Can I hold You all night long?
I feel You shake, a deed so wrong,
wrong in my head
Vino two for one today
Kiss this bleeding curse away
Realscapes away

Iron in the air, Your tongue in my mouth
Twilight-essence hair when the moon goes south
A breeze of sugar-breath
so sweetly pale, pale as death
Blood-copulate her will
Her aim my heart to kill

Self pity sick, flowers salty sweet
Self pity sick, love desire's benefit
Self pity sick, flowers salty sweet
Self pity sick, feeling blind...

I starve the daily world aside
Wild things leading me tonight
But I feel dreamscapes die
the bygone night denied
My soulgates open, streaming tears
The money-voice she only hears
His aim the pleasure of himself
Love and extasy she gave

Flowers salty sweet, love desire's benefit
Feelings blind, leave this weird place behind

I will load You for one kiss untrue
I don't ope my lips for one loving kissback to top
You Will Come
I seek for You, take my leave,
so fare You well
I lost all hopes, truth may come
to light and die
And for my love I pray You,
wrong me not
Let us all ring fancy's bell
ding, dong, bell!

Such as I am now for myself alone
My eyes still look, look as swift as Yours
I pray You cure my mind that's drenched with blood
A dancing heart, but not for joy

No power in the tongue of man
My deeds upon my head crushing,
head crushing mad, "God sort it all"
You shall deem Yourself loaged in my heart
Sick is my head, let it bleed, desire to die!

I will lend You sorrow, borrow none
I never serve your mind, I say "no way"!

"Remember You were mine,
'cause You obeyed my wine
My favour stopped to bleed,
over now my greed!"

And You will come, I never serve Your mind
And You will come and leave Your world behind

"I fly away by night to higher steps of might
The thorns You stand upon, they never will pass on!"back to top
That Kills my Heart
A comoran devouring time
In great streams rains the joy of mine
My blood speaks to You in vein
Fare well until we meet again!

You knocked onto my face
alightened at my gate
My wife that was, my son that is
Keep faith onto Your chance

I'm glad at heart, make war breed peace
piercin thru myself to meet
Lend me Your hand that kills my heart

Let me fight You still, devil's cross you will
You stand pleased with all
I say: "Hear Your fall!"

Pardon me stars, I never fell it until now
O sinful thought, drown her broken soul!

Your life passed thru so hard
I pay it when You part
Won't have a serpent-bite
Not fighting forth tonight...

God, I will set You forth
Great glory in my horse
I creep in dream-maids ears
My weakened voice to hearback to top
Be Ever Heard
Long time ago my work began
Completed now, when I'm a man
I drunk the wine of paradise
Much force I gained with many sighs

"Now You cease away, You come to me
You leave Your world with grim and cry out loud!"

I really know the uses of the world
The voice I always hear, be ever heard!

I won't stop here, but gently pass
I will sink ere night be passed
I happy child of earth was I,
bright as a star in our skies!

Cold astral stars, eternity
now there may come new days to me
Now motionless like bleeding ice
I sing like wind short lives and dies
Short lives and dies!back to top
Walk in Me
My loveless eyes, they look on You
They break the crystal seas so blue
A smile for which my feelings sigh
This pain could teach me how to cry

Your heart once passed so desolate
Must fly at least from ease to hate
So many summer flowers there
So many shadows love could share

Love's image upon earth without its wings
I feel revealed when sorrow flows
My days so few have passed away
Dark tree, still sad...

Grasped in the holy land
So beautiful shy - dark eyes
Last eve in beauty's circle
let Your scattered shafts of light

Sleep at noon with branches overgrown
I can't enliven dying men
'cause God takes back his gift
Beat the twilight into flakes of fire
Glow with the glow that slowly crimsoned all

"through all my memory I found a way
I walked in thoughts, today they walk in me"back to top
I am one of these dumb wise men
So I've much ado to know myself

I don't know how to get clear
with all the depths I owe
Thru the hour-glass they flow
I don't know the free and offered light
The lightning of my being is as bright

If I break the day. what would I gain?
To hold a candle lightning shame?
I desire no delight, no more delight
All knowledge is now burning in my eyes

You promised me blush life
I stand for sacrifice
I wish You all the joy that You can wish
Spirits dull at night
I think You are denied
The light we see is burning in my eyes

I don't show teeth in way of smile
I only see the hour-glass as it runs

By yonder-moon I swear You do me wrong
With my own hands I strike Your honour down!back to top
Truth may one day smile
Now I think scorn to sigh
Your fear by pale-white shown
Heavy spellcraft grown...

All pride is welkin' pride
and so is Your?
I have the power to cut
My will still wills!
My eyes shall be the stream
Visional floating scream
I breathed a secret vow
Leasure serves me now

I never was on sorrow's side
Never felt a heaven-fight
Never was my dagger out of grace
Never love before my face

You can't overstare the mightiest eyes that ever looked
I hope You come within my gates
You have to think about my might
'cause You are none by this good light

Falconbridge - nevermight
Your lusty mind so coldly iced
Hell befall You mask!
Fallen face so fastback to top
I lost more I ever gained,
far away, far away
Thunder die, heartache cry
Star-crossed light never meant
far, far away...
Whisper trance-enchants and fear!

Light and flags, hope and fear
Start to think and start to hear
my voice soft, wit and charm

Off I rise, twilight-path
Never saw such trembling harm
Cut-tongued spheres to appear
falling down so fresh and free

Flat that voice, wake or sleep
I have met within my dreams
Never feel a calm so deep

How can grief break the wall
to my long, long promised way?
But my sake I will break,
break in pieces never seen

Senca, nevermore...

Beauty, pleasure, youth
which one will I choose
to uphold my wounds?
Beauty, pleasure, youth
two of them to lose
to avoid my tombback to top
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