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Darkside lyrics

Album: Evolution [1998]

 01 In The Beginning
 02  The Gloaming
 03  Souls Of Led Blackness
 04  Evolution?
 05  Traces Of Red
 06  Spiritual Galleries
 07 Pink Frog-Cold Smoke
 08  Whores' Bleeding Magick
 09  `Till (Y)Our Bitter End
 10 In Silence
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The Gloaming
Earth's evoking the blackened icons
Godless dimension, cries of pain
Violated bodies of hatred
Black lakes burning
Souls of the damned

Waking the beast down below
Slender the shores of decay
Bow for the master, his rage coming faster
This is the dawn of decay

Dying figures buried on roses
Flaming torture, endless disease
Fouling odour, massacre raging
Dissemination of eternal pain

Burning the world as we know
Religion abolished in greed
Bow for the master, his name rules disaster
This is the dawn of decay

Suffer masses godless raining pain
Your blood rins out from putrid eyes
Immense killing passion everywhere
And mankind fades away to death

Scum of mankind, pregnant with evil
Nailed to the black cross in rage
Stained with honour, he's got the power
To open the book and write the last page

Waking the beast down below
Slender the shores of decay
Bow for the master, his rage coming faster
This is the dawn of decayback to top
Souls Of Led Blackness
my soul gave birth to bleeding-purple skies
my heart is steaming with deadly, soilent lust

well of furious mind made pictures of unnatural mights
commanding my will
moved by nameless chants and the breath of eternal mights
ruling this earth
cities painted in flames
with the horror piling the eons
of godless creations
gods crashing down saint harps smashed to pieces
with blasphemic rhymes

I shall deny all powers on earth
for they are only nothing from nothing in real
fire I bring and light to the world you live in
for your souls are hopelessly lost

lowered by sin
again I shall rise
you fools, how small you are just in confronts to me

I decide on all of your fate
resisting to all
for my will is the strenghth and the power to call
I arise enlightening your souls of led blackness
for nothing is real
lowered by sin...

nothing restrains my power of will
not being a dog having to bow
I am I will I create am nothing and all
space and time
body and soul

lowered by sin...
on wings of freedom I fly not being a bird in the skies above
on through your souls I crawl
not being a snake, having to crawl

power enlightens the souls of led blackness
breaking your will
follow the roots of power and you will be just
forgotten onesback to top
dads abusing newborn blood prayers
from a priest in heat a piece
of body cut alive sold out for
the highest price

a god dethroned is fucking blind
stupid people fucked up minds

prostitution of the world
disillusion of us all

weapons kill your loves and lives
triggers pulled by children's eyes
politicians sell their souls
promise shelter raping minds

feels like violate the dead
shoot the bullet in your head


getting obscene on the dead feel desire
for young flesh watch your bloody
lieing screen sacrificed for satans dreams

want to absolute your sins
just kneel down and suck my skin

evolution...back to top
Traces Of Red
...the follow up to �Blood On My Hands� from the album �Shadowfields�

rain covers my face before daylight
blood from the slaughter beneath my feet
I can?t take it
and the red crawls...
hot winds, colouring dead trees
how silent the light shines on you
on your red lips
and now there is pain

at night under a purple moon
a visit from the dead
followed by neverending night
in darkness the moment remains all swallowed
by icy waves of bittersweet death

a smile on your face like the demons bride
on my hands the blue light I cry
sensing madness?black wings
and the red crawls
there are the sweet, horrid wings of death
of grey, stone like silence, I breathe
from the cliffs of the night
I stare into decay

Feel the hand of death
Your blue eyes darken
I?m near
Unholy love
Your rose of youth torn apart
The purple sign
Your limbs are trashed by relief
Black seed arise
The flood comes crawling up to thee

Into the abyss of fear
A crying voice distant I hear
Your breathing chest it?s what I feel
The salty tears, they suck my skin
Now i`m here
Into the abyss of fear

Freeze � because the moon stares down
Like a drunken whore
Your cheeks are bleech
My anthem will make you smile
The minotaur in me will come over thee
Breath of the night
As our bodies collide

A smiling face like the demons bride
On my hands the blue light
I cry
Sensing madness?black wings
And the red crawls...
Rain covers my face before shelter
Blood from the rose rins between my hands
And from your rosy skin
...and the red crawls...

(to be continued...)back to top
Spiritual Galleries
Under a burning sky
Demise strays through the year
Decay casting light on shedding of leaves
The night
River silent shivers
As my lids will widen divine
Prayers silently whispered
Your eyes close your soul is mine


And my wasted life
In a terrifying wink of time
Restlessly awaiting for
Benediction from my god divine
And the sky was blackened
As you turned your grace away
Doubtlessly expecting
My soul to be taken away

As I die
In a blanket white and clean
Angelic voices shiver
Like a graveyards silent scream
As the end is near and all I feel now is believe
Light of live endarkens
I command my soul to thee

ATECH MALKUTH...back to top
Whores' Bleeding Magick
Don't you dare care about this fools
Feel only few, just let them die
For pity is the vice of kings
I want a cruel, dominating youth

Kicking them down into the dust
This is the law of the strong
To do what thou wilt is the call
Summon the beast

Nothing exists without the will
Destroy the pagans come over them
I'll feed you with their flesh
Kill and destroy

Salvation lays in virginal flesh
Sexual magic, an outpost in space

THELEMA u place of the damned
Abbey of the dog.faqced god
Magick of utmost chaos

666 u farthest evil revealed
rebirth of the underworld
whores' magic in blood

all the fearful ones
their flesh is meak
this univers is a big beast
weeding out times, a millenium
damnation instead of domestication
you're the chosen ones

worship the god nameless and blind
worship him with fire and blood
homage him with spears and sword
shed their blood

all things depend one on another
bring damnation to the holy ones
I promise salvation for the cruel

For the creator
The name amongst nameless
Uttermost evil
The god of all hatredback to top
`Till (Y)Our Bitter End
gave us clemence of birth under pain
draught us out of the mud
as long as your lifeline shivers
don't let me go

deliver me hope
giving meaning to my life

rewarding me day by day
in honest unselfishness
just asking respect and comprehension
for your death

I hear your song but I ignore your cries
To prove myself
I don't even move my eyes
Because others certainly will

Your lament is deafening
The wounds too obvious
Exited I keep on raping you
For my glorification

You try to defend but we just laugh
Finding new ways to mute your desire

Your life our fate
Displayed before my eyes
Feeling lost in our mind
I hide my heart away
Time is gone I want back into the womb
And breed forever on
Await for the awakening
May god bless our souls

You beg for mercy
Earning mockery and scorn
Tears, a neverending stream
Your just desert

Bathed in your tears
Rushed away within
Close my eyes in self abasement
I`m able to ignore your suffering

Your life our fate

Wall of hatred and death enables me
To hide my heart away
I pray for if the time will come
Take me back into your womb
And please, please
Forgive me !back to top
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