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Darkside lyrics

Album: Melancholia Of A Dying World (re-released) [1997]

 01  Deadly
 02  To The Deceased
 03  Prelude / Melancholia
 04  Pictures In Grey
 05  Dying World
 06  Shades Of Grief
 07  Emesis Of The Soul
 08  Fragmental Aggression
 09  Gedanken
 10  A Winters Night
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"We have chosen this topic because of its actuality.
This was the only song we didn't have lyrics for,
when we went into the studio.
As we were searching for some sound effects at some local radio station,
we came across this tragic announcement.
Right extremists are on the rise again all over the world.
53 years after the tragedy of Lidice, a czech village completely
burned down by the german Wehrmacht as revenge for the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich,
there is still a lot of people who don't seem to understand.
We want to memorize all victims of fascist regimes
(communism in it's living form was also fascism !), especially the people of Lidice.
Millions of dead accuse rightist policy. All of you who still don't understand - FUCK YOU!!!

Knights of terror and insanity
Ruling peoples destiny
Forced by crippeled history
Don't let it come back again

Fear me - your death
Alive - you see
My killing - you
Is here

Men is here - to death
Women i see - in pain
Children - be killed
By fascist slaves

The killing begins
No reason for it
Revenge for a fucking

Lidice - burned down
Racist rage - began
Solution - to start
Dictator's insane

Dealing with pain each day, surrender to their suffering
A brutal sttement of power against a mankind insane

The pain !

Sad youth - alone
Growing up - right now
No idols - for them
Reflecting on it

Falling - to you
We want to - show the way
Never turn the wheel of the time back

Plague on you - die
Spreading - your lies
Your lies - die
As we don't believe

Fear is your argument to achieve some votes
Killing is the only idea in your policy
Is an idealogy of this killing machine
But so remember don't let it come back againback to top
To The Deceased
...a prayer for the dead...

Dark mirrors curse
The ivory grief
Brown pearls fade
Shadows on pale walls

Decay glides through the rotten room
Angels blue eyes
Open up and fade
To black

Blue is the colour of the evening
The hour of our dying
Azraels shadow in silence
Darkening a brown garden

Evening walking
Dark villages of childhood
Water filled with
Poisoned sighs of
mourningback to top
Prelude / Melancholia your ears, close your eyes, tell me what you see...

when the dead paint with white hands
a laughing silence on the wall
the sleeper whispers still
unfold nymphic hands

mother silent sings goodnight
peacefully the child smiles
with so true eyes
in the brothel laughter dwells

poison running through my veins
my fever glowing eyes
death's hand reaching out for me
senseless cries

heartbeats like distant thunder
feelings darker than black
at fallow light in cellars
Sighs life denied

Forest laying in decay
Shadows surround him like hedges
Meanwhile the river silent shivers
The deer comes out of their hiding places

Into the darkness of death
Decaying lips sucking red breasts

Dark plan seems without measures
Village scattered marsh and pound
Something seems to be a fire
A golden gloom on the street

Blue shades oh dark eyes
Looking for me on their way
Sounds softly accompany the autumn
In the gardens untied in brown steeps

Into the darkness of death
Decaying lips sucking red breastsback to top
Pictures In Grey auditive journey on the ocean of life...

Lonesome under stars tent
Walks through the silent hour
Boy wakes out of weird dreams
His face decaying it seems

Crazed woman weeps open hair
In the window staring barred
On the pond, on sweet drive
Lovers journeying wonderful

Dark is the sound of springs rain in the night
Drops of my blood falling unto golden plates
In myrial coffins, a laughter whorish and wise
Lust of heart, songs of madness and night

Killer smiling bleach in the wine
The sick caught by moral fear
Nuns pray naked and wound
Before gods pain on the crossback to top
Dying World
...not necessarily the world we live in, could be a state of mind or even a relationship...

there is black silent marching in the wood
seems to be sheer minutes of destruction

why do you stand still
decay house of your father
why do raise up
led blackness to your lips

you watch a hunter gut his trophy in the wood
his hands damp of blood and sweat in the mist

you the shivering animal
you the slaughtering priest
your lids drunken with incense
see the stars saturn red

from dephts voices of the leper dwell
in blood shades of deer lament above him

pain cries from the vault
weep blossom in blood
torture kill the beast
leave shadows of grief

there?s black, silent marching in the forest
mute destruction in silent graves dwell

red, longgone evening
through a wall of stone
your laughter in the dark
see the stars saturn redback to top
Shades Of Grief
... a song about a relationship that never really had a chance....

if we die, it?s gods will
we can?t do nothing about destiny
nothing left but
rising light wakes us up with a kiss

when the dogs of war haunt our emotions on sunday
midnights?bell is our
stalingrad on the bay, scatterd souls apart

ask me about eternal feelings
a sinful masquerade
furious slaughter
in our souls, I?ll seal it with death

Someday, somehow I?ll satisfy your needs
Try to stop it
How could Iask for more, if I had a choice

We live together, we influence each other and react
But always and under all circumstances we are lonesome
Each point we reach is a point of no return
Like martyrs walk hand in hand into the arena
All of them will die
Lovers in embrace to join their own exstacy in proper

I?ve tried so hard not to care
But you are still there
Morning I can?t await
Is this true, is this me or you

Lovers like wolves will howl
When love is on ist prowl
Soon it will be to late
Love is nothing but a ship of shadowsback to top
Emesis Of The Soul
...just a song about drug experience, nothing trendy, nothing to aim for,
just a fucked-up soul...

Breath of feverish poison
Leads my mind in spheres
Feeling myself clinched, locked
A bloody sabbath of my life

Bloodstained blossoms
My heart belches seas of flames
Its lips knowing all the arts
Angry swell to my heart

Flowers full of pestilence
Offer their chalice to my lips
Venomous fountain of pain

Shades of black halls
Deformed by blood and wounds
Sweet body torn to pieces by dogs
Moundmoulding heartbreaking

Steps - in madness through black halls
Eyes - broken in mysterious mounds
Silence - decaying crosses on the hill
Sweet - incense of purple nightwings

Smooth - bells hallow through my chest
Eyelids - sink from the incense of seed
Flame - so purple mutes my mouth
How - endless dark is the night

Pink mirror, a nasty gaze
Seen in a dark side
Blood wept out of broken eyes
Over shades of madness I ride

Cries - from sepulchral sleep
Winds - black howling through the streets
Waking - from black hours of madness
These are the paths of deathback to top
Fragmental Aggression
...we tried to express this without words, an experiment though...back to top
...Hure, die in eisigen Schauern ein totes Kindlein gebart,
rasend peitscht Gottes Zorn die Stirn des Besessenen....
Georg Trakl (1887 - 1914)

The madness of a big city where in the evening near
Walls stare crippeled trees
Ghost of the bad
Wearing a silver mask with magnetic scourge
Thrust aside my death in stary night

Twillight comes again
But silenbtly in a dark cave
Ceased mankind would bleed
Awful laughter of gold
Head from heart
Whore who brings forth a dead child
The gods build rage in icy rain
Raging lashing the brows
Before the end comes
Plague purple on the possessed
Green eyes the hunger breaking
Sunken in sober sin
Ringing of the passing bell

Your laughter in the dark
Snow rins through the shirt frozen cold
Blood rins from the eyes
Purple over the black face
Flute of light
Mournful and weird I stand
Hallowing a sleeping child
Bloodstained revenge
Now strike me pain
The wound glows
This pain I cannot stand
As from the cut dwells a star to the night
Strike me death
I`m doneback to top
A Winters Night
Snow has fallen in deep
After midnight you leave
Drunken of purple wine
Dark sounding district of men

Tears of pain
Crash my face
Trapped to die in this hell death release me

Lust of death
Hallowed before
A red wolf killing an angel
On holy ground

A white starbanner burns
Red flames of their fires
Your eyes follow the steps
Of fiery angels on iceback to top
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