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Darkwoods My Betrothed lyrics

 1994 Dark Aureules Gathering
 1995 Heirs of the Northstar
 1996 Autumn Roars Thunder
 1998 Witch-Hunts

· Autumn Roars Thunder
· Come Fimbulvetr
· Dark Aureoles Gathering
· Dying To Meet You
· Enter My Black Dreams
· From the Snowy Hillsides They Came
· Hymn Of The Darkwoods
· I Burn At The Stake
· In a Silent Night
· Inside The Circle Of Stones
· King's Gray Shadow
· My Eyes Are Frozen
· Nightowl
· On The Top Of The Falconhill
· One Son of the Northstar
· Part Three: "WITCH HUNTERS"
· Red Sky Over The Land Of Fells
· The Conspiracy Of The Pagan Cult
· The Crow And The Warrior
· The Diabolical Eve Of The Nocturnal Holocaust
· The Witch-Hunts Trilogy:
· Uller
· When Ancient Spirits Battled
· Whispers
· Without Ceremony And Bell Toll
· Yggdrasil's Children Fall

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