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Darkwoods My Betrothed lyrics

Album: Dark Aureules Gathering [1994]

 01  Enter My Black Dreams
 02  Whispers
 03  Dark Aureoles Gathering
 04  The Diabolical Eve Of The Nocturnal Holocaust
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Enter My Black Dreams
Dark Red Blood Colours Me
A Thick Black Cloud Lies Over
Blood Rains Down From An Angel's Cunt
I Drink The Liquid Of Power

Entering My Black Dreams
A World Without Borders
Where Whores Suck My Flesh
And Where My Evil Thoughts Unite

To The North I See An Icy Mirror
Reflections So Deep Blue
So I Look Straight Into It
And I See My Own God

Entering My Black Dreams ... (See Above)

The Angel Is Crucified
With Cold Silvery Nails
Raped With Two Goathorns
The Black And The Unnamed

It's The Dawn Of The Sixth June
Temples Of Christ Burn Bright
I Fly In The Deepest Blackness
My Inner Hell My Light ...

Entering My Black Dreams ... (See Above)back to top
Lead Me Through The Night
Blackness ... The Void Covers Me
A Dream Of Fullmoon ... The Light
Up Through The Sky I Fly
Where Are You Now?
The Beauty Of Darkness
Holocaust ... Blood For Thy Soul
I'll Carry You Through The Void

Was It Yesterday?
A Day Seems To Be Like A Century
Take Your Revenge
Through My Sword Of Evil

A Part Of Me Died With You
It Burns In My Very Heart
Thy Whispers ... Lead Me In Cosmos
For Thee I'll Shed My Blood
I Raise My Sword Into The Air
You'll Soon Have Holy Blood
Your Thirst Will Be Quenched
Revenge ... Blood Of Feeble Dogs

My Insatiable Lust
Take My Blood ... I'll Join You
I Can Hear Thy Calls From Shadows
Blood Flows Out Of My Veins ...
Soon I'll Be There Too

Lead Me Through The Night ... (See Above/First 4 Lines)back to top
Dark Aureoles Gathering
A Forthcoming Snowstorm I Hear
Whispering From The Dark
Freezing Winds Blow Through
The Promised Land Of God
Heralding The Nocturnal Rising
Of The Black Breath Of Evil
Dark Aureoles Are Covering
The Fields Of God From The Sun

Up From The Forgotten Graves
They Rise
The Black, The Dark And The
Evil Gathering To One Site
Calling The Vast Legions
To Join Our Unholy Crusade
Heading For Immortality
That Has Been Eternally Craved

Forming A New World Of Darkness
A World Where Shadows Prevail
A World Without Time Or End
Creating A Gate To The Higher Dimensionback to top
The Diabolical Eve Of The Nocturnal Holocaust
Hear The Funeral Bells Chime
The Eve Of Our Nocturnal Feast Of Pain
Diabolical Ghastly Winds
Burn The Corpses Of Weak
Believers In Shame
See Our Black Legions Rise
For We Crave Our Satanic Souls To Satisfy
On Our Trail Only Darkness Remains
As We Seek The Crypts Of Eternal Ice

Hear His Words Of Doom
That Have Led Us From The Graves To Victory
Hear The Sighs Of The Entombed
That Had Denied Him Before The Rising
Unleash The Perverse Lust
Thy Forgotten Diabolic Desires
Now Thou Art Thy Own God
In This World Of The Darkest Eternity

We Answer The Call Of The Goat
We Ride Under The Black Wings Of Evil
Now This Winter Is Forever
Raped Lies The Holy Flesh
Frozen In The Dark
Unholy Forces Released
The Sign Of The Goat Shines In
The Northern Sky
For We've Reached The Hell
The Diabolic Eve Of The Nocturnal Holocaustback to top
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