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Dawn Of Relic lyrics

Album: One Night In Carcosa [1998]

 01 Fimbulvetr
 02  When Aldebaran is Visible
 03  The Last Dance of Sarnath
 04  Kadath Opened
 05  part II: Through the Cavern of Flame
 06  Part III: Nether Seas Boiling
 07 Welkings Gat
 08  Just a River
 09 Oceans
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When Aldebaran is Visible
Aldebaran is above horizon, crimson setting azure dyed to dark
Firs paint their portrait in the light of now visible stars
The nightly wings of Byakhee, for I saw their ghastly spread
The portress of nightside unleashed, child of Assatur roams free

Scythe dark sways and the beast revels

Hearken to whispering brook, the headwaters speak
Proclaiming the preys fall
The nightly wings of Byakhee, for I saw their ghastly spread
The portress of the nightside unleashed, Dark ardentour supreme within

Moon towards, now crescent, Night reaching the acme
Rays pale as descant of death and the preys hearts are crying
Shadows lunar cast upon the rain, taste the sweetest sores the day bled
This sight vested as moonlight holt made me forget the pain

"Still the village sleeps, but in the morning horror is to be revealed"

Sun awaking owls aviso sent to warn me, With moon I'll be gone...

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The Last Dance of Sarnath
That night when the lake was stormy and the waves unleashed the horror
The street of onyx shone no more and the walls of Sarnath were torn

Calamity befell in that starless night, destruction of nomads false pride

The last dance of Sarnath

Once the sons of Ib reveled, before the face of rising Nanna
Wherefrom they came in veiling fog the great lake carried with'em

The last dance of Sarnath

After them came the wandering nomads and built the Sarnath next to Ib
With despise in their heart Ib was soon attacked

But after the thousand years, vengeance upon feeble ones
Sarnath lying ruined under the rising sun

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Kadath Opened
The sun is setting now
This summery bathe in moonlight
Veiled like starlit plateau of Leng
Now as the pour approaches
And the wind has breathed the last mementos
Of winter, nether streams awake vaporous
And summernight is vested

These paths are abandoned
Only moon dancing on the bordering stones
Like arms twisted by pain
The top of the firs create a shelter to old river
And the mist is filled with silvery column

Now the sixth fullmoon is on the increase
and the cromlech awakes
Here, the hidden point in horizon
Trans neptunian dreams descend
and I lay myself to rest...back to top
part II: Through the Cavern of Flame
To the cavern of fire
Where the seven hundred steps
lead to Enchanted Wood

I pass

The open is desolate
Wind as only wanderer...
Hay sways like moonlit sea
and the torn answers
The strange game of colours begins
and the stars sheen rhythm
Kadath opened,
The feast of silhouettes

I yearn to enter..
To feel, to know
From the towers painting I learn...
A painting of time, spiral portal to
timetales of eternity

Humans fate revealed...back to top
Part III: Nether Seas Boiling
Overture for the rising ocean
As the humans drown
To the poisonous wine of the earth
When the Nether seas boil the flesh of blind
and pestilent breed

When the light of sun has fled
and the last outposts of rue are torn
wanion dark sets over the man
Prophet dying cries forlorn

Stones of Mnar are crushed

Still I'm blind for what redeems
From this painting of fate
I still yearn to see and feel infinity...

All these visions
are painting me from inside
All this wrath
When the moonlense shivers
Our blood shall be their wine.back to top
Just a River
Of the ambience, of the poem...
It darkens my soul to revel
with the beast of alter ego

Blind belief...
Burning in the aura
of our satanic inspires

Just a river
Flow of the pleasures
we trap inside
Passing by in the endless
seas of sadness...back to top
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