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Days Of The New lyrics

Album: Days of the New II [1999]

 01  Flight Response
 02  The Real
 03  Enemy
 04  Weapon and The Wound
 05 Skeleton Key
 06  Take Me Back Then
 07  Bring Yourself
 08  I Think
 09 Longfellow
 10 Meeks
 11  Phobics Of Tragedy
 12  Not the Same
 13  Provider
 14  Last One
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Flight Response
Out of the blue
Response of the brain
Intense adrenaline flow
Out of control
Sudden jolt
Freezing in fear
Trauma road
Traveling real
Pain is my pill
Ride it out if you can
Dilation of eyes
Panic surprise
I've lost my pill now I'm numb
Down on my knees wanting to die
Mistaken beliefs of
Real life
Lifeprepare for the flight

Reward your misguide
Get off your knees time to hide

When everything in your life is good
Then it got bad
Would you hate me
So what am I supposed to do about it
I'm running insane

Colorful shapes
A vivid mistake
I've lost intake
Give my sore heart a new soul
Nerves play my role
I'm not whole
Give me the soul
Now I'll run
Running insane
Follow the pain

Mistaken beliefs of real life

Prepare for the flight
Reward your misguide
Get off your knees time to fly

I won't be safe againback to top
The Real
Nothing is real
But it's real if you want it to be
(ideas in my mind none self subsisting)
Look forward to life all of your life.
Just your life not a dream
(hello I've been waiting to meet you)

So turn around you will still feel
That the real is deep inside

I have opened all my doors
So there's nothing left to hide
I said it

Live in your hole
Box your soul
Without hope pride or faith
(depend on full attempt of boundary)
Turn around before you fear
What you've found
(turn around and
Face me now)

Your faced down
(so turn around)back to top
Listen down you little man
I'm not the one who's trying to change you
And if you come to understand it will be okay
You need to change it now

I'm not the one who's trying to be your enemy
There's something you need to change

[repeat verse 1]

I went in killing the sun/ I once oneback to top
Weapon and The Wound
I won't break this
It took so long to make this
The life I lead is getting through to me

I won't take this
Took so long to get rid of this
Anything is everything to me

What a step in time

Running after you
I don't know where you are
And I can't seem to get you
I want you to know me.... yeah.... (alright)

The pain that greets me
Is a stick that beats me
Solid dream, hope isn't what it seems

Words I can't miss
Is a song that sings you
Missing friend, tomorrow is the end

What a step in time
Find my place in life

[Chorus x2]

Anything is everything to me
Anything is everything to me... yeah.... yeah

[Chorus x2]

Don't know where you are
I want you to know meback to top
Take Me Back Then
Nothing's wrong
I'm just wastin'
All the time that I've tasted
Take me back on a time trip

Won't you take me back then
Why don't you take me

Nothing's wrong
I'm just wasted
I'm the one who's tastin'
All the time that I'm faced withback to top
Bring Yourself
I can see your (sic? ) everthing
Don't you know it's not hard to bring
Bring yourself to me
You know it's the world that you'd like

I can see that the world you know
Is the one that you like

I can see that the world you know
Is the one left behind

Ride that horse on in
We've been waiting for a long time
We've tried to pick you up
But you've just tried to bring us down
So why don't you just keep it between the fire and the place
What the hell
So why don't you just ride that horse on in
We've given you the strength to bring yourself
So why don't you stay a while
Have some children
Raise a family is this what you want
Is this what you came for
We've give you the strength to bring yourselfback to top
I Think
It feels so good outside
I think I'll stay here
And if you want to die
I think I'll care
Same kind of gateway
Without time
The rocks are tumbling

I don't want to say
It happened to me
I am going away
I think I'll care

Blame me all you want
There's nothing

I will say
I will only think
I will only pray
Tell me how it is
Show me how it goes
I know how you are

I think I'll careback to top
Phobics Of Tragedy
Nothing is real when you're talkin'
I don't believe what I'm watchin'
Shelter me 'til it's over
Of what you want to believe
I'm afraid of what I see and

What I see is everything
Shelter me with my own hands
And with my hands I will depend

God I don't know what to say
Everything is in my way
Get up and deal with the pain
Drowning your mind in the way

Let me sleep
I'll let you sleep
Put on your mind frame
Take off your mind
Put on your heart
I'm going down stream

Not the same (same ol' saying)back to top
Not the Same
I'm not the same
I'm not the man I used to be
(you wont hate me)
I'm born again
I'm not the same
It's the same ol' sayingback to top
Don't you know it is hard to let go from the
World where you've grown
I don't want to be afraid
I don't want to fear this
I could see it your way
Don't you know that I can find this
I won't be afraid of you
I can see my hearts together
I want you to feed me too
Don't you know
Its hard to dig deep
Can't you see it's hard to let go
There you go
I don't fear you
Wipe your feet
You've walked on my territory

I don't want to see your faceback to top
Last One
Alone with pain

I thought I'd made a friend
Why do you leave now
Is this what you've planned
Wait your turn
It's a long time
Before you'll breathe

Stay underwater and tell me are you free

I cannot complain
The pain will stay here for today
It seems to stay
I cannot complain
The pain will stay

I want to be there for you
You can't seem to take this ride
I want to be there for you now

You're not a shoulder
If I'm the one to lean
I see your red side when you always bleed
The world is a pea
No it don't revolve around me
If anything I revolve around the world (much bigger)back to top
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