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Days Of Yore lyrics

Album: The Mad God's Wage [1997]

 01  Gathering clouds
 02  The forthcoming storm
 03  The riddle of the Sphinx
 04  Imperilled Kingdom
 05  Sword against Fire
 06  Sword against fire part II
 07  The hand of truth
 08  Sole Hero
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Gathering clouds
Venturing in the wilderness as he did a thousand times before,
seeking rare plants that could not be found in the woods of the kingdom.
The old mage, unwary and reckless, went a little bit too far.
Luck was not with him this time, he chanced upon the Lord of the Dark.

Soon surrounded by a bunch of demons, the old man was captured.
Then he was led to the clan's lair under mischievous laughter.
Facing the evil one himself, the weak mage did not resist.
The vile creature invaded his thoughts, then possessed his spirit.

Sneaking into the dead of night, under the charm of an evil force,
the old mage went back to Syrakia to achieve his sinister job.
Like a thief, he moved amongst the shadows until the crypt he reached.
He robbed the crystal of light and brought it to the lair of the Beast.

Looking at the gleamless crystal, the lord wore a wicked smile.
And as he waved the gem over his head, arose ardent cries.
Powerless, the old man contemplated this ominous scene.
Of what was to follow, nothing good he could foresee.

Gathering clouds over Syrakia, sinister shadows over the castle.
Deprived of the protection of the gods, Syrakia, now prepare for battle.

Abandoned in the darkness of a festering dungeon,
the old mage undertook to find a way toescape from his dreadful fate.
Using his psychic power,
he compelled a nearbycreature to come and unlock the gate that blocked his way.
He fixed the weakly-minded being with an hypnotic glance and drew
its attention on his fingers,
that were all surrounded by a ring.
Dazzling sparks of light flew from the enchanted rings and flashed in the darkness,
mystifying the trembling creature and tracing the wayto freedom...back to top
The forthcoming storm
The forthcoming storm

So it was the dawn of another peaceful day,
when the old mage finally reached the castle's gate.
Entering the throne room, he shivered, filled with guilt.
He bowed humbly to his king and then said unto him:

"Sire, I am compelled I fear, to bring you disastrous news.
The bright crystal, woe on me, is now in hands vile and cruel."
At these words, the king glared at his unconscious mage.
He rose his eyes and stood for a while, fixing emptiness.

"Oh what a tragedy," he said. "This will surely seal our fate.
Without the crystal's light, the realm is defenseless."

Distressed by such bad news, the king was lost in his despair,
when came up to him an old man wearing a long white beard.
It was the last of the elders, the wise man of the realm.
He locked his stare upon his king and said unto him:

"Sire, all hope is not lost, there is a way to slay the evil lord.
He who holds the sword of truth can defeat this one if he's stout and pure."
Then the king ran his eye over the people
and beckoned an impressive young man to come to him.

"Arbo my son," he said. "You are our only hope.
Seek out the sword of truth, oh please save us from doom."back to top
The riddle of the Sphinx
Arbo grumbled and snarled, as the first rays of light
disrupted a too brief sleep, wrestling his still weak eyes.
The old man stood on the hill, fixing a distant point,
beckoning the yawning prince to get up and come to him.

Down the hill lied a particular city called Thebes,
concealing some odd menace behind its gates hardly welcoming.

A deplorable monster, who was known as the Sphinx,
was blockading the Thebans inside the cursed city.
It had been sent by the will of the wicked Hera,
who wanted the Thebans to pay tribute to the gods.

Descendant of a sinister line of five generations of monsters,
the evil creature devoured alive everyone who failed to answer her riddle.

Arbo was on the way leading to the city's gates
when he saw an old man who seemed in great distress.
The elder was walking in the most laborious way,
leaning on a staff and staggering at his every step.

Arbo came up his way and addressed him kindly.
The old man then unfolded the lines of a strange prophecy:

"Ancient legends have long foretold
That a blessed one would come someday
From a far, distant kingdom
To deliver Thebes from its cruel bane."

Incidentally, Arbo found the insidious Sphinx on his way.
She was standing proud on a rock outside the city's gates.
It was a fiendish creature, like he had never ever seen:
having the face of a woman and a lion's body.

The Sphinx disdained as she considered the new visitor.
With a voice filled with insolence,she posed her deadly riddle:

"Shalt thou tell me what creature
walks on four feet in the morning,
stands on two feet at noon and
on three feet in the evening?"

"O, muse of the dead, listen to the words you want not to hear,
for my voice shall now herald the end of your sanguinary reign.
This creature is man, who crawls on all four in infancy,
stands on two in manhood and leans on a staff in old age."

Upon receiving this unexpected answer,
the Sphinx hurled herself to death from her rocky throne.
Thus Thebes was freed from the throes of the vile monster.
And Arbo, by the quickness of his mind,proved his valor.back to top
Imperilled Kingdom
"Ouch!", said Arbo through gritted teeth as the floor of his roomgreeted himback to his
original dimension.
Noticing the bed close by, he couldn't help questioning the spellcaster's precision
and he articulated some hardly elegant words.
As he got back to his feet, his bed caught his gaze once again.
The spell had considerably drained out his energy,
making himself an easy prey for sleep.
Night was falling and it was a blessing.
At least, he tought, the perfect control the elder exercised over time
compensated for his questionable precision regarding space.
Sinking into his bed, the prince let the sleep overcome him and this night,
strange visions haunted him as he walked the land of dreams.

I saw an angel come down from heaven,
having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent,
which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

He cast him into the bottomless pit,
shut him up, set a seal upon him.
He should deceive the nations no more
till the thousand years fulfilled.

In this world is there any sword
that can extirpate evil once and forever?
In this world is there any weapon
that can restore peace in my imperilled kingdom?

When the thousand years expired,
a new evil arose from the pit and went out to deceive the nations.
And then came the prophesied one that faced
Satan in the name of the world and bound him for a thousand years.

He cast him into the bottomless pit,
shut him up, set a seal upon him.
He should deceive the nations no more
till the thousand years fulfilled.

In this world is there any sword
that can extirpate evil once and forever?
In this world is there any weapon
that can restore peace in my imperilled kingdom?

Now a new evil has arisen
to deceive the nations of the world and gather them to battle.
They will scatter on the breadth of the earth
and wage the war, fighting each other till that Satan is chained again.

I'll cast him into the bottomless pit,
shut him up, set a seal upon him.
He should deceive the nations no more
till brought back to life once more.

In this world is there any sword
that can extirpate evil once and forever?
In this world is there any weapon
that can restore peace in my imperilled kingdom?"back to top
Sword against Fire
Sword against fire part I
Courage is often the warrior's most admirable virtue and Arbo's braveness was
mistrusted by no one in the realm,
but courage was the little less of what would be needed this time to achieve
what the elder described as "A task that remained unfinished for much too long."
About 300 years ago, the realm had suffered a painful scourge caused
by the visitation of the terrible dragon.
The furious beast ravaged the land and found no master until a lonely child came and
soothed the monster before commanding it to get out to the eastern limits of Syrakia,
beyond the Forest of the Lost Messengers, where the light never shines...

Far from Syrakia, past the veil of ever dark,
beyond the infinite mists of imagination,
there was a place of great evil cursed by all,
realm of a mythical creature, the almighty dragon.

Invading the dragon's domain, Arbo reminded ancient tales.
So many brave, courageous warriors had been slayed into this place.
Venturing where most mortals dared not tread.
Be cautious Arbo, this cavern might be your grave.

Arbo now so far from home aren't you scared?
Shall you make your way through this perilous quest?
Lost in this unknown and forbidden place,
will there be an end to this hellish nightmare?

Making his way through the underground labyrinth,
the courageous warrior could feel his pulse quicken.
His torchlight was drawing lugubrious shadows,
dancing on the walls to the cadence of his moves.

The passageway was leading to a truly immense cavern.
Arbo managed to find some courage and forced himself to enter.
Something alien was present, something was watching him.
Lurking somewhere in the dark, silently waiting.

Arbo now so far from home aren't you scared?
Shall you make your way through this perilous quest?
Lost in this unknown and forbidden place,
will there be an end to this hellish nightmare?back to top
Sword against fire part II
A prey, that's the way Arbo was feeling at this very moment:
the harmless lamb awaiting to please the wolf's appetite.
As his heart beat wildly, a sinister symphony orchestrated in his storming mind,
contrasting with the calm of the cavern.
In fact, it was this intangible,
unbearable silence that was driving the brave warrior nuts.
The stillness that beguiles the naive victim before the unnameable
Death strikes in the most underhand manner.

The lord dragon finally revealed its imposing self,
rising from darkness, unfolding a terrifying sight.
Drawing nearer the king reptile wore a defying glare.
Challenging the intruder, staring at him with delight.

Arbo charged the beast, longing for a brief fight,
but the old aged dragon did not seem really impressed.
Unleashing a tremendous exhalation of fire,
it compelled the brave warrior to retrace his steps.

A cold chill ran through the young prince's spine as the deadly flames
licked his face before repelling down the rocks.
Having as allied his only courage,
the warrior rushed in renewed assaults,
parrying the lethal fire with his saving sword and stiring up the blaze of wrath
that was consuming the beast.
A ferocious battle was raging, a battle that was taking place into the lungs of hell.

Harder to repel became the attacks of the warrior
and this one's fierceness soon harrassed the dragonlord.
Its sadistic pleasure then turned to a blind, mad fury,
plunging itself in a state near insanity.

The king of the cavern was losing its head,
making itself a more vulnerable target.
Arbo charged again, until this fateful moment,
when he plunged his sword into the reptile's heart.

Unable to regain his breath,
Arbo contemplated the defeated creature for a long time,
as if he feared it could rise suddenly from its lifeless state.
He dared, at last, to take a scale from its massive corpse as a proof of his victory and,
as he left the dragon's grave,
he wondered if the hords of evil had invaded Syrakia unto this day.
For the first time since the start of his journey,
the lone prince could feel the twinge of solitude.
feel the twinge of solitude.back to top
The hand of truth
To walk in this part of the realm aroused grievous memories in the warrior's
mind and he knew it was no coincidence.
To the north lied the vestiges of an ancient province of Syrakia called Kol,
that had been reduced to the size of a vulgar town after its numerous assaults
against the motherland.
This town, that was split by an abyss of discord, appeared through the centuries being
the home of corruption and deceit.
It was under the domination of two notorious crooks that ruled over the two halves of the
village. If the antique province had been a plague for his ancestors, the village was a
torture for Arbo and the prospect of returning there seemed an agony.
Something terrible had occured in this very town, something that had killed a part of him.
Yes, the warrior had a bone to pick with someone there and his fists clenched as he
divined the nature of his final task.
In the distance, the sinister village was appearing in all its hideousness.
Nothing had really changed since the last time in this place where ignominy had its own
odor. Just breathing this air seemed the most reprehensible sin.
Instructions were futile, thought the elder, but all the same he gave a last word of
warning to which the warrior seemed deaf before vanishing into the night.

Arbo watched the old man slowly fade away,
wearing a worried face as darkness stole the day.
His heart pounding, he entered the decadent place,
making himself ready to be put to the test.

As he trod these streets of ill fame, the stare full of suspicion,
then came back into his head the old man's admonition.

Dark hand, hand of greed.
Hand that gives, hand that steals.
Bright hand, hand of truth.
Hand that bleeds, hand that cures.

Don't ever trust in the hand of greed.
Whatever she gives, twice she steals.
Always trust in the hand of truth.
The pain she gives, she always cures.

Walking for a while, Arbo landed up in a deserted street.
This place was evil, all his senses were on the qui vive.
Then arised from nowhere, a short man chubby and balding.
He slowly came up to Arbo and then said unto him:

"Descendant of Syrakia, thou art said to be brave and strong.
Slay my foe, the mage Zorka, and I shall give thee all thou want."

"I am surely as brave as you are greedy and liar
and what I want is surely beyond your skills by far."

"I will give thee gold, more gold than thou shalt ever need.
Show me what thou art made of coward, kill my ennemy."

"Gold's not despicable, but I think your gold surely is.
Now get out of my way, you wimp, before you make me ill."

Leaving Urmeech, Arbo hurried to the northern part of the village.
There he would have to eschew the lure of the old mage.
Suddenly, in a flash of fire, Zorka appeared.
Lust glinted into his eyes as he said unto him:

"Descendant of Syrakia, I can give thee power and glory.
Bring me the head of Urmeech, and then by all thou shalt be feared."

"A king must not be feared by his people, but by his ennemies.
When I reign over my kingdom, I'll show you what a true king is."

"I heard that recently thy beloved Nadya met her fate.
Shouldest thou kill Urmeech, I shall rise her from the dead."

"There is but one justice in life and this is the justice of death.
It is not given to man to question the quirks of fate."

Then Zorka leaveth him, and, behold,
angels came and ministered unto him.back to top
Sole Hero
In heaven,
the gods stood pondering, overwhelmed by the mess caused by the mad god.
"In this world, is there any soul that can extirpate all this evil?" they wondered.
"May this one, if he exists, reveal to us before the cancerous decay reaches
the eternal skies."
As the sole hero prepared to stand before the gods,
the evil seed was spreading out across the land,
plunging the world of the mortals into turmoil.

Chaos, powers of the dark side overgrowing beyond control,
soiling all the kingdoms across the breadth of the earth.
Demons, brigands and Judas, killing and stealing without remorse.
Fading more, day after day, the precarious flame of hope.

And the gods looked down from heaven to a world falling into decay.
The balance from the forces of law and chaos was crumbling away.
And they thought the time had come to draw out the pernicious poison.
To close the circle once more and annihilate their creation.

But came up the demigod, who was the great Syrakia.
"Please change your minds." he said, "Bellow still live righteous mortals.
Amongst them stands a sole hero, who is my trustworthy descendant.
The Sphinx he defeated, the dragon he slayed, the lures of Kol he withstanded."

And the gods looked down from heaven to the deeds of the sole hero.
They believed that his will was worth the confidence of the gods.
And they thought the time had come to pass on their divine power.
To grant the sword of truth once more and restore harmony in this world.

And the hero looked up to the edge of the sky,
perceived the divine sign in the depths of his heart.

Sole hero in the quest for freedom, preserving hope across the land.
With the fate of the kingdoms lying in his nimble hands.

A celestal stairway appeared, a stairway that seemed to touch the sky.
The elder looked exhausted after casting his last spell,
but he managed to climb one by one the crystal stairs before coming back
with a crystal sword pendant.
The young prince stood amazed.
"The most powerful sword shall ever be nothing more than a vulgar piece of steel."
he said. "Put on this pendant.
The only sword of truth, in its time shall be revealed."
The turn events were taking was more and more peculiar.back to top
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