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De Heideroosjes lyrics

 1996 Fifi
 1999 Schizo

· Beach of fake
· Boore Lul
· Break the public peace
· Collect-call to God
· De Neandertaler
· Dignity?
· Fistfull of ideals
· I can't change the world
· Iedereen is gek (behalve jij!)
· If trust is broken
· inside my head(you're all dead)
· Jerry rules in the land of the free
· Kill the human race
· Klapvee !
· Marmor Stein & Eisen Bricht
· Mommy help!
· Nothing for free
· O.P.A.
· Ode to the Ramones
· P.C.P.O.S.
· Regular day in bosnia
· Schizo
· Sjonnie & Anita
· Time is ticking away
· Turn around and run
· Val Maar dood!
· Wannabe
· Watch Me Play
· Western white kid
· What you own means nothing
· Who's there for me

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