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Dead Head lyrics

Album: Feast Begins At Dawn [1992]

 01  Desolated By The Shinning
 02  From Belial
 03  In Your Room
 04  Pesticide
 05  Rites Of Kandar
 06  Saved
 07  Slay Your Kind
 08  The Feast Begins At Dawn
 09  The Festering
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Desolated By The Shinning
The sky has turned to grey
Sentenced by force of death
Obey the sacred One

The hybrids that once lived
Inside this world of death
The bleeding still goes on

R.I.P. tear up the corpse
Smashing the carrion
No piece of flesh will last

The sky is filled with blood
My heart belongs to God
A sin forgotten soul

Devoted to one god
And said it would be wrong
With nothingness inside

Fire red, we'll burn the church
Flames rain from hell, restricted warn
We'll tell ourselves we're saved

Prophets beheaded birth
A strong desire, the suffering
We'll tell ourselves we're saved, burning

Conjuring, again in pain
Misery, into sight
Sanity, walk the earth
Come to Salem

Slay your kind, devil's birth
Second day, church of God
Troops of death, attack the church
Come to Salem

Behold the sign, Lucifer
Join the dead, evil ghost
Prophecy, blackest night
Come to Salem

The blame is on you
Revealed by the Holy, the book of the fools
Tear down the chapel
Destroy all their rules, for God is their lieback to top
From Belial
On this night, we have some offerings to be done
Evil blood runs in our veins
Sacrifice, we have to kill the bastard son
We'll give our lives, Belial reigns

Sent to defile
Master of agony
Sent to defile

Shattered gods, the only way
Blasphemy, the only way
Angels rise, they try to take away the light
Escape, on Judgement Day


From Belial

Desecration, trapped in isolation
Leave this land of terror
Where the sacred poisoned blood flows

Undead feelings, share the hatred within
Burn remanins of the past
Leave the crimes of passion behind

Repulsive minds, the hate is growing deep within
Chose your faith, desires of sin
Morning comes, the down is hiding in the dark
Behold the sign, of the black mark


From Belial

A ship of fools has followed them
They try to get beyond the land
The fortunetellers soon must die
Awaiting their cry

The One
Will die

The Lords are still waiting
My right's been acquainted
God, turns the Swing
The burning black mark, its future is gold
Oooh, see the horns
Among the people which they chose
It's you who will die
Fire is waiting,
Prepared for you mere soulback to top
In Your Room
(No lyrics)back to top
Waiting for the death in this night
No tomorrow
Radiance rules the air
With hatred inside
Men gathered now in the mortuary
Possessed by the radiant heat
Obey as a slave

Our fate written in her blood
Aborted her children alive
Denying our God
Silent rain falls from the sky
Painted our names in blood
And leaves us to die

Fear, crying in our eyes
Once we've stolen the dignity
Now it dies

Hate, at war with nature
Declare the obituary
Of the earth

End of the illusion
Killing human life
The pestilence has won, die!
Prophet of confusion
Stand a night in blood
Separation is done, die!

Let alone in fear
Living to defile
Torment has just begun, cry!
Suffering by the hour
Destiny of plagues
Our deity is gone, now!back to top
Rites Of Kandar
Nothing in this forest left to die
Blakened sky - Rites Of Kandar
A field of darness opens before your eyes
Night of endless pain - Rites of Kandar

The sleep of a thousand years has been disturbed
Time has come - Rites of Kandar
Close your eyes as the killing must be done
Awaiting the hour - Rites of Kandar

Purgatory, wait for me
Heathen God, they can see
Children's blood, I'm the one
Heathen God, I want you

From the depths of the ocean
Rising from the sea
Black is the colour of the hour
Into the battle life

Praying for his death
The One, he has to die
Creep in his blood
Make the fires burn
Our souls, will has one
Under one God, so kill no love

Decree of damnation lies upon this ground
Horrid destiny - Rites of Kandar
The souls of the dead are nowhere to be found
Gods of the green - Rites of Kandarback to top
Waiting for another death
Every hour I'm trying
Machines keep my brains alive
Taking away my rest

I, I've lived a life
Full of hate, love and sorrow
Why won't they let me die
Let nature go its way

Doctor trying to please my mind
"Your life is saved by science"
The only thing that's right for me
is death

Lord, stop this torture, stop this life, I'm in pain
Your son had to suffer only three days at the cross
If your existence is real, please help me out
Give me the right pass away from this life

What is this, money has no value anymore to me
I've worked so hard to earn a living for my wife
Smash my head, suck my blood, destroy my brain
Break my skull, stop my breathing, stop my pain.

Saved by science
Saved by science

Overkill, my soul has lost its life
Carried away by tongs of Satan's son
Hallucinate, the sun will cry
Like doctor said, it's no longer matter of time


Cut my throat and watch me slowly die
Salem's lot, cos nobody will cry
Decadence, the process it is slow
Saved by science, nobody will knowback to top
Slay Your Kind
Slay thy children
Sacrifice their souls
Gather the bodies
Let the flesh rot
Pray for your children
Burning of time
Church is forgotten
Faith has been broken, God!

Hell on earth you bastard son
The evil war
Belial won
The cross must turn
The god you worship can't be found
Christ take heed
Eternal pray
The cross will turn
The legion's back, a dying race
Your God is dead
Eternal curse
The cross has turned
Slay your kind
Slay your kind

The son of God has lost his soul

Hear the gods deface the earth
Feel the evil grow inside
Dreams of death you left behind
Let the final curtain riseback to top
The Feast Begins At Dawn
Naked women on the ground
Fear stained in their eyes
Fate of death lost in time
Tomorrow is black and cold

My sensation

Sperm of my dark dreams
The bodies will be raped
My sensation
Institute of pain
There is no awe for God

Leave the ways that you've been thaught
The future can be cruel
Let no-one tell you God is dead
For man is not to say


The eyes of evil are starring cold
Her twisted body lies in her blood
Rising torment carneted corpse
Thorns of hatred drive me insane

Stench of young blood
The Feast begins at dawn
Expulsion of Christ
Religion of the Dead

Master of lies this God is weak
Curtain unfolds
The Feast begins at dawn

Morbid awakward
Dark eye
The feast begins at dawn
Black dawn
Whisper hate with silent breath
Instinct the Feast begins at dawnback to top
The Festering
Bleeding, slow death
Feel the frozen hatred
Burning, inside
Watch the place where she died
Waiting for the reborn

Coming from below
To face this horrid show
Fear is in her eyes
Burn the night
You've got to

Waken up the dreams
Inside the horror screams
The night will fade away
Turn into day
No time for sorrow

Crying, screaming
This dream is everlasting
Nightmare, gone real
Taste the pain that you feel
Waiting for the reborn

Waiting for the kill
Time is standing still
Butchery is done
Leave her alone
You've got to

Take away the pain
Evil dogs remain
Sanity is lost
Hear the cry
When she will die

Bleeding, slow death
Feel the burning hatred
Frozen inside
Watch, the stage where she died
Waiting for the reborn

Coming from below
To face this horrod show
Butchery is done
Leave her alone
You've got to

Waken up the dreams
Inside the horror screams
Sanity is lost
Hear the cry
When she will dieback to top
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