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Dead Head lyrics

Album: Kill Division [1999]

 01  Kill Division
 02  Cold Being
 03  Waste Of Skin
 04  Six
 05  Mahler
 06  Sprayed Into Oblivion
 07  Wings On Fire
 08  Where Silence Dwells
 09  The Hustler
 10  Until The Sun Appears
 11  Souls Of Ice
 12 Heavy Metal Thunder
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Kill Division
Adepted to the unity of black
Cracked in the jaws of death
The earth is not my daughter
The earth is not my son
The earth is not my home
Our peace is gone

Kill Division

the shadows of yesterday
Crushing the weakness
forever away

Smoke cleans up the sky
The troops of delusion
Still gasping for blood
Smoke cleans up the sky
Yearning to feast
On the blood of their souls

Spreading disorder
and insanity
In times when the brain
makes the man
We do have no reason,
no reason at all
Infesting with terror
is all that we canback to top
Cold Being
Crimes of passion, rule my mind
Dawn of hatred, fear inside
Ways of chaos, judge your soul
Rules abandonned, God behind

For the one inside of me
I feel my lifeline is so thin
For the one inside a blessful life
Creating the structures in my mind

Born of winter, frozen ego
Seek the lust in fleshly life
Come on baby, cease your fire
Expand the race in carnal veils

Take me, delight me
Fuck me and guide me
Soak me and dry me
Watch my children
Watch my back
Share your pride with me
No more wondering
No more fear
Share your dog with me
Torn by hatred
Torn by fear
Share your soul with me

Take me, delight me
Fuck me and dry me
the brother of your will
Call up to heaven
I'm one of seven
Warm me and heal me
Freeze me and tease me
Guide me arise me
Slowly excite me

Caught by the sunback to top
Waste Of Skin
Now be silent while terror is rising
Live through the blessings of hell
Will we still be prepared for the fire
Or will we pine away, in our self-chosen cell

I will be damned
Hear the terror

Now be silent while terror is rising
Our numbers have caused the decay
Blessed be the torrent of children
They won't be a part, of the earth anyway

Legions of terror
Allow them to rise
Dark days are coming
Oceans to ice

Waste of skin
Head up high
Through the endless nightback to top
Blackened walls
Capture the atmosphere
My daughter on the other side reveals
Arising house of obscurity
Appear in shades
Now before me

Lead us to the ways of creation
Lead us to the ways of pain

Descendance into nameless crowds
Captured in a blissful embrace
Flown from the city of angels
To a place where silence dwells

A future free from mercy
Slowly rejected from paradise
To the pearl of perfection
Release the burden of the weak

Waiting to die with usback to top
Living down a certain life
Troubles to appear
Guided by an ancient heart
No time for even fear
Deception of a shoveled earth
Too many seem like hell
Dying to resist temptation
Gods of greed will tell

Living down the line
Medication XTC
Living down the line

Across the edge of sanity
Where God and silence dwell
Destroyer of the golden lamb
Shall spend a night in hell
I have turned down all the lights
To walk the unknown veils
I have sworn to kill the man
In charge of hunting whales

Breed a horse that you can't feed
As the money eats the Red
Trust in vomit and disease
When the blood of all is shed
Will we see the dawn of darkness
Never occurred before
At the shores of the lake of fire
Exploring the bestial whore
Transcend my voice and mould my head
Too many dwell in pain
Summoned by a crimson soul
Let's drink the poisoned rain
Subordinate the weeping preacher
My curtain has been drawn
Towards the terror of seclusion
At dawn I will be goneback to top
Sprayed Into Oblivion
By the sun of dark ages
My daughter and I
Indulging, slowing every breath
I, I waged my soul in torment
Justify all new believers

Taught my children
The blood won't change
The scorn
And some will kill them
When the second moon
Is born...

At the dawn of new ages
See me, fear me
As I terminate the war
You've spoilt this demon child again
Spraying them into oblivion

Taught my children
The blood won't change
The scorn
And some will kill them
When the second moon
Has gone...

In the black of the season
My daughter is me
Realizing what I have died for
I, I left my body to the flames
Resurrect the new believersback to top
Wings On Fire
Burning need for isolation
When the presence becomes too strong
Embedded in green serenity
The gardens seem lost too long

I saw my heaven
I saw decay
I saw my hell
I saw dismay
I fear none

My mind divides in solitude
Never to meet the other world
Denied at the gates of beauty
The spirit of man been sold

Utilized divine
Perceiving ceremonies
On levels yet unknown

Ripping out the evil
Substitute of emptiness
Reinventing the soul
On levels yet unknown

Breaking the window of destiny
Blinding the eyes of the world
Perpetrate profanic rites
The spirit of mankind unfoldback to top
Where Silence Dwells
It burns, it heals
It turns the lie into real
It cries despise
It hates the way that I feel

Loose your soul
Lose yourself
No blood for pain
Where silence dwells

It feels unreal
It changes the way that I am
It bleeds, So real
It hates the way that I feel

As the night falls
In this maze
When the seer calls

As the night falls
In this unshaded place
When the seer calls
Dismayback to top
The Hustler
Escape my soul the empty world
Is for you and behind you
Too many prophets burn in flames
Relive the book of blood
I told you
I have sworn to kill
The daemon of the higher ground
Flying free from hell

Division of the Southern Point
Black army of delusion
The day messiah walk the earth
I live the book of blood

Born dead, in a misty rain
Blood is shed eternally
True evil in my veins
I deny your slavery
Until the end
I don't believe a god
Don't believe in God!

I told you
I am born to kill
Revenge for all my suffering
I burn your God in hellback to top
Until The Sun Appears
Come forward
Down the easy way
Black flag appears
Stand fast
Unbalanced mind
Tears fill my eyes

See through
the screen of infancy
Watch the sons of ignorance die
Until a clouded sun appears
Into the sky

Obey to me
Embrace the wings
No blood in the sign of time
Black flag appears

Until the sun appears:
May the frozen darkness rise
Above the oceans and ice
When the rain's about to fall
Hear the early frozen call

Until the sun appears:
Into a rain of black
The angel of the damned
Doomed down by desire
Hear the early frozen callback to top
Souls Of Ice
Nocturnal veils come unto me
I despise your silent presence
Need for future, seeds to live
There's only souls of ice

Hours of passion,
sordid sleep
The mind is seeking
for exposure
Within the night,
desire grows
Sin again, souls of ice

Thrown back into paradise
Worshipping the tree
Centre of the universe
Cauterized by pain

Come raise the nightback to top
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