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Death Cab for Cutie lyrics

 1999 Something About Airplanes
 2000 We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes
 2000 Forbidden Love [EP]
 2001 The Photo Album
 2002 You Can Play These Songs With Chords
 2003 Transatlanticism
 2005 Plans

· 405
· 405 (Acoustic)
· A Lack of Color
· A Movie Script Ending
· Amputations
· Army Corps of Architects
· Bend to Squares
· Blacking Out the Friction
· Brothers on a Hotel Bed
· Champagne from a Paper Cup
· Company Calls
· Company Calls Epilogue
· Company Calls Epilogue (alternate take)
· Coney Island
· Crooked Teeth
· Death of an Interior Decorator
· Debate Exposes Doubt
· Different Names for the Same Thing
· Expo '86
· Fake Frowns
· For What Reason
· I Was a Kaleidoscope
· I Will Follow You into the Dark
· Information Travels Faster
· Lightness
· Line of Best Fit
· Little Fury Bugs
· Lowell, Ma
· Marching Bands of Manhattan
· No Joy in Mudville
· Passenger Seat
· Photobooth
· Pictures in an Exhibition
· President of What?
· Scientist Studies
· Sleep Spent
· Someday You Will Be Loved
· Song for Kelly Huckaby
· Soul Meets Body
· Stable Song
· State Street Residential
· Steadier Footing
· Styrofoam Plates
· Summer Skin
· Technicolor Girls
· The Employment Pages
· The New Year
· The Sound of Settling
· Tiny Vessels
· Title and Registration
· Title Track
· Tomorrow
· Transatlanticism
· TV Trays
· Two Cars
· We Laugh Indoors
· We Looked Like Giants
· What Sarah Said
· Why You'd Want to Live Here
· Your Bruise
· Your Heart Is an Empty Room

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