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Death Cab for Cutie lyrics

Album: Something About Airplanes [1999]

 01  Bend to Squares
 02  President of What?
 03  Champagne from a Paper Cup
 04  Your Bruise
 05  Pictures in an Exhibition
 06  Sleep Spent
 07 The Face That Launched 1000 Ships
 08  Amputations
 09  Fake Frowns
 10  Line of Best Fit
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Bend to Squares
Gravitated towards a taste
For foreign films and modern plays
But that machine could only
Bend to squares five to six times
Before your fingers came unwired.

Weights down so that you could move forwards

Pinch to snub that restless nerve
And knock the wind from one last urge
With two fingers a rock glass,
Time passed and that was that
Quite a slip (a loosened grasp)

....What a way to cut lengthwise....back to top
President of What?
I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Sunday
Creases indicating fold that kept four walls from caving in
I took a little more of what i take for granted
And filled my plate for fear that gears would turn
And wheels would roll away

Something's got to break you down

Entered the scene (I'm told) on I think it was Monday
You drove straight through and mined that quarry
For all it could bleed 'til dry
I took a little more 'til I got taken for granted
'Cause beautiful boys gave chase
And when they arch your backbone
It's such a dreadful sight

I'll react when faces find you
With jealous fits that gag and bind you
'Cause nothing hurts like nothing at all
When imagination takes full controlback to top
Champagne from a Paper Cup
I think I'm drunk enough to drive you home now
I'll keep my mouth kept shut from under lock and key
That's rusted firm, no lie
'Cause all these conversations wind on and on....

Drinking champagne from a paper cup
Is never quite the same
And every sip's moving through my eyes
And up into my brain
At half past two; about time to leave
'Cause the DJ's playing rhythm and blues
A sad-sorry state, stutter step to those slammin' grooves
As i'm waiting around for you....back to top
Your Bruise
It's a backwards attraction to your forward eyes
But you're so far-sighted that you can't place trust
In what or who you recognize
We sped the plymouth cross the banks of the mississippi river
Mary timony was smaller then a super ball...
Chitter-chatter all these secrets started giving me the shivers
Plain and simply broken down near olympia
I think your bruise was understanded,
'cause you can't feel this anymore
It's getting bluer and you can't keep faking
That you can't feel this anymoreback to top
Pictures in an Exhibition
I think you caught me on the downslide, downturn
I was busy writing with a pen and paper thin dream
and all your plastic people with plastic hearts and smiles
they had the worst intentions all along after all....

The royal castle holds the mellow drama kings and queens
And all their dazzling children; they're so regal (clean)
With pristine fingertips they wash behind their ears
And let their hair down 'til the audiences leave

I'm definitely shaking
The silence isn't breaking
Backwashed and stranded memories
Of something I thought could beback to top
Sleep Spent
I can't expel the truth
It's much more than I thought I could do
And with time my worth will stain
And split your heart from my name....

So drive away your mouth from my ears
And waste a day so I can think clearly

And what's left to wait for here
As my hands sleep spent this last year
Choking the bottle's neck that pulled you from my bed

So drive away your mouth from my ears
And waste a day so I can think clearlyback to top
And if it was just how you wanted
You'd be glued to his bones and his brainstem
And changing your image and attitudes
Won't bring you back into your bedroom

Amputating as he's waiting
He's unresponsive 'cause you're irresponsible

Little swinger your bottle is thinking too much
'Cause you're aiming to please way off target
And I'll tell you what you must already know
Of amputating that too slowback to top
Fake Frowns
Bent at the knee, a last resort
Backfired and made things worse
Once on the bus, it was quite possible
You'd be the jailhouse queen
Jury and judge were screaming to hang
You spat the sweat from brow
He shrugged his shoulders, nothing would work
It had to end right now....

I can't drive straight counting your fake frowns

Focusing in; details a must
Trying to make each one count
All on your fingers stopping at ten
Magistrate's keyed in how
The jury and judge were screaming to hang
You spat the sweat from brow
He shrugged his shoulders; nothing would work
It had to end right now....

We can't keep your interest now
Increasing pixels and soundback to top
Line of Best Fit
These things take my time and energies
Don't stand too close without apologies
Cutthroat; cut out candid glimpses and
Wind me up; I'm ready

Can't escape this line of best fit
Can't escape this line of best fit

These things take my time and energies
Don't stand too close without apologies
I remember being inside something more than you...
Can't escape this line of best fitback to top
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