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Deathrider lyrics

Album: Requiem [1998]

 01  Burn Victim
 02  Feel The Pain
 03  Plague Of Death
 04  Manslaughter
 05  The Gate
 06  I Can't Win
 07  Scum Pit
 08  Dum
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Burn Victim
Spirits toiling in flames, buring men to cinders
Conscience of the torment to arise
Turning life in to black burned masses
Death for me stands close beside
Watch the flesh drip from their bones
Hear their dying screams rise high above the flames
Burn victim, flames tearing right through you
A price this race must pay
Pass the corpse to the next in line
The dead are now stiff and hard
The touch of dead flesh turns the insides
Their fate's have drawn a final card
Black smoke rising from a sickening pyre
The spread of lime can't hide the smell
The peircing screams of a million souls
In pain will linger... And dwell

KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
A worlds domination is at hand
KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
A rising voice throughout the land
KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
The twisted masses hail to the Fuhrer
KILL, KILL, they chant, KILL, KILL
Will we be the next for him to slaughter

Mass mounds of half burned bodies
And thousands waiting helpless for the kill
Line the men that are next to die
Question not our fathers will
Clear the stoves of the twisted mess
By his word we must abide
In ridding the world of a lesser life
Sell the all the final lieback to top
Feel The Pain
Feel my power start to rise
My strength feeds on your mind
It's here what's never meant to be
Losing your strength to me
Anticipate, and realize
That your fate's held within your hands
Break away from the senseless lies
Keep in focus, keep in sight
Drifting through your mind of hate
Holding onto hope but it's too late
Now you are mine and I will take
There's no way that you'll escape
Anticipate and realize
That your fate's not the bitter end
Break away societies
Endless lies and you won't be...
Longing after death
Gazing - In your eyes so blue
Feel my stare turning them into limpen pools
Vain Thoughts - They rule you mind
Don't underestimate what I'll become in time
Starting to - Wither towards you death
Feel my hands around your throat Choking out your breath
Look into - The mirror's me
There's no way that you'll be free tonight
Covered - In a pool of sweat
Can't escape, it's your fate, now your path is set
Screaming - You begin to cry
Sympathy you'll want but you'll get none of mine
Torment - You, it seems so clear
Insanity is growing and the end is getting near
Down Now - For the last time
Feel my thoughts now controlling what was once you mindback to top
Plague Of Death
Death coming close
Blood pressure slows
Species of all
Coincide your fall
The peeling of flesh
Spreads the dormant seed
Host of disease
Befalls to the plague of death
The Plague Of Death

Coursing through your veins
Your death preordained
Vasculations end
No way to defend
Spine sending chills
As your body stiffens
Come to your end
Can't befall the Plague Of Death
The Plague Of Death

Needs no cause
Kills all flaws
Man prostrate
Wipe clean the slate
Life overrun
All's said and done
But life it needs
To spread the seed
A shroud of darkness
Dissolution is near
The last to die
Brings an end to the Plague of Death
The Plague Of Deathback to top
Running through dark alley ways
Smashing power's here to stay
Crush your head till your dying day
Life for man is here to waste
Fire the gun, don't hesitate
Kill all men that stand and wait
Pride in self you'll never swallow
Kill all those who will not follow
Crack the skill until it's hollow
Stalk the victim to attach
Charge the foe man from the back
Pound his head until it cracks

Peace is war to politics
Life is ruled by fucking pricks
Peace is war to politics
Life is ruled by fucking pricks
This troubled world cannot be fixed
Think your thoughts that burn inside
Kill the ones that try to hide
Think you know but can't decide
Running through dark alley ways
Murder those who don't obey
Aggresion is the only way
Society rife with emotional rape
Crime continues, no escape
Blinded in this world of hateback to top
The Gate
It lurks tonight, here for its prey
Freed from time through the gate
It hears the call, you have made
Leaving you to your fate
The demon has come, here for your soul
Bringing darkness and fear
Starts to reign, takes control
And you cannot persevere

Nowhere left, for you to hide
You're the last to remain
It longs your touch, to take your soul
And send you screaming in pain

Legions take control
Merciful no more
One by one, it finds you all
And takes you down below
Risen from the grave
Your soul is what it craves
It needs your flesh, to seal the spell
And take you as it's slave

The time has come, darkness is here
You pray but can't be free
In darkened sight, you see no light
With eyes of misery
The casted spell, sent straight from hell
For you mind to create
Holds you all, To his call
At the opened gate

Legions take control
Merciful no more
One by one we hear the call
Of the souls from down belowback to top
I Can't Win
Can't speak my mind
No use, No time
Change what I say
Make it your way
Reach inside me
Destroy my true beliefs
I can't think the way I feel
All my thoughts have gone away
Cannot find the meaning
To the life I live today
I can't go the longest mile
Or go the longest way
Don't understand this game
Why do I even try to play

I Can't Win
I Can't Win

Stand tall, be strong
You can't go wrong
That is not true
I try, I lose
I can't think the way I feel
All my thoughts have gone away
Cannot find the meaning
To the life I live today
I can't go the longest mile
Or go the longest way
Don't understand this game
Why do I even try to play

I Can't Winback to top
Scum Pit
Pile out on the couch
No ambition just a grouch
Can't get up to clean this funking mess
Dirty dishes, dog hair
Ash tray full, no one cares
Who forgot to take out the trash
Cat shit on the floor
Can't take it any more
There's piss in every corner of the house
Dead roach in a glass
Smell like spot passed
The stench of the dead rotting mouse
Dead Scum Pit
Porcelain corrosion
Toilet full of scum
Standing in a small pool of piss
Bathroom horror
Feet stick to the floor
I don't think there's a spot that they have missed
Windows full of prints
In home dead stench
Living in this place who could survive
Musty furniture
Here there's no cure
Product of a lazy useless life
Dead Scum Pit
Dead Scum Pitback to top
Wake up late for work
For a boss that is a jerk
Come home to more bills to pay
Living this life every day

I am Dum
I am Dum

More things come as more things go
Where sometimes I do not know
At times it makes me want to scream
And wish that my life was just a dream

I am Dum
I am Dumback to top
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