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Deathrow lyrics

Album: Deception Ignored [1988]

 01  Events In Concealment
 02  The Death Wish
 03  N.L.Y.H.
 04  Watching The World
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Events In Concealment
Nowadays The Essential Crimes Of Blue
Take Place Behind Closed Black Doors
Unrevealed, At Green Tables Discussed
To Paint Over The Grey With Colors
Their Projectors Are Pointed At You
In The Want Of Clearness They're Undesturbed
Bunded By The Gladly Seen Light
But Appearances Are Deceptive Cause They
Treat Us Like Dirt
The Cause Are Too Extensive
Inference Is Disincentive
The Consequences Are Insignificant
Signals Too Weak And Population Unobservant
We Walk With Blinkers In The Corridor
Which Is Embraced From "Causes-Consequences-Walls"
You Wear Glasses With Pink-Tinted Lenses
'Cause Colored Pictures Set At Rest The Minds
They Have An Alibi And A Clean Slate
But If You Look Twice, Dirt Is What You'll Find
They Place The Beautiful Face Into The Foreground
For Fear, So You Don't See The Flaggelated Back
The Mediums, The "Subjective Objectivity - Support"
They Hide And Seek And Thereby Break Our Neck
The Causes Will Be Rash Decided
From Irresponsibility Guided
The Consequences Won't Be Prevented
No Opponents And Noone Who Is Reprehended
The Walls Which Hug The Corridor
Have Indeed Windows And Doors
But You Will Be Sobered
They Are Walled Up
Do You Know The Paradisiac State ?
A State Of Programmed End
Paradoxical Ongoings, Ongoings Are Prevalent
Our Conduct Enforce A Day
And This Day Is Not Pleasant
The Cause For This "Gift" Are All The Concealed Events
The Day Will Come When You're Impeached
For False Pretence
And Space Will Be Filled With Laughter
You Know The Paradisiac State
A State Of Programmed End
Paradoxial World, A World In Retirement
Our Conduct Is Typified, Typified For Discontent
Events Are ....... In Concealmentback to top
The Death Wish
He Stands At The Abyss
And Looks Into The Depth
Whispers In His Brain Want Him
To Make The Final Step
He Sees His Whole Past Life Now
Passing In Front Of His Eyes
He Fears The Second That Would Surely
Free From His Life
A Senseless Life ?
So Full Of Doubt ?
Is Suicide The Right Way Out ?
He Thinks About The Reasons
Why He's Standing Here
The Dull Grey Of His Daily Work
The Solitude He Can't Bear
Intolerance And Mistrust
Ignorance, Apathy
Violence That Rules The World
Greed, Passivity
A Senseless Life ?
So Full Of Doubt ?
Is Suicide That The Right Way Out ?
No !
Your Escape - Would That Make Sense ?
Use Your Life To Fight Against This Nuisance
A Senseless Life ?
So Full Of Doubt ?
Is Suicide That The Right Way Out ?
However ...
The Deathwish Remains
The Deathwish Remains
The Deathwish Remains
The Deathwish Remainsback to top
The Alarm Clock Rings, I Open My Eyes
And Watch The Yellowed White Of My Room's Ceiling
The Dull Light Of The Dawn Falls Through My Window
Raindrops Are Hitting The Ground
The Splattering Sound Promises Me A Day
Full Of Depressive Thoughts
I Torture Myself Out Of Bed
It's Time To Go To Work
Live Your Life In Your Own Way
Free And Full Of Fun
Keep On Smiling Every Day
Think - But Never Get Depressed
Follow The Golden Rule
Never Loose Your Humor, Man
Never Forget - N.L.Y.H.
The Work Today Is Like Everytime
Tiring, Boring And Grey
Nine Hours Later I'm At Home Again
Time To Have Some Food
Now I Want To Disperse My Thoughts
So I Switch On The Tv
Tv-Clowns Grin Like They Want To Show
How Good They Have Cleaned Their Teeth
But The News
Confirms My Thoughts Of A Sick World
Can't Believe
What Some Men Are Able To Do
Our Fate
The Future Of A Billion Souls
Lays In
The Hands Of A Few Fools
Tired I Switch Off The Tv
Time To Go To Bed
Tomorrow's Day Won't Bring Anything New
But Nevertheless I'm Glad
I Think That I Have Recognized
The Things For What They Are
I'm Alive And That's All That Counts
I Learned To Laugh In The Face Of Fear
Chorusback to top
Watching The World
Look Up To The Sky
See The Stars There Shining Bright
Are They The Aim
The Aim We Should All Reach For
That Launch Us Into Space
But Who Thinks Of The Earth
Where Our Ancestors Lie
We Are So Clever And Arrogant
It's In Our Hands To Change Everything
Who Thinks Of The Children
Killed By Hunger And Disease
What About The People
Slayed In Stupid, Senseless Wars
We're Always Reaching
Just For Money And Success
But What Will Be But
When There's Nothing More To Sell
Who's Watching The World
Who's Watching The World
Why Can't We Take
All Our Intelligence
To Create Something New
That's Not Determined To Destroy Ourselves
Who's To Say That It Can't Be Done
We Are So Clever And Arrogant
It's In Our Hands To Change Everything
Who's Watching The World
Who's Watching The Worldback to top
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