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Decomposed lyrics

Album: Hope Finally Died... [1994]

 01  Inscriptions
 02  Taste The Dying
 03  Falling Apart
 04  At Rest
 05  Procession (Of the undertakers)
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I collapse
In silence I will die
Nothin' left
But the flesh in which I hide

My heart has stopped, but my senses remain,
My sight yet blurred, sees my blooded stains,
Days will pass before they find my corpse
Resting here in shadows, as they fall
Few will be at my funeral
Disturbed earth my memorial
No stone as it's Inscriptioni would die
Uneven ground
Marks where I die

solo: Ogawa

As you walk upon my unmarked grave
I will lie gazing up at you
My empty eyes see nothing
But remember the painback to top
Taste The Dying
What is this being which carries me
Through her eyes is cast a cemetary
Amid the corpses awake we lie
Not yet born already I die
Why must I be thrust into this hell
To taste the dying
To die myself
Forsaken am I, to suffer, whilst still confined within (my) mother?
Discovering that, qhich the living fear
Sealed are my eyes, but yet my future is clear
I am to rot inside this box
By my creator I am mocked

solo: Ogawa

Look at me and see that I am dying
Is this my Funeral?back to top
Falling Apart
I can't belive I exist
Have I died?
Am I remembering this?
Are these my dying thoughts?
Are these thoughts mine?
They are thoughts I cannot bear.

solo: Ogawa

Take these pieces of my shattered mind
Let them share agrave with my hope
As I fall do I hear their cries?
Or my screams with which I could not cope?

I am buried
with my fears intactback to top
At Rest
Tired of life
Nothing more to give
Inflicting anguish
I have no will to live

Body entombs my soul
Escaping through my Funeral
Take my soul away
Air grows thin as the cold engulf my body
Sights of sadness flood my empty mind
Blood runs dry as darkness stands afore me
No more to live
Alone with death I lie

First solo: Shasdell
Second solo: Ogawaback to top
Procession (Of the undertakers)
Misery strikes fear into those left behind
Procession of the undertakers
Removing those who died

Lay to waste my stiffened core
All hope is gone - all life is lost

solo: Ogawa

Holding high the casket
Spreading the despair
Depression...Fills the air

solo: Ogawa

My Funeral
Brings pleasure to their morbid lives
Lay to waste my soul
But still conscious is my mind
The undertaker turns
And he stares at my remains
Laughing at my agony
Consuming my pain

Misery strikes fear into those who have died
Procession of the undertakers
Bury those left aliveback to top
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