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Decoryah lyrics

 1993 Wisdom Floats
 1996 Fall-Dark Waters
 1997 Breathing The Blue

· Astral Mirage of Paradise
· Beneath The Clounded Mind
· Beryllos
· Breathing The Blue
· Circle Immortality
· Cosmos Silence
· Ebonies
· Endless is the Stream
· Envisioned (-Waters?)
· Fall-Dark Waters
· Gloria Absurdiah
· Infinity Awaits
· Intra-Mental Ecstasy
· Let The One Drawn
· Monolithos
· Once
· Reaching Melancholiah
· She Came to Me in the Form of Water
· She Wept in the Woods
· Some Drops Boyond the Essence
· Submerged Seconds
· Swinging Shapes At A Lake
· When the Echoes Start to Fade
· Wintry Fluids (Portal)
· Wisdom Floats

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