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Decoryah lyrics

Album: Breathing The Blue [1997]

 01  Once
 02  Beneath The Clounded Mind
 03  Breathing The Blue
 04  Let The One Drawn
 05  Swinging Shapes At A Lake
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I never thought my voice was weak
lost in the ruins of agony
They told me I was the one
who veiled the stars and the sun

I am trembling and I bleed
Only silence could see my pain and agony

I never thought I ought to run
I never seen the things you've done
I never wanted to feel growing misery

I never thought my life was weak
sunk in the rivers of agony
They told me I am not the one
who shines like the bursting Sun

I see voices rising from silenceback to top
Beneath The Clounded Mind
You've burned my head and my soul
I've burned myself
but not alone
So what is there for me?

You've broken my bones and my head
I've broken myself
but not today
Where are you now?

I run for days searching for you
I found no way to locate you
I call your nameback to top
Breathing The Blue
I'm so...

Now I start to see
Feelings gone all bleak
not wanting to see
all the faces turning weak

Nothing to feel for
Nothing to feel
Nothing to feel at all

Blue face come my way
Forget all I have to say
Nothing for to pray
Nothing more to sayback to top
Let The One Drawn
I hear madness oozing
from your mouth
as if there was no one here
to hear you out
I can take you down to there see

I can take you down to there
to see the end
All the sounds lie drowned
I've seen you
drowning in silence again

I see madness oozing...back to top
Swinging Shapes At A Lake
I see something under the ice
They've given me hope that dies
Who are you?

I feel something under the ice
They told me nothing but lies
Who are you?back to top
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