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Decoryah lyrics

Album: Wisdom Floats [1993]

 01  Astral Mirage of Paradise
 02  Wisdom Floats
 03  Monolithos
 04  Beryllos
 05  Reaching Melancholiah
 06  Circle Immortality
 07  When the Echoes Start to Fade
 08  Cosmos Silence
 09  Intra-Mental Ecstasy
 10  Ebonies
 11  Infinity Awaits
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Astral Mirage of Paradise
My dismal soul reflects burning and dimming light
from timeless space
From misty limits of life and death
Can you see it ?
The Glimmering shadow of your blue doors
of your deity
Ah, Light - Dark brightness
creates the illusions between other dimensions
Can you see it, astral mirage of paradise ?back to top
Wisdom Floats
My mind draws circles - they float
Wisdom floats - it floats - and I see its floating
it floats - it floats - floats ...

I envision my astral ego.
I draw the realm of vacuums...
Endlessly I picture black vacuums

Ah, Wisdom floats...back to top
Through the cold land I walk
Ice covers the ground
I see no one here.
or is this the hidden area of my mind ?
Monoliths. They recall my dream
of unreal rest...
But now I leave (myself) for the paths of utopia

At the white shrine I stand
Among the cryolith memorials
Trying to get something that I can't
Apprehend my cry !back to top
(Instrumental)back to top
Reaching Melancholiah
A pond portrays mirage.
Which mirrors deep space - deep space
I dive again into pleasures
by taking myself to the pond

I preceive the place where I lost my love
Now, only grey woods are standing in the frost
I touch it I feel it my faded love
I'm somewhere here, but I can't behold !

Brooks streams and sombre liquid lies in vague pond
Lamenting sounds from cathedral we hear... or do we ?back to top
Circle Immortality
This journey seems to be almost endless to me
The journey to so close. The journey to so far
Lead me to the gates our world - after our raptures
See how the echoes are starting their fade
through my soul. trough my mind
The echoes ...

Why ? I have to be an indying echo ...
The journey trough the ebbing worlds
I try to reach myself. but I feel nothing
Can't you realise ? We are among the echoesback to top
When the Echoes Start to Fade
Ebonies was mixing in the night of dark thoughts...
A cold blow of wind tied me down to the air
The combination of the echoes purple light
the cry of love that dies

Drops of crying heaven and weeping hell
Fondle my skin and I show you the places
Where the chimes. they whine and the chambers. They cry

The crying echoes they fade away ...back to top
Cosmos Silence
Rippling gods have sat down on their
shapeless thrones in the numbness
voids in eternal time of endless space
Deserted prayer wanders away (from)
hopeless mind like my spirit cries
in agonies and stamina

Crawling cosmos silence from
the trones above the clamed cloudes of deep blue sky
I can't hear myself !

Am I really here or do the cosmos mirrors
reflect my forms of cosmos silence.
Am I ?

The cosmos mirror reflect my forms
of cosmos silence...back to top
Intra-Mental Ecstasy
Groves. I feel how they wind to gloom
The parallel voices of ecstasy
Wind... Speak to me
It's surrounded by agonies and I just watch and cry
when I ravish my domain...back to top
I was speaking very softly
Ah, it was a whisper under ebonies
just a whisper, under ebonies
I still hear the whisper!back to top
Infinity Awaits
Storm, rise in my hand
Storm, form in my mind
Storm - rise

As dark as I see my world, I see my life
and my soul- As they'll clash I shall
sink into the waves of love and hate
The element of clouded lives the waves
- they must be the answer -
And together we walk into the waves...
Let it drape us

They give me everything I need.
pleasent ecstasies and...
I just wait their blow
Ah, they blow...back to top
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