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Deicide lyrics

Album: In Torment, in Hell [2001]

 01  In Torment in Hell
 02  Christ Don't Care
 03  Vengeance Will Be Mine
 04 Imminent Doom
 05  Child of God
 06  Let It Be Done
 07  Worry in the House of Thieves
 08  Lurking Among Us
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In Torment in Hell
Liar of a priest, What could you want from thee, is it so
hard to see, I will not believe, the truth it sours, inside
you hide your head, the contradiction, I curse your life
with dread,
Your dead to me, your light is greed, leave me alone, to
the unknown, I have to leave, the best to be, beyond his
gates, without his grace. [Lead]
In torment in hell, uncontrolled and casting spells,
plotting death and suffering, binding souls with misery,
burning Christians begging pleas, satisfy my need to
bleed, trample on the lambs of god, bow before thy lord
Stay away from god; find out that you are, human deity,
born to be deceived, You worship cowards, a cross for
which he bled, no more empowered, the light of god is
I fell from god, his word begot,
unearn his faith, the lord replaced, Heaven is hell,
flesh is the cell, the earth I take, return to hate.
[Lead]back to top
Christ Don't Care
Name: Tom Maio
Song: Deicide - Christ Don't Care (Track 2 of 2001's In Torment Hell)

My Comments: The singing starts off normal(for deicide atleast) and
quickly picks up the pace somewhere within the 5th line.
God don't care which path you fucking follow,
Come with me and I will show you this,
Drink the blood and swear your love for Satan,
Drag his bloody knife across your wrist,
Naked bliss of a sacrifice your bound upon the alter stone,
Screaming help and over come you can't believe what's going on,
Blacking out his light of hate, I take away the lord restraint,
Simplify the suffering, and reinvent the world I loathe,
Left to die in front of god, the Christian will not change what's done,
All for hymn and none for all, your final wishes reek of blood,
Atrophy deteriorate you give yourself to blasphemy,
Sacrilege called you here, and now you're ours and Christ don't care.

Live your life the way a Christian wants to,
Curse at god in vain his idle threats,
Fuck off jesus we will never find you,
What you said has cost the world unrest.
Raise the sword of Lucifer, and cast your soul into the night
New found wisdom has enlightened you beyond the holy might,
Never reach a final path, achieve a higher place than that,
Me inside the one I trust, and never would I plead with god,
Stifled image cmciflxion bore the child with religion,
Insulate their sense of faith; devote the soul without a trace,
In the end they come to be, a part of Satan's majesty,
Sacrilege sent you here, and now you're ours and Christ don't care.back to top
Vengeance Will Be Mine
Vengeance will be mine, take what is yours and leave you to die,
Fortune unachieved, riddled with spite, destroying your life,
Liar that you are, facing yourself; you think you're a star,
Backstab you will see, standing alone, and loosing your dream,
After you and me, what will you do, when nothing's for free?
Patient as can be, washing my hands, of this whole fuckin' thing,
This is what you want; It is what you wish,
Throw away the one, I will not forgive,
Never was it true, anything you said,
Once I'm rid of you, turn your life to shit,
Vengeance will be mine, satisfy my sign.
Vengeance will be mine, no holding back when I'm dealing with time,
Extort reasoning; suffer a loss like you cannot believe,
Damage has begun, wasting away in your world of just one,
Laughter in your ears, driving you mad, it all disappears,
The end I see, never recover from what has to be.
Settle the score, denied my presence, will be my reward.
This is what you want; it is what you wish,
Throw away the one, I will not forgive,
Never was it true, anything you said,
Once I'm rid of you, turn your life to shit,
Vengeance will be mine, a testament to time.
[Lead...]back to top
Child of God

"Rivalries, righteous one, go unto god, and take his
son. Prophecy, is his defeat, nailed to the cross,
Gag on the feast, his vile psalms, morality, the visions
gone, Banish thy word, and masturbate, it is absurd
your silly faith.
Fall to your knees, bow before he, it was a lie, was it a
dream, who will be next, where are you now, civil
unrest, contort the soul, If you come back, and if you
do, who could forget, vengeance, and doom, Calvary
lost, look at us now, gone is your law, centuries old.
FUCK OFF....(it will be my way)
Still we live, until the day, confronting death, in
different ways, follow his path of emptiness,
solemnly grasp, digest our sin, Follow his lead
betray the fool, look at yourself, re write the
rules, Consort the ghost, who's laying low, evil is
all we've ever known,
Hang all his priest, stripping of souls, second
coming, raping the world, rending of god, rapture
unleashed, anger above, send in the beast.
Cash in his cross, where will it end, beggar of
fools, come back again, wait you we will, when
you arrive, child of god, your turn to dieback to top
Let It Be Done
False prophet you appear to be enslaved,
Make this world disappear no one forgave,
Take us into the light what gives you right?
I will not be divine, or live a lie.

Murder god, slash his thought, crush his cross, Lucifer
There's only one that we believe, it is not god, he Is a thief,
Hang them to bleed, him and his son, never in need, let it be

Kill the shepherd of the flock, I condemn my soul to rot, mass
confusion caused by god, rearrange the way we love,
Hate thy neighbor if you please, redefine our unity,

Praise god you might disappear, to back beyond,
No more living in fea; the light is gone,
Think why instead of who and face your death,
Our time has come to be, evil is free.

Murder god, slash his thought, crush his cross, Lucifer
There's only one that we believe, it is not god, he is a thief,
Hang them to bleed, him and his son, never in need, let it be
[Lead...]back to top
Worry in the House of Thieves
I hate you more than any word can describe,
Wish you were dead, and I will live till you die,
Destroy the dreams of everyone you control,
Now that I'm above you, the deceit can be told,
A separation of a chance that must take,
Under calculations have been digging your grave,
Open the book to endless chapters I read,
I will know the tmth that brings you down on your knees,
Uncovered secret, exposing their crime
confronting them is just a matter of time.
Without an option, or way to escape,
You have pay for the mistakes that you made.
The game is over, now run to the light,
Your lack of vision will restore what is mine.
In Preservation of your life of mystic
a reparation that at last will be seen,
Untouched by the hand of god,
Look what it has done to us.
Worry in the house of thieves,
Overlooking everything,
Untouched by the hand of god,
Your compassion never was,
Cut the cord of agony,
Bitterness, uncertainty, [trail Into Lead]
Their recollection of events is a lie,
Woe and suffering has always been on the mind,
Beyond myself the misery that you've caused,
Step into my circle and your life will be lost,
You seem to think that I'm to do what I'm told,
Over superstitious from the stories of old,
Your putrid essence and the scriptures of god,
Leave me un removed from my belief in Satan.back to top
Lurking Among Us
Lurking among us, attracted by blood, hating the world for its
love of a god, anciently ordered a soldier for death, stomping
on Christians and raising the dead.
Christian swine, beat and blessed, crucified,
Christ was wrong, saints be gone, genocide,
Hand in hand, it is time, suicide.
Die, kill, rupture a vain, once and for all into silence you'll stay,
Lord, god, splattered remains, the inquisition of heavens ordained.
Lurking among us, inveteration, angel of evil, slaughtering nun's
Ridding the world of pretentious scum,
Collecting debts, in the name of Satan,
Blackest knight, blessing flesh, bleeding shrines,
Broken necks, missing eyes, tortured blind,
Crucifix, don't exist, we survive.
Dark lord master to me, Father Lord Satan I do as you please,
Find god, death comes to he, tear out his heart and together we'll
Lurking among us, on trinity feed, chop off the head of the Christian
belief, Impaling saints, demonstrate, his legion, render of fate,
terminate, for Satan.
Ritual, Sacrifice, doomed with Christ,
Kill the lights, come to life, horrify,
Wager war; trash the cross, open minds.
Wipe god off of the earth, cleansing creation, rejecting his word,
Satan, ruler of all, let us indulge in the fruits of their fall,
[Lead...]back to top
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