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Deinonychius lyrics

 1995 The Silence Of December
 1996 The Weeping Of A Thousand Years
 1996 When The Rain Falls...An Empty Sky Remains
 1997 Ark Of Thought

· A Gathering Of Memories
· A Last Lament
· A Shining Blaze over Darkland
· A Throne On My Long-Awaited Desires
· Birth and the Eleventh Moon
· Chrysanthemums in Bloom
· Here Lies My Kingdom
· I Have Done As You Did
· I Ruler of Paradise in Black
· I, Ruler of Paradise in Black
· Intro
· Leviathan
· Lost Forever
· My Days Until
· My Travels Through The Midnight Sky
· Oceans of Soliloquy
· Red is My Blood… Cold is My heart
· Revelation
· Serpent of Old
· Tears Will Flow
· The awakened
· The Final Affliction of Xafan
· The Fragrant Thorns of Roses
· The Gothic Statue
· Under The Autumn Tree
· Upon The Highlands I Fought

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