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Deinonychius lyrics

Album: When The Rain Falls...An Empty Sky Remains [1996]

 01  Intro
 02  A Throne On My Long-Awaited Desires
 03  I, Ruler of Paradise in Black
 04  A Shining Blaze over Darkland
 05  Tears Will Flow
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(Instrumental)back to top
A Throne On My Long-Awaited Desires
The search for so many centuries has become
A throne on my long awaited desires, that made me strong
Through the years of suffering I became one of the black
All those who tried to stop me never came back
The souls of defenceless beauties, the ones who pleaded
I carved their flesh, drank their blood, I am God!

A throne on my long awaited desires

The flame I held high, heaven's cry!

Now the time has come to reveal
The real God, the real prophet
In my darkest time
God prepare to meet me: to the death
After the glorious battle of unholiness
The throne was mine
I look to the angels, the unblessed
As I crowned myself
I held up high the blaze of eternal doom
Looking into the eyes of the dyig angel
I said I am God!!!

A throne on my long awaited desires

Forever I will rule...back to top
I, Ruler of Paradise in Black
Born for a destiny that has yet to come
I search for the holy son
He, who denied my God from the almighty throne
His empire shall be forever gone
In my search for the disgusting nazarene child
Many silver-tears shall be cried.

You... disgusting nazarene
Ah! hide! hide!
My hate to you is eternal
Bleed, bleed, bleed.

Thou, who tried to bring me down by Magiddo's swords
Thy blood shall be coloured black
Finally, when I find that nazarene childsfuck of God
His blood will spill, lying torn, torn, torn
Then the heavenly skies of the saints will turn black
Sees the child hung by the neck

Now... Ruler of the Dark
Hail! hail!
Crush the golden gates
Forever, forever, forever...

Silver-tears were cried...back to top
A Shining Blaze over Darkland
Look at the Wastelands of tommorrow
..What a beautiful sight
The sand turned into black stone
...The sea turned into ice
Sunlight covered by Eternal Shadow
That the light of the moon has raised
The Everlasting entity forever praised
...Oh... my Lord I will be blessed.

On the Land of Glory
Where the wiseman speaks
All Unholy Powers come together
Mankind shall Bleed
In their deepest sleep
Their Souls will be raped
Seas of happiness turned to tears
Heaven forever cries
In the forest of Darkland
We Worship the Demonic blaze
Darkland, the Unholy place
We praise...

Always feed the burning Flame
In the Sky is emblazoned Your name
On the ground the angel feathers lie
A monument to their helpless cries.

Merciless, heaven no more
Those who resist
Look upon the Mighty-Blacksword
Burned as Offerings
We need the purest souls
Souls to feed the reborn one
Ruler of Darkland
In who exists all demonic power
GGrows every hour
The unpure holocaust
Goes on and on
We praise...

You, Ruler of Almighty Darkland
You and Darkness are One Hand
The Blaze stands for You
All the gods must bow!back to top
Tears Will Flow
So empty inside, like a life that ends
A sun that goes down, never shines again
Heart ripped out, stone cold hole left
Sleeping forever, the only choice i have
No more dreams, all faith is lost forever more...

The pain in my soulů seems so endless
Waiting for everlasting salvation
All is gone...

See the leaves come down, so begins the end
Look at the sky-shine with the wintermoon
Frost has set in, and all feels so cold
Depression inside reaches the highest
I am going to lay down and restů Darknessback to top
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