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Demolition lyrics

Album: ...In The Beginning [1998]

 01  Dry Your Tears
 02  Something You See
 03  Sick To Loose
 04  Hiding From Tomorrow
 05  Follow The Firm
 06  Renegade
 07  Line Of Fire
 08  C.B.A
 09  Another Nice Day
 10  Fucking Idiots (Do Or Die)
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Dry Your Tears
So Damned You Don'T Have Mercy
I See You Everywhere
You Try To Get Something From Me
Believe Me I Don'T Care

The Picture Of Your Sadness
Hangs On Every Place
You Stare At Me With Dark Brown Eyes
The Hunger In Your Face

No Escape For Me
You Show Me Your Fears
The Pain In Your Eyes
But I Can'T Dry Your Tears

Your Busted Belly Makes Me Sick
You Can'T Stand On Your Feet
And Dream About A Slice Of Bread
While I Puke What I Eat

Don'T Disturb Me With Your Cries
We Abhor What We See
I Close My Eyes, I Close My Ears
Go Away From Me

No Escape For.....

We Live To Earn More Money
This Is What We Need
Don'T Trust In Humanity
Cause Your Race Has To Bleed

Naught For You And All For Me
That 'S Your Destiny
You Get The Pain For We Can Live
What Do You Want From Me

No Escape For..... 3xback to top
Something You See
Look In My Face, Smell My Clothes
Everything Allright You Can'T Get Enough
The Only Trouble For Me Is Plastic
Because My Body Becomes Strange Elastic

No One Can Save My Body
Or Save My Money , I Need It All
No One Can Know My Problem
Become Godlike Is All

Something You See Is False 2x

My Silicon Ass Resembles A God
The Surgical Magic Has Done A Lot
The Blue Contact Lenses For My Eyes 'Re Perfect
It'S Better Than Brown , You Order Direct

No One Can.....

Something You See Is False 2x

My Doctor Had Said ; He 'D Do It Blind
And If He Gets Money He 'D Repair My Mind
But I Don'T Know, Should I Really Try It
The Only Luck Is My Personal Outfit

No One Can.....

Something You See Is False 2xback to top
Sick To Loose
News On Tv On Every Evening
Tell Me What Happend, Teach Me The Truth
All You Can See Is War And Destruction
This World Is Burning, Who Will Survive

News On Tv Your Pervers Pleasure
You Sit In Front, Foam On Your Mouth
On Every Corner Nothing But Madness
While We Are Watchin, We Realize

Sick, ... 3x
Sick To Loose

News On Tv Give Me Overthrill
Listening To Lies, Produced By Assholes
A New Mad Dictator Is Killing Millions
The Shadow Of Terror Covers The Sun

Sick ...

News On Tv Show Me The Least
Welcome My Friend To A New Bloodfeast
What Have We Done, Is This A Nightmare
Where Is The Exit Out From This Hell

Sick ...back to top
Hiding From Tomorrow
Your Live Is Full Of Hate
Don ' T Wait Till It 'S To Late
Only Way Out From Here
Turn Off Your Brain And Fear

Some Say That 'S Not The Way
But Listen What They Say
Too Much Of Hell And Death
Too Much, It Takes My Breath

Hiding From Tomorrow
Hide Beyond Yourself 2x

We 'Re Talking 'Bout These Things
The Alert Bell Just Rings
But We Don'T Hear This Call
Can'T Save Us From Our Fall

Your Life An Endless Night
Solutions Not In Sight
We Run Out, We Shoot In
Now Let The Dreams Begin

Hiding From Tomorrow
Hide Beyond Yourself 4xback to top
Follow The Firm
We're Workin' Hard For Your Future Man
Not Without Trouble; We Do What We Can
We Have Your Country And The World For Sale
It's One Step More On The Way To Hell

We're Workin' Hard And We Try The Best
We Are At First, Then Comes The Rest
We'll Stop For Nothing If You Pay The Price
You're Full Of Hate But Believe Our Lies

We're Workin' Hard To Controll Your Live
Take All From You But You Still Survive
We Look Around On Every Place You Go
On Tv You Learn What You Have To Know

We're Workin' Hard To Turn Off Your Brain
For You Don't Notice When We Light The Flame
We Poison All If The Profit 'S Right
This Silly Prank Can't Blow Out Your Light

We're Workin' Hard For The Peace On Earth
We Call You To Arms, You Have To Serve
You Raise Your Children, Only Food For War
Fight For Your Safty, For Your Live And More

We're Workin' Hard To Make An End Of All
A New Dimension Of The Perfect Fall
Not Really Criminal But Very Sly
But Please Don't Worry, Everyone Must Dieback to top
I Don'T Know What To Do
I 'M Standing Here And Wait For You
I 'Ve Talked To You The Night Before
And All I Know Is I Need More
Things That I Have Seen So Clear
Now After All I Feel The Fear
I Hate To Be Alone That Night
To Be Alone In Every Fight

I 'M A Renegade - Let Me Go
I 'M A Renegade - Leave Me Alone

Wake Me Up I Hate This Song
Something In My World Is Wrong
I Try To Live My Life So Well
But Now I See My Life Is Hell
Sometimes When I Walk Alone
I Am Sure I 'Ll Find A Home
Something Changes The World So Fast
I 'M On The Run Ever The Last

I 'M A Renegade .....

People Try To Take It All
They Take My Power Till I Fall
I 'M Fed Up With This Boring Game
I Feel That I 'M Not The Same
Let Me Wake Up From This Dream
I 'M No Fool And I Will Win
I Hate To Listen What You Say
I Will Make It In My Own Way

I ' M A Renegade .....

Sometimes On My Way
I Fall Down , I Have To Pay
Through Stormy Clouds And Rain
But I Stand Up Again
I 'M Gonna Try My Best
Don'T Turn Round, Look To The Past
For All My Sins I 'Ll Pay
But Straight I Walk My Wayback to top
Line Of Fire
Through The Fields Of Misery
Your Head Falls Into Mud
Broken Bodies Fill Your Way
You Feel The Sand So Hot
Crawling Scorpions Beside Your Sweating Face
You Can'T See Anything
Don'T Think What Will Be Tomorrow
Don'T Think What The Future Brings

The War Is Your Believe
Your Rage Is Gettin' Higher
Take Your Final Breath
Into The Line Of Fire

Assaulting Enemies Is Your Command
Explosions In The Sky
Devastation In The Desert
Never Ending Cries
Air Raids Across The Land
Fills Your Brain With Fear
War And Hunger Everywhere
The End Is Getting Near

The War Is.....

God Of Wrath Watching You From Above
Laughing At Your Pain
Sleepless Nights In The Gutter
Driving You Insane
A Faithful Soldier Without Fear
Fights To The Bitter End
A Fallen Hero Just Remains
Dying Young For The Motherland

The War Is.....

Into The Line Of Fire 3xback to top
Somethimes There's A Feeling
I Don't Know Where It Comes From
Maybe That I'm Dreaming But No One Wakes Me Up
There Are So Many Questions
They're Burning In My Head
I Wanna Know The Reason Why I'm Feeling So Bad

Maybe It's The Weather
Or Just My Horoscope, Man
I Can't Find The Reason My Blood Is Running Slow
Maybe There'S A Master
Is Watching You And Me
I Think That We Are Nothing But Puppets On A String

No, This Can't Be All
I Know There Must Be More
Searchin For The Way
No, This Can't Be All

People Are Walking
Like Cyborgs On The Streets; And
You Have To Work As Long As Your Heart Beat
Inside I'm Cold And Empty
No Power In My Veins
I Try To Move My Limbs But Nobody Breaks My Chains

No, This Can't ...

No, This Can't ...

Wake Up In The Morning
And Have A Look Around; No
We Won't Hear The Warning
The Land Lays On The Ground
I'm Feeling Like A Stranger
In My Mouth A Bad Taste
We Don't Stop Our Greed Till Everything Is Waste

No, This Can't ... 3x

C.B.A.back to top
Another Nice Day
Well, That 'S Your Live
That 'S Your Life You 'Re Livin'
Well This Is All
This Is What You Get
Where Are Your Dreams
Dreams Have Turned To Nightmares

Hell, You Want All
You Can'T Get It All

How Much Pain Can You Bear Man,
Till Your Body Needs A Break
And You Still Say It 'S Ok
It 'S Just Another Nice Day
How Much Tears Fill Your Eyes Man,
Till You Can Not See The Sky
And You Still Say It 'S Ok
It 'S Just Another Nice Day

Time, Time Is All
You Know Time Is Money
Right, It Is All
Believer Of Your Lie
Have You Forgot
What You Are Fighting For

Well, You Will Run
Till You Gonna Die

How Much Pain.....

Well That 'S Your Life
That 'S The Life You 'Re Livin'
No One Really Counts
Darkness In Your Head
Now Think About
Meaning Of Your Lifetime

You Have One Chance
But The Facts Are Sad

How Much Pain.....back to top
Fucking Idiots (Do Or Die)
You Were Born A Rainy Day, Your Mother Died Your Daddy Needs Some Drink

Your Sister Junks, Your Brother Too
Live Stinks, Anthrax Comes Up In You

There Is No Sense In Your Live, There Is No Faith
In A God You Don?T Know

But You Know, You Make It Better
A Sign Will Show You The Right Way

See You...

Fucking Idiots - Do Or Die

Repeat All...back to top
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