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Demolition Hammer lyrics

Album: Epidemic Of Violence [1992]

 01  Skull Fracturing Nightmare
 02  Human Dissection
 03  Pyroclastic Annihilation
 04  Envenomed
 05  Carnivorous Obsession
 06  Epidemic of Violence
 07  Omnivore
 08  Aborticide
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Skull Fracturing Nightmare
Shackles and chains and bloody meat
Walls of stone entomb
Torture chamber victim's punishment
Savage execution
Branding iron engraving your flesh
A searing horrid crime
Manacles incarcerate
Prongs impale your eyes

Endure the Iron Maiden
Insidious device
Avoiding vital organs
Coffin laced with spikes
Gruesome tools of torture
Strategically applied
Prolonging mutilation
Condemned and necrotized

Turning hte screw, increasing the force
Cranial compression
Pressure of the skullcap, crushing teeth
Cerebral explosion
Sentenced to a death of agony
Shattered broken bones
Lifeless limbs are threaded through
Reticulated spokes

Execution of the trees
Violent wretching rage
Agonized dismemberment
Limbs are disengaged
Contortion of extremities
Horrors of the rack
Stretching process, ripping flesh
Vertebrae collapse

Spate of boiling water
Funneled down the throat
Pressure on the heart and lungs
Turgid body bloats
Gruesome tools of torture
Stategically applied
Prolonging mutilation
Condemned and necrotized

Sacrificing lives with apathy
Torturing their captives ruthlessly
Misery and anguish, morbid pleas
Forgotten ghastly atrocities

Crushing bones in a cold steel vise
Decadence of life
Mass strangulation, organs crimp and bind
Diseased wounds fester, neglected
Painfully infected
Interrogation perforce confession
Begging death for reprieve

Sacrificing lives with apathy
Torturing their captives ruthlessly
Misery and anguish, morbid pleas
Forgotten ghastly atrocities

Violent requittalback to top
Human Dissection
Sudden traumatic death
Surgical analysis
Inquiry process
Delivered in a body bag
Cryptic frigid vault
Brandishing a toe tag

Human dissection of skeletal remains
Post mortem necropsy victim

Scalpel incising flesh
Exploring for disease
Tissue decay abominates
Exfoliative cytology
Desquamated cells preserved and labeled

Human dissection of skeletal remains
Post mortem necropsy victim

Exhuming viscera from a corpse
Rigid cadaver torn
Microscopic frozen sections stained
Chisel-fissioned skull, evulsion of the brain

Inflammatory lesions
Gangrene of the lungs
Intestinal decay
Carcinomic incursion

Rigor, lividity
Pigmentation pale and bruised
Pustule discharge
Festered clotted wounds
Embalming fluid
Urine, vomit, blood
Siphoned, purged and drained

Human dissection of skeletal remains
Post mortem necropsy victim

Smears of skin and blood
Lacerated spinal cord
Burning protein stench
From a screaming steel bonesaw
Gall bladder bile
Malodorous tumor
Morbid inspection

Human dissection of skeletal remains
Post mortem necropsy victimback to top
Pyroclastic Annihilation
Molten debris
Volcanic ash
Seas of boiling mud
Subrelluric forces exploding violently
Pyroclastic matter intense velocity

Blistering jets of steam
Suffocating noxious gas
Incandescent surge, rhyolite monstrosity
Expanding mass of lava and pumice
Columns of smoke
Solid sheet of flames
Paroxysmal rupture, volcanic edifice
Scintilating fissure, erupting orifice

Vapor cloud
Interlacing fiery trails
Wall of toxic fumes rapidly asphyxiates
Intrusive tuft prevails

Incendiary hyle, vulgar mass
Ebullition escalates
Inflammatory pit's effluence
Lithosphere fulminates

Lateral blast, incineration
Candent, viscous flow
Fire belching mountain
Spewing hot ash
Menacing convection

Catastrophic purge, tephra plague
Flaming fragments inundate
Combustive turbid brume, smothering
Fumaroles permeate

Torn crustal plates, assimilation
Magma reservoir
Scoria ejected
Violent shockwaves

Curtain of fire
Hot embers fly
Parasitic flow
Megaton explosion, destructive aperture
Orbs of acid lava, torrid expenditure

Volatile magma bombs
Encrustment of profuse terrain
Inhumating blast, vehement catastrophe
Desolate void remainsback to top
Loathsome abhorrent betrayer
Heinous recreant I protest
Your wretched birth
Exorcise your vile entity

Blood-sucking leech
Parasitic rogue

Dudgeon despiteful vendetta
Sworn to reprisal
Discreate your own existence
Void with no deplore

Constant purveyor of anguish
Unlamenting swinish whore
Disdain with revolting scorn

Blood-sucking leech
Parasitic rogue

Traitor, envenoming antipathy
Ignoble, disgust, vidictiveness
With murderous fucking hate
Scorching retaliative pernicious spite
Detestable contempt
Revenge, adversely despised

Abject, despicable misanthropy
Repulsion, condemn and nullify with
Rabid violent force, invidious ferocity
Contemptible misprize
Distrust, hostile emnityback to top
Carnivorous Obsession
Ritual sacrifice, dreadful visages
Slain to consume, archaic butchery
Carnivorous obsession for flesh

Warfare contrived
To devour enemies
Fundamental lust fueled by blood
Abhorrent practice, savagery
Violent effigy, obscene unmerciful

Fresh bodies strung by their limbs
Inverted corpses punctured
Drainage of the blood
Corpulent victims stripped of skin
Tortured and blistered remnant of mortality

Gorge, ingested human feast
Carve, embroiled, gored, dismembered

Infinite crania and jaw
Splashed and encrusted, fetid
Massive rack of skulls
Vast scale of slaughtered carcasses
Barbaric cannibals reveling in flesh

Cull marrow from split bone
Maul, englut raw viscera

Manducate a choking mess
Of victimized carnage
Cauldron distills a boiling human broth
Carnivorous obsession for flesh
Warfare contrived
To devour enemies
Mutilated hulk charred and burned
Dermis bursting violently
Shattering the skull, extract
Consume the brain
Gaping death headback to top
Epidemic of Violence
Flesh and steel collide
Severed remnants, disembodied veins
Brutal homicide
Bloodbath trauma, diabolic gash
Tempered alloy sledge
Bludgeoned to death in a manic rage
Massive torque condemned
Malevolent scourge, vital decrement

Epidemic of violence
Persecution reigns
Rampant siege of pain

Violent purveyors of death
Depraved reprobates
Venomous vile rampage
Lacerating horde of maleficence
Savage murderous binge
Blatant anarchy
Sadistic damage tantrum
Brute malignancy

Callous hostile attack
Strangled blue and cold
Tracheal crush victim
Respiratory death, agonized torment
Carnage dilation
Bullet-ridden dead
Ballistic lead rupture
Barbarous maelstrom of pain

Chaos dominates
Plundering rape, pandemonium
Arson escalates
Raging killing spree, vicious decadence

Epidemic of violence
Persecution reigns
Rampant siege of pain

Despiteful savagery perponderates
Viperous destruction regnant
Vigilant snipers exterminate
Staring down the barrel of a gun

Rabid vicious assault
Sordid massacre
Multiple slain corpses
Decomosed remains
Of butchered innocents
Seething heinous disease
Lethal butchery
Psyhotic raving culture
Pestilence of hate

Scathing truculence
Rancorous plague of ferocity
Vehement contempt, sanguinary raid

Epidemic of violence
Persecution reigns
Rampant siege of painback to top
Hostile, rapacious, predatory menace
Shrouded in a veil of obscurity
Tooth-studded jaws
Omnivorous appetite
Abrasive placed weaponry
Evokes excrutiating painful
Injury from an epidermal wound
Titanic primeval butcher

Pressure sensores submerged in anatomy
Fluid filled tubes, extended impulse nerves
The scent of blood
Incites enravishment
Ominous reconnaissance
Preceding systematic slaughter
Quintessent, carnivorous, piscine

Desperate diversion
Elusive maneuvers
Erupt in a frenzy
Impelling determined attack

Split by the wrath of a blubber lance
Pain is not conceived
Evil smelling mass unleashed
Indulging in an autophagous feast

Defy the force of a power-driven spear
Lude monstrosity

Terminal mouth with tricuspid teeth
Revealing all the inner sights of hell
Contorting velocities
Of crushing violent rage
Shattering pain evolves
Blood-soaked chunks from wounded prey
Mangled flesh abounds
Succumb to nefarious mandibles
Dragged underneath
Immersed in fear of death

Denuted bone, massive tissue loss
Exposing entrails, savage autopsy
Ruptured torso spewing forth
Dragged underneath
Now immersed in fear of death

Internal organs severely ruptured from
Infinite barrage of sledgehammer blows
A slashing maw
Immense bite radius
Piscatory savagery
Mob feeding pattern
Fierce competition for the sparse
Remains of a carcass torn to shreds
Perditious abomination

Primitive killer
Ravenous glutton
Most non-selective feeder to endure

Savage attacker
Voracious torpedo
Gormandizing with ferocityback to top
Surgical embryonic murder in the womb
Termination abominates
Dead--a lifeless tumor
Premature, suctioned through a uterine syringe

Forcible cervical drainage

Blood expelled from the womb
Massive hemorrhage flood
Noisesome afterbirth
Vile wrenching surgery
Abolished embryos
Genetic massacre

Mutilate, umbilical entangled on a hook
Laceration evacuates
Torn--a split placenta
Cauterized, electric current
Desecrated birth
Abrogate, savagely deformed

Blood expelled from the womb
Massive hemorrhage flood
Noisesome afterbirth
Vile wrenching surgery
Abolished embryos
Genetic massacre

Death, cesarean, hysterotomy
Kill internally, dead before it's born
Pain, mortality, fetal homicide
Mass prenatal death, morbid genocide

Intense hemorrhaging
Hostile dilation
Menstrual extraction, probing catheter
Septic vacutage, rancid void

Profuse teratogens
F2 injection
Hypertonic salt instilled in the womb
Felat teratoid, stillborn

Bludgeoning, damage of the amnionic sac
Tranformation perforates
Skull--a fatal lesion
Amputate congenital abnormalities
Sterilized, tubal butchery

Blood expelled from the womb
Massive hemorrhage flood
Noisesome afterbirth
Vile wrenching surgery
Abolished embryos
Genetic massacre
Aborticideback to top
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