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Desdemonia lyrics

Album: Same [1998]

 01  Struggle
 02  Horizon
 03  Desdemonia
 04  My Lord
 05  Same
 06  The Gate
 07  Secret World
 08  Embraced
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"Hey, come to me to fullfill your dreams
Just trust and see 'cause my word is true"

Disgust is what I feel
Before those you want to kneel
Sucking every trust
To extend their lust
Rage undoes the knot
I carry in my throat
Feeding their belief

"In the far I see two silhouettes standing
there, watching me
They reach out their hands and with glancing eyes
they speak to me..."
In the far I seeback to top
I see your dreams with my eyes
I take your love with me
You see me now as an enemy
I blame my words with my eyes

Possessor of life
This need you deny
I see your dreams drowned in pain
You, you are not different
Lostback to top
Oppressed instincts
Please, let me breath
Thoughts in delirium
Blindens my sight
Ripping off my wings
Destroying every hope
Freezing resistance
Down in my hole

I'll taste your blood with revenge
Disgraced spirits, drown in lies
I damn your soulless lifes
Awaiting the day, we shall rise

A travel to nowhere with an aimless guide
Denying every hope that I have tornback to top
My Lord
Come my lord
Taste and see my scars
I'll take you to my world
to show you ... who I am
Luzifer has burnt our souls
We can't see "life" anymore
obsessed with fears

A glowing knife before my eyes
A candle lit to give her light
Blood-coloured tears drop to the ground
As she stabs her knife inside
Cold, icy winds just next myself
Where she laid there is nothing left
as I embrace her lifeless face

Are you my seignor
Please, bring me away
I'll wait on your saviour
Tears of joy and painback to top
Admiration with tear-filled eyes
Drown the lust
Hurting evil mask
violation of body, soul and mind
Core of thorns
Hurting evil mask

I cry with allmy anger
The tears of disillusion
My hope is tied to vanity

You exist notback to top
The Gate
Lost souls will be unleashed
Necrolust they will breed
Their call from the pit
echoes inside me

As I unlock... the dead
I feel the strength... down

Different conceptions
awaiting... awaiting
Camas of the End
Open the gates... to darkness

As I unlock the deadback to top
Secret World
Swim against the tide
Lost in my pride
I run aimless blind
The Truth I cannot find

Don't try to hurt me

Burried goodness inside meback to top
All my visions turn to black
Insanity spreads in my head

Mia, blood-blemished whore

Death's caress and kisses with thorns
Painful screams burn in my chest

Mia, blood-blemished whoreback to top
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