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Desecration lyrics

Album: Broken Peace [1997]

 01  Touristic City
 02  Chaotic Reality
 03  Failed Society
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Touristic City
Immorally thrown out into the streets
People are set in opposition
The scandalous wealth of
High society thieves
So hated bourgeoisie
Being drowned in millions
Gotten thru' self humiliation
Show to the city visitors
In this city the only way to surviveis living on our knees
Asking tourists for alms,
Who use their own power
Laughing, spitting on your face
Treat people like dogs
And think they can destroy
All around they pass by
No view to a life
Living in a touristic city
No Hope for another day
Living in a Touristic city
Most miserable conditions
Imposed against dwellers
Make them follow rules thru' submission
A kind of ratiocination not pleassant to anyone
But it gotta be done to foment development
And tourism in the city
A true profits game,
Hell coming true
Wherever you look at
But visitors around
Insist on not see itback to top
Chaotic Reality
Powerfull nations
Planning the future of all being
With the only intent
Of self benefitIt's clear they don't find
Any difficulty to realize it
Cause there is no reaction from the plebe
It's depressing to get this conclusion
But all your life is briefIn subjecting the impost laws
Without at least wondering about
A totally despicable being
Analysing all your life
I just can't find
Any positive attitude
After all, why are you alive ?
You don't worry about
Improving your life
You don't mind what's happening
Your acts are completly limitated
Before all what is wrong,
Hope of a better world ?
Anything will change if you don't envolve
Wake up and protest
When subjecting to dirty
Inhuman feeling and attitudes
As your pride and egoism
You start your own
Chaotic reality
Deliver yourself from
This egoist attitudes and
From your point of view
Try to be juster with yourself
Get away from your own
Chaotic realityback to top
Failed Society
Giant for it's own nature
The truth in silence
A scream gets in your conclusion
Escape or die
My glory hymn is sold
My honour betrayed
I close my eyes
Impossibilited of living
Like a human being
You cannot fight
Marginalized by a failed government
Without resourcesJust exploring the population

FAILED SOCIETY - with laws
FAILED SOCIETY - corruption is bearing
FAILED SOCIETY - living in decay
FAILED SOCIETY - my destiny is dilacerated

Chaos in future centurys
Peoples elect the same person
Benefited by wars peoples prosper
My crime had just begun
Suffering day by day
Without chance of changing
What can I do ?
Living with racism,Nazism, fascism,Nationalism
Social diferences
There's no evidence

(REPEAT CHORUS)back to top
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