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Desecration lyrics

Album: Under The Sign Of Terror [1993]

 01  Failed Society
 02  The Rules Of Church
 03  Enslaved By The System
 04  Spiritual Disequilibrium
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Failed Society
Giant for it's own nature
The truth in silence
A scream gets in your conclusion
Escape or die
My glory hymn is sold
My honour betrayed
I close my eyes
Impossibilited of living
Like a human being
You cannot fight
Marginalized by a failed government
Without resourcesJust exploring the population

FAILED SOCIETY - with laws
FAILED SOCIETY - corruption is bearing
FAILED SOCIETY - living in decay
FAILED SOCIETY - my destiny is dilacerated

Chaos in future centurys
Peoples elect the same person
Benefited by wars peoples prosper
My crime had just begun
Suffering day by day
Without chance of changing
What can I do ?
Living with racism,Nazism, fascism,Nationalism
Social diferences
There's no evidence

(REPEAT CHORUS)back to top
The Rules Of Church
Day after day
Raise the eternal insanity
Through the ingenuity
Of a great nation
That cannot believe
In their country structure

...but from everything
They can take
Distorting minds
Through the "words of god"
Or from the "Sacred Bible"
False images
Help to incorporate
A scenary where
Occurs strange ritual
Of brainwash
They do...
... The fucked rules of church !!!

Blinding the truth
How justice is
A strategy
To take money
From peoples
That don't even have
From thenselves


Disappointed ?!?
The new fucked rules of church
Disappointed ?!?
The new fucked rules of church...back to top
Enslaved By The System
For years
I searched and I found the truth
And now you can't impose
Your vulgar thoughts on me
All this time (wasted by you)
You stepped on and spitted at many people
Using the acquired power
To impose the "Superior race"
Your ideals of racial supremacy (white or black)
Nauseated me, idiotism
Your mind full of shit
Make me express my hate
Your discrimination doesn't worth
Nothing to me
'Cos I've got what you haven't
Mental dexterity !!!
Superior race
Inferior race
Sub race
What ???
We are the same !!!
Superior race
Inferior race
Fuck you !!!
It doesn't exist !!!
Enslaved by the system
By the colour of your skin
An ironic fact
However too realistic
Don't let them discriminate
Don't bend your head down
Let your mind flow
And your body satisfy
Don't forgive them
Attack with the sense of thrash
Don't forgive them
Attack with the sense of thrash
Your discrimination doesn't worth
Nothin to me
'Cos I've got what you haven't
My hate against you !!!back to top
Spiritual Disequilibrium
Open the wisdom book
It will show you a world of ilusion
A world full of happiness and love
Walk though this paradise
And you will see visions of beautiful places
Honest and sincere places
Places where the misery doesn't exist
Hidden lies in strange trues !!!
Open your tires eyes
And you see the faulty reality
Full of remorse and hate
The laws of ignorance
Reigning on everything
The armed place in contrast with the fear and

Spiritual disequilibrium...
Dead in its reality
Alive in its torment
Spiritual disequilibrium !!! (2x)

Live in the chaos
Seeing everything getting worse everyday
Death seems to be the only solution
Spiritual disequilibrium...
Lies blocking minds
Propagandas seducing you
The violent despair of owning peoples
Worsen things around
Misery, crimes, problems
You feel like being squeezed in the mass
Really, there's do place for you in this world
Patience or pacifism ?
A dificult question to answer
The lovely company of miseryIs always with you
Utopia executing your destiny
Stop to think, and get crazy
Spiritual disequilibrium...back to top
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