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Despair lyrics

Album: Decay Of Humanity [1990]

 01  Decay of Humanity
 02  Cry for Liberty
 03  Delusion
 04  Victims of Vanity
 05  A Distant Territory
 06  Silent Screaming
 07  Radiated
 08  Satanic Verses
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Decay of Humanity
Forward-be progressive
the future is in our hands
nothing is sacred if technology takes control
don't care about logic
principles are what you care about
what's a man's life worth?
that's what you should think about
it is our fate-our fate
Honour and morality
they're always victinas of progression
the glamour of our inventions
has blinded our eyes to see the essentials
Responsibility-thrown away quality
replaced by lust and greed for gain
the human race is inhuman
our IQ grows to maximum
brains filled with equations
the High-Tech age controls our lifes
while the spirit rots
and our feelings die
it is our fate-our fate
The way into the future is a dead end
the feeling called humanity gets lost
we do believe that only science will safe us
and forget that it may kill us
Knowledge and reason could be our rescue
stop decay of humanity
before technology leads us to death
stop decay of our sanity
We're just a part of the machinery
stop decay of humanity
piece of meat without an identity
stop decay of our sanityback to top
Cry for Liberty
Look at this courageous young men
their lifeless bodies are lying in the streets
shot down by machine guns
their only weapon was the truth
a peacefull fight they fought
for freedom and liberty the marched
A cry for liberty
the world just can't ignore
A cry for liberty
Why do we ignore
Again and again
people aree opressed
violence is religion-injustice is the law
did we learn what they thought?
a hopeless fight they fought
astonished we stood still
they had to pay the bill
They stood up for their rights
they chose a peaceful fight
their words were just ignored
their hopes died by the sworback to top
I'm the one to rescue you
I'm the one you need
I take your soul
I take control
I rescue you to death
first I make you trust my lies
I do everything for you
after that you are hypnotized
and then I will destroy you
War-inside your brain
confusion day by day
War and pain-you endure
personality's decay
War-inside your brain
let me catch your fall
War and pain-you will see
I will end it all
Your state of mind is my game
I juggle with your soul

you think I'll save you from pain
but all I'm searching for
is your money and your soul
all addicted to me
while I grow richer day by day
I laugh at your dismay
The emptiness in your soul
the doubts in your mind
you are always my profit
'cause you think I'm divine
You'll always be the looser
never able to control the life
you've been born into
you'll always be the fool
You obey-and I grab
I suck you out while you bleedback to top
Victims of Vanity
Masters of mutilation
your profession is death
you are playing with their lifes
wiping there all out
kill without emotions
who can be so cruel?
you keep on killing animals
behaving like god
your businness is pain
you kill tn the name of science
helpless toys in your hands
victims of our vanity
Innocent animals
they are victims of so called experiments
slowly tortured to death
extreme agony to test our perfumeryback to top
A Distant Territory
Walking through the doorways of our souls
we always step into a distant space
where our spirits fly unchained
and are forever free
in the land of our dreams
far away from cold reality
Through magic territories we travel on
and try to search for answers
within our minds
Suddenly a dream passes by
a cold wind blows to freeze my mind
I'm torn back into reality
the end of all my fantasies
I wish myself back into the dream
while I fight against the stream
as coldness grips my heart
I fall down into the darkback to top
Silent Screaming
Silent sreaming and no one needs to listen
we don't care for each other's feelings
try to hide behind some self styled ignorance
we have to realize the probs next door to us
The affluent society
let the children pay the bill
it rips their innocence away
We are blind to problems in our surrounding
can't hear the cry in the neighbourhood
do you really think this is a game?
I call it maltreatment
your conscience-you cut out
morbid desires-you live out
you agonize children to satisfy your lust
to satisfy your sick mind
their souls will pay the cost
What the hell is going on in your mind?
don't you ever think about your children?
you torture the ones you should preserve
your existence is a perversityback to top
Out in the cold-a dying world
the human race is lost
now there's no god to save this world
now we'll have to pay the price
rotten natures, infected place
no way out of this maze
We keep feeding the machinery
the world is bleeding our humanity
we keep feeding our insanity
Go die-if you will never learn
don't cry-when you see there's no return
So we destroy what we need to live
we hit what we should pay attention to
Rivers green-the trees are dead
poisoned air
the sky turns black
now there's no one there to cry
now we all will die
We keep feeding the macinery
the world is bleeding our humanity
we keep feeding our insanityback to top
Satanic Verses
Instrumentalback to top
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