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Destruction lyrics

 1984 Sentence Of Death
 1985 Infernal Overkill
 1986 Eternal Devastation
 1987 Release From Agony
 1987 Mad Butcher
 1989 Live...Without Sense
 1990 Cracked Brain
 2000 All Hell Breaks Loose

· All Hell Breaks Loose
· Bestial Invasion
· Black Mass
· Cracked Brain
· Curse The Gods
· Devastation Of Your Soul
· Devil's Soldiers
· Die A Day Before You're Born
· Dissatisfied Existence
· Eternal Ban
· Frustrated
· Incriminated
· Invincible Force
· Kingdom Of Damnation
· Life Without Sense
· Machinery Of Lies
· Mad Butcher
· My Sharona
· No Need To Justify
· Our Oppression
· Reject Emotions
· Release From Agony
· Rippin' You Off Blind
· Satan's Vengeance
· Sed
· Sign Of Fear
· Survive To Die
· Tears Of Blood
· The Butcher Strikes Back
· The Final Curtain
· Time Must End
· Total Desaster 2000
· Total Disaster
· Unconscious Ruins
· Visual Prostitution
· When Your Mind Was Free
· World Domination Of Pain
· X-Treme Measures

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