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Destruction lyrics

Album: Cracked Brain [1990]

 01  Cracked Brain
 02  Frustrated
 03  Sed
 04  Time Must End
 05  My Sharona
 06  Rippin' You Off Blind
 07  Die A Day Before You're Born
 08  No Need To Justify
 09  When Your Mind Was Free
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Cracked Brain
Nothing to say, to be honest
Got no idea what to talk about now
Speaking my mind is so useless
Can't think of words that suit the stale I'm in
Don't know at all what it's all about
All day long I'm smoking
Always a thrill butI'm not getting high
I'm not excited
I don't feel like it
I've got a cracked brain, cracked brain
Feel too lazy to get up
Just stay in bed and rest my mind
Nowhere to go - no one's waiting
All I want is to get passed this day
Stare at a box with moving pictures
Lie on a rug and let the time pass by
Clouds of smoke inside my bedroom
Floating away and leave reality behind
I'm not excited ...back to top
Don't look around, I tell you what you will see
There's only dirt everywhere
Step with my feet in puddles of acid rain
I cannot bear
Running around in a polluted world - it's such a drag
Taking a breath of this toxic air - I'm frekin' out
Hiding behind these walls every day - upset my mind
Cannot believe, it's getting worse - no solution in sight
I'm so fuckin' bored, can't stand it
I can't think of things to do
Only I know it's no pleasure
Expectations won't come true
Sick of this, I don't wanna go out
Too many people, much too many around
Heat gets stronger - better leave a last sigh
Fear the future 'cause a nuclear plant won't last for long
Spit on those who tell me that it makes sense
and that I'm wrong
Running around in a polluted world it's such a drag
Taking a breath of this toxic air -
I'm frekin' out
I'm so fuckin' bored
This world os passing awayback to top
You've made your choice just now
For a better solution - peaceful revolution
Time has never been on your side
Been taken out for a ride
You've just escaped from c. camp
Unwillingly imprisoned
You need no guiding light
For the definite conversion
We show you how to begin
Tell you "Brother you'll win"
Don't reinstate those again
Who caused you sorrow and pain
SED just stands for
Socialists' eternal death
Socialists' eternal death
Watch every step you make
Control evolution - no more disillusion
See! How far you got with you faith
Achieved more than could
Just like everyone should
I trust in you
And you wish to survive
And the struggle and strife
That you will face every day
In China they killed your friends
Slaughtering with no sense
The way they treat their folks
Is showing us that you're rogues
SED just stands for
Socialist' eternal deathback to top
Time Must End
There's no more to be felt
No need to gasp for air
Floor of the bathroom has stopped to be
So cold and hard - so cold and hard
There's no more sound to be heard
The roome became gloomy
But I was still conscious in spite of
The silence and void - silence and void
Have no perception of shapes or forms
No concrete memory ... no here and there
Only a knowledge of my being's all I have
There ain't nothing, no one, nowhere
Alone ... alone
Time must end - nothing to help me
Endless pain and tormenting want
It started to dawn on me then
Initially too weak to notice
And too far away to get fully aware
Of light shining there
Struck by sudden hope
Light became brighter and brighter
And started to brust - started to brust
Frightened of thoughts
That will eat me up from inside
There's no escape, no way to erase
Nothingness, crushed from outside
Feel like dust that's lost in nowhere
Ashamed ... ashamed
Time must end - nothing to help me
Endless pain and tormenting wantback to top
My Sharona
Composed by D. Fieger/B.Averre
Copyright 1979 CAPITOL REC. INC.back to top
Rippin' You Off Blind
I'm fed up with these fuckin' assholes
Wish 'em all disease, hope they die
From cancer in their mind
Like to kill 'em with chainsaw
Sitting there with all the strings in hand
Think they can decide upon a band
What they know is nothing relevant
Money makes them all fucked up
Trying to save nothing else but just their ass
Lying to you day in and day out and just pretend
Telling you 'bout the money you make but never get
Being so dumb, you trust in their words and sign the shit
It's been your fault
Rippin' you off blind
Rippin' you off blind
Put you on a trip to America
Give a little tip, leave for Bavaria
Not a single call, no sign of care behind
We never needed you in the first place
Send a cheque - uncovered once again
Promise you: I won't do it no more
Please excuse, there's been some problems there
Fuck off! No one believes youback to top
Die A Day Before You're Born
Don't try to reach light of day
Then you will never be in trouble
As soon as you're here they interfere
And start to fill your brain with crap
Die a day before you're born
Die a day before you're born
You'll be carried to church
They'll drown you in water
Just to give you a name you will hate
They make believe in lies and deceit
Make you a part of human greed
Enjoy the place where you are
So cozy and warm
Suspended in a big fat belly
Commit suicide before the real life begins
And cut your navel string
Die - nine months are enough - a day before you're born
Die before the dreadful dawnback to top
No Need To Justify
Time to cast a magic spell
Keep our souls, prevent to sell
Fill the void inside our hearts
Try to wipe out deepest scars
Sue me for an easy lie
No one's ever seen me cry
You and me won't lose our pride
If we now refuse to hide
That's what we all begin to learn
Disrespect we don't deserve
In times like these we need to care
We've never ever really spoke
About the problems that provoked
A quiet destructive atmosphere
Going around round about
No one's to lead try to succeed
There's no need to justify
Intrigued ways to say goodbye
Side by side not upside down
Don't reject emotions now
Though I know your confused mind
Think it's willing to unwind
No one's to blame what happened there
At the abyss of deep despair
It's been a lack of sympathy
Some time has passed to get to know
Why everybody acted so
It's been a lack of sympathy
Going around ...back to top
When Your Mind Was Free
Sliding into deep depression
Leaving such a magic time
Away from all the world's intrusion
To find liberation in mind
You're just a fool and it's true
Don't know what's going on around you
Destroy your hope and your dreams
Insatiablity speaks
Support the cultural decay
Sell and buy and betray
Destroy your hope and your dreams
Insatiablity speaks
The good vibes don't last
Intoxication has past
Next time I want more
Give me some more than before
So far away from beyond and before
In a new kind of world where it's all unsure
Step back again and remember the time
When your mind was free
Weak, can feel your body suffer
I know what makes you insecure now
The ease of going on and abuse
Commit a serious crime
To make the stuff all mine
I will get me everything
Then I will live like a king
You're just a fool and it's true
Don't know what's going on around you
Insatiablity speaks
Too far away from beyond and before
In a new kind of world where it's all unsure
Step back again and remember the time
When your mind was freeback to top
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