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Destruction lyrics

Album: Live...Without Sense [1989]

 01  Curse The Gods
 02  Unconscious Ruins
 03  Invincible Force
 04  Dissatisfied Existence
 05  Reject Emotions
 06  Eternal Ban
 07  Mad Butcher
 08  Life Without Sense
 09  Release From Agony
 10  Bestial Invasion
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Curse The Gods
Allah , Buddah , Jesus Christ
Whatever your god may be forget those idols let me told you
They're tales of morbid brains
Everybody thinks has right
That these gods are the only truth
Fanatic faith , fanatic deeds
Join my religion or die , Jews killed Jesus Christ slaughtered
Millions die for their faith
Each religion prays that killing is a sin
How stupid logic can be
Curse the gods too many people have died
Curse the gods that fools have died for a lie
Beware of those fools that Icep of talking you
God loves you , for you his son died
Fuck them , believe in yourself
Gods reality is just a lie
Curse...back to top
Unconscious Ruins
All the faces , all the voices
Seem to fade in the crowd
Neurotic minds realize the danger
Expect their destiny fear their
Future past never changes
Running into unconscious ruins
Future can't be hidden
Starring at unconscious ruins
The more know the less they talk
One day our apprehensions will come true
Human beeings blow out like candles
Mankid executed by itself
It's not too late
To realize why people fake ignorance
Inside they are
Scared to death , but too weak to react
Death is knockig at your back
Is this the fall of humanity
Nuclear holocaust our imminet fate ?
Future...back to top
Invincible Force
I am an invincible force of evil
My eternal hatred is destructive
There's no chance to survive
I incarnate the end of mankind
I'm in cverst of human flesh
And you agonize in a pod of blood
Don't try to escape or to resist
Cause Christ won't help you tonight
Invincible force , invincible force
You break down in the morass
Turn and see them blood stained daws
Now I fear the shreds out of your face
Now you will curse your day of birth
You agonize in a pod of blood
You scream out and begg of mercy
Don't try...back to top
Dissatisfied Existence
In my life I never asked
For anybody's assistance
I'd rather go about my own affair
Than to deal with other person problems
Dissatisfied existence
What's the meaning of my life
Dissatisfied existence
Is it worth to be alive
If I ever want to attract attention
If won't be for your affection
I don't kmow what I really want in my life
And I don't remember whom I once believed
What do you really want in life
What's the meaning of my life
Is it worth to be alive
Where's the answer for my searching
I live my boring life
And no one takes notice of me
Is there any sense for my searchingback to top
Reject Emotions
Every night the same old game
After the show you are looking for something
You're on the road for much too long
Your love has grown between your legs
Don't need a love romance
All you want is something to ride
Princess you wanna open your legs
Is it time to show you my way of love
Reject emotions - satisfy your feelings
Victim of lust traped in lunatic possession
Reject emotions too horny to be alone
Reject emotions
Too shy maiden with innocent eyes
No chance for you to strike tonight
They don't realize your game of love
Love is a lie - a wasted businessback to top
Eternal Ban
I am dissenting
I am looking differently
I do whatever I please
Exactly what I want to be
I don't fit into the general rules
I ignore them all the time
Breaking the rules
Gonna take my share
Live my own life
I don't care
I don't fit into the general rules
I ignore them all the time
United we stand - eternal ban
Together we are strong - eternal ban
Long haired crowd
Is going their own way
They are invincible
If together they stand
They don't fit into the general rules
They ignore them all the time
United...back to top
Mad Butcher
Mad butcher - a fire is burning in his eyes
His mind is psycholic and the evil will rise
His blood is black it's scalding hot
Now he's got to ramble , he Lenows that's him destiny
Through the backstreets of the town
His steps are slanging
Now he is horny , searching for a flesh
In his hand a blade of steel
Now it's time you're got it to feel
Mad butcher
He feels his driving satisfaction he needs
He's watching your pussy you will be his food
And when he appears you'll think he is a lover
But he likes his strange way of loving , you will decover
You lie on your bed your expectence is rising
But instead of his prick he's taking his blade
Oh he's so tender when he makes love to you
That you can't stand it it's a pity for you
Through...back to top
Life Without Sense
You were born but you don't know why you're existing
You are unabled why is it you and not me
Your parents they are shocked but still they love you
You are their flesh and blood whatelse could they do
Not even modern medicine can help your tortured book
Hospitals are your world doctor your friends to keep your
dreadfull life
Other people never treat you like a normal human being
They often think you shouldn't be a part of their sick society
They smile at you but deep inside they think you shouldn't be
Never ever realize , you got a heart and feelings too
People turn their heads whenever you walk by
Because they believe you live a life without sense
Life without sense , life without sense
If I'd be you I might decide to commit suicide
But you are strong enough to live on because it's you and not me
People...back to top
Release From Agony
I am caught in a dream
And I am trying to pass through
Something insane is one the prowl
Uncertainly is frighting me
It will get me , it will choke me
Screaming in my bed in agony
When I hear the clock
I have got to wake up
Cause falling back asleep
Means to get in his trap
Release from agony , release from agony
This nightmare surrounds me
I am prepared for the worst
Captured timeless in the darkness
One second seems like eternity
It will...
Getting in a state of panic
This can't be just imagination
I am praying to be awake
I don't want to face this vicious circle
I know this nightmare will reverd
It is drinking me to despair
My refuge will be reality
Release from aginy
It will...back to top
Bestial Invasion
Early morning the mankind sleeps
There's a roaring in the air
Impenetrable fog
Thunder rolls and lightning strikes
Hell storms , rush over the earth , but there is no rain
Hell storms , rush over the earth , bestial invasion
Fog cleared up people scream
They won't believe that the evil takes control
Hell storms...
Your time is out obsession spreads
Death rules Satan's law is in command
Jesus Christ exists no longer , you better pray to the new lord
Cause he's almighty obey him
Hell storms...back to top
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