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dEUS lyrics

 1994 Worst Case Scenario
 1996 In A Bar Under The Sea
 1996 My Sister Is My Clock
 1999 The Ideal Crash

· A Shocking Lack Thereof
· Disappointed In The Sun
· Divebomb Djingle
· Everybody's Weird
· Fell Off The Floor, Man
· Gimme The Heat
· Great American Nude
· Guilty Pleasures
· Hotellounge ( be the death of me )
· I Don't Mind Whatever Happens
· Instant Street
· Intro
· Jigsaw You
· Let's See Who Goes Down First
· Lets Get Lost
· Little Arithmetics
· Magdalena
· Memory Of A Festival
· Morticiachair
· Mute
· Nine Threads
· One Advice, Space
· Opening Night
· Put The Freaks Up Front
· Right as Rain
· Roses
· Secret Hell
· Serpentine
· Shake Your Hip
· Sister Dew
· Suds & Soda
· Supermarketsong
· The Ideal Crash
· The Magic Hour
· Theme From Turnpike
· Via
· W.C.S. ( First Draft )
· Wake Me Up Before I Sleep

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