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Diabolos Rising lyrics

Album: Blood Vampirism and Sadism [1996]

 01  Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising)
 02  Blood Lunar Cult
 03  Blood communion
 04  Ilsa
 05  Sadism Unbound
 06  Mantle of Suffering
 07  Necromanteion
 08  Ashes to Ashes, Flesh to Dust
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Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising)
Your god is dead
You were never saved
Just cleverly trapped
Your god is dead
There's no heaven and hell
Your priests are deceiving you
Your god is dead
Your divine holy bible
Is a book filled with lies
Your god is dead
Your world is an illusion
Your church fornicates you
Your god is dead
The only use of your cross
Is when it's nailed on your coffins
Your god is dead
He died the day
Holy ghost raped your virgin
Your god is dead
You are drown in misery
And you damn love it
Your god is dead
We killed him!
Your god is dead
And satan feasts upon his corpseback to top
Blood Lunar Cult
White throats filled with burning fluid
Blood-red angry rivers of life
Boiled in the odors of sin
Flowin with a mesmeric sound
Like offsprings of primordial chants
Blind by the uncoloured light
Raging children drink each other
In the red lakes of ever life
Where rebel priests sink their fangs
With a twisted demonolatry
Into the breasts of devil-whores
Lies the fortress of life force
In the shrine of blood
I let myself to crawl in
A sadomasochistic trance
Of a bizarre vampirismback to top
Blood communion
Suddenly from her scarlet mouth
Like serpents dancing on hot soil
Words of bewitchment start to crawl
"I keep, the antique demon of
Remorse at bay
All sorrows die upon ma breast
Old become young into my arms
As I suck nectar from their veins
Just for a drop of moonburnt lust
They give the blood I love so much"
And from the night she kissed my soul
Wolverine visions ride my dreams
Killing my mortal human side
In a greedy orgy of blood
I will soon turn my back on death
I will deny it's cold embrace
Just like the phoenix rises from flames
I'll be reborn in vampire's graceback to top
Wolfen desire
Hellfire lust
Venus of torture
Experiment horror
Feeding on pain
Bloodshed and tears
Wolfen desire
Hellfire lust
Female cruelty
Misanthropic seed
Breeding a new race
An amazon's dreamback to top
Sadism Unbound
Hear my poisoned laughter
As the thorny whip tearing the flesh
Leaving the naked bone to kiss the air
A burnt offering to the venus of violence
The most pure unbound form of sadism
Is purification of the beast-soul
As beautiful as a tempest of angels
Seductive power of erotic fascism
My sunless catacombs resonant
With the etherial distorted screams
Of mutilated nuns in ecstasy
As sharpened hooks slowly enter their wombs
Pledge obedience to your new master
Conjouring forth the pain of your lord
A perfect murder in your splitform
By the leader fangs of misanthropy
All paths lead to hell
In torment's depth I'll let thee glimpse
All paths stream from hellback to top
Mantle of Suffering
The bowels of earth explode and spit back
The tears of the paranormal masochist
Who grings and purges his flesh
Like a metallic phallus tearing the womb
Possesed infants hidden carefully
Behind goat-leather masks
Devouring vociferous pain
Of sacrificed black innocence
Thrusting their sinister pleasures
Into a mist of sweet torment
Emerged one night in a heretic baptism
And the moon cries tears of blood
Licking their skin with razored tongues
Engraving their obscure phobias
On marble statues of adultery
All paths lead to hell
Cries of a narcissistic blasphemy
Inspired in a velvet pandemonium
Of a feverish, repulsive hyperpain
All paths stream from hellback to top
The living skull of the necromancer
Spits forth baroque twisted truths
Like a dead electrified tissue
Of a scattered religious spirit
Worm-seals of binding spells
Weaved in the icons of a thanatotrope
Reflected through a funeral spectrum
That was once found in a necropolis
Cosmic wounds sculped on cadavers
Exhumation of eternal enigma
That lurks in the haunted cells
Of the hermetic nectar of the dead
Like a self-devouring snake in flames
Painted on the magic epitaph
That holds for all the little mortal souls
The gentle master, black angel azraelback to top
Ashes to Ashes, Flesh to Dust
Shifting black turmoils of ghosts
Lost in the maze of an afterlife
As ultraviolet undead forms
Rise from the kingdom of mud
Gothic remains of necrolatry
Hanging from the lips of charon
And frozen moonfog of thanotos
Whispers wonders in my ears
Like an astral tale of a psychonaut
A harvester of souls on halloween
Are the comforts of the silken touch
In a black mirrored living coffin
Eternal beginning of a dreadful end
Lies in the orchid covered tombs
Pale beauty of necranthemon
Drowned in aura of lethal vanityback to top
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