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Dischange lyrics

Album: Seeing Feeling Bleeding [1993]

 01  After-War Scars
 02  Casualties Of Greed
 03  Blind Paths
 04  Victims Of Madness
 05  Resist The Statecontrol
 06  The Image Of Welfare
 07  Seeing Feeling Bleeding
 08  Odd Dog End
 09  The End Is Here
 10  Agonized Faces
 11  On Knees
 12  Government Ignorance
 13  Visions Of Horror
 14  Among The Slaughtered
 15  The Godblessed Western Way
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After-War Scars
A life in pieces mentally disturbed
After-war scars
Welcome back to your wife and childback to top
Casualties Of Greed
No roof above
No food for the day
The poor are victims
Victims of greed
Casualties of greed
Greedy fucking bastards steal from the poor
The misery of the poor is the lard of the richback to top
Blind Paths
Don't be fooled into blind paths
Paths that lead to destruction and rage
Find your own way
Find your own path
Say goodbye to your leaders
Show them your hatred
Hatred and fearback to top
Victims Of Madness
A blinding light
A deafening roar
A bombraid scars
Innocents homes
Victims of madness
Men, women and children shattered by the wind
Blown to pieces by a fucking landmineback to top
Resist The Statecontrol
Beaten up for your opinions
State abuse legal threats
Resist the statecontrol
I've got my opinions that no one can changeback to top
The Image Of Welfare
Three millions of homeless people
This is the USA
The image of welfare
Say farewell to this shitback to top
Seeing Feeling Bleeding
I see the world twist and turn
Leaders conflict nations burn
Seeing feeling bleeding
I saw the world stumble and fall
Can you hear mother earth callback to top
Odd Dog End
The homeless stalk the city streets
Clothes in rags made of garbage
The odd dog end
All scarred and bruised from police abuse
Made the scapegoats of societyback to top
The End Is Here
The final nightmare has arrived
Wasteland littered with bones and blood
The end is here
Wasteland littered with bones and blood
The final nightmare has arrivedback to top
Agonized Faces
Half of the world is living in fear
In the white house they smile fucking fascists

USA saves the world from oppression
Through killing children who can't even speakback to top
On Knees
Forced down on my knees by laws
Police and government
On my knees I cry
A suffocating pressure megaton on my breastback to top
Government Ignorance
No government knowledge
Lack on [of?] public care
Ignorance will bring death
People live in hovels
Got no food to eatback to top
Visions Of Horror
Parents gone
Relatives killed
Soon insane from sorrow and fear
Visions of horror
Neverending nightmare
Visions of horror
Children buried in the backyard
Like dogs in shallow gravesback to top
Among The Slaughtered
A desperate mother look for the son
Found him among the slaughtered
Headless and maimed
Just a piece of meat
On her knees she cries
Asks herself whyback to top
The Godblessed Western Way
The plastic culture pestilence
Infects the human race
Moral crusaders
International heroes
USA clean their consciousness [miprinted as "conciousness" in CD liner notes]
The godblessed western wayback to top
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