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Disharmonic Orchestra lyrics

 1990 Expositions Prophylaxe
 1992 Not To Be Undimensional Conscious
 1994 Pleasuredome

· Accelerated Evolution
· Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasure
· Disappeared With Hermaphrodite Choirs
· Disharmonisation
· Fall Colours' Fall
· Feel Like Fever
· Getting Me Nowhere
· Groove
· Hypophysis
· I Hyperact
· Idiosyncrasy
· Inexorable Logic
· Introphylaxe
· Life Disintegrating
· Like Madness From Above
· Mental Sequence
· Mind Seduction
· Off The Ground
· Overwhelming Tranquility
· Perishing Passion
· Psychoanalysis
· Quintessentially Unnecessary Institution
· Recommended Suicide
· Sick Dishonourableness
· Stuck In Something
· Successive Substitution
· The Return Of The Living Beat
· The Sick Deep Under
· The Silence I Observe
· The Unequalled Response Mechanism
· Timeframe
· Where Can I Park My Horse?

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