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Disharmonic Orchestra lyrics

Album: Not To Be Undimensional Conscious [1992]

 01  Perishing Passion
 02  Mental Sequence
 03  Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasure
 04  The Return Of The Living Beat
 05  Groove
 06  Idiosyncrasy
 07  Like Madness From Above
 08  Timeframe
 09  Mind Seduction
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Perishing Passion
The seventh heaven
On the thirteen floor
I hear you knock
Upon my door
My attitudes are platitudes
I surrender to your love
Surrounded by your smell
A snapshot like twisted veins
No more thoughts to tell
Devotion up to its gains
Delicious smooth warm sin
Fingerprints on your soft skin
In deep devotion
I end in tears
Like a setting lotion
For all my fearsback to top
Mental Sequence
Guardian angels are working for me
The devil and the deep blue sea
I beat my heart and bend all trees
By the and of the year I'm on my knees
Such a precious little dream
Can make a face behind a scream
One of three holes in a broken stone
Through gardens long since overgrown
All that filled my ears with pain
Your dirty looks beat me again
A lustfull view makes my eye explode
My heart went dead and I fell in the roadback to top
Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasure
Frozen there in prickly heat
According to what is required
Far from home on nowhere street
An endless stream is expired
Can't escape the xciting wave
Addiction's suffer in a case
Missing pleasure is not found
And the feelings are getting drownedback to top
The Return Of The Living Beat
In a land where they all dream
They can't take you how you seem
Following a bisquit to its empire
A fatal breath stopped the horse
The creepin flesh regret remorse
Streamlined functional neat simplicity
Where the wierdos are dishing it out
Bringing back the beat to get down on the ground
Brothers and sisters they scream and shout
Cuz together they enjoy the funky ass beat soundback to top
My attempts to freeze the time
Where failours
But I have been close
Intents I had you could divine
And I'm awake
Of boring those
Who never really did approve
My actual aims
But though dance
With heard of goofy gnus of groove
And make up pecular names
In tarnce
If I stay in that distance
There will be no admittance
To another state of mind
A plain of existance
I'm watching plankton
Creeping through the grass
Safe from the whale
That's what I guess
Have not a clou
Got no idea
Doubt that they know
What happening hereback to top
Visions escape from your spirital waste
A conscious decision of your inner soul
Symbols trapped through convulsions of my brain
Visualized figures marching in step
Erasing my store
Forget more and more
Unlearning to spell
My own have
I can't believe
I'm calling myself
Within your mind
We are three of a kindback to top
Like Madness From Above
Timeflies slide down the walls
Poundered upon progressive calls
Trembling tongues in search of taste
Shattered teeth all over the place
Served the style of a real neurotic
The easy smile of a true psychotic
No we never met before
Tangerine dreams stay for eber more
Waving voices
Falling apart
Like shadows
From the stars
Instruction furnish
My vacant mind
With tales of sorrow
Pink oceans rewindback to top
Sequences of time are now in session
The imposition of three suffing patterns
With the ability to scan through
A complete list of phonetic transcriptions
In a matter of timeframesback to top
Mind Seduction
Considering the river
And the concrete boots
What you saw
You din't really see
Under pressure I suggest
This is life's hard bequest
Somewhere in my head
A new age of benevolence
Dressing down to
A cool anonymity
Happily married to a eloguent feminist
Roman catholic marxist leninist
I strive for critical ability
I thrive on political activity
I'm alive in a new society
I arrive quickly and quietly
Just don't doubt your own identity
The car you drive's the family varietyback to top
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