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Dismal Euphony lyrics

Album: Python Zero [2000]

 01  Critical Mass
 02  Python Zero
 03  Zentinel
 04  Magma
 05  Birth Reverse
 06  Needle
 07  Plasma Pool
 08  Flyineye
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Critical Mass
Your darkness helps me smile
I'm crawling on the ground for you
And my skin is still flickering

Scavegers sweep the floor for me
Can't you see that cruelty
Is a part of me

Kill the rabbit
And give me a bloody smile
Will you kiss my brand new face?
The mark of my name
Can't kill the creeps around my feetback to top
Python Zero
I don't mind the agony, the dying thirst or fading hunger
Mystical, the smell of fear, fire breeds the pain inside me
The horror set in me, twisted minds like roaring thunder
Come with me, catastrophy, lead me to realityback to top
Hunted by your lunacy, captured mental poverty
Eat me, smell me, taste my fear, catastrophy...
The coldest human steel, trapped between my teeth
I'm creeping back more and more and moreback to top
I construct a mechanical smile
And face the solid wall, with pride
Loosing, falling, tears in our eyes
Swirling like diordered flies

Ceased and torn
Ravaged and forlorn
Ten times the horror
A thousand times the scorn

Pleaasures of the flesh
Are left behind the door
We rise in deadly lust
Our flesh is on the floorback to top
Birth Reverse
Where blood is wine
Pleaasures are mine
Freedom takes me high
Insomnia sails the sighback to top
Shadows rise, loosing souls
Take our flesh away
Reveal the source

Can you feel the pain I feel?
Can you feel the loss?

Twisted raw reality

Will the silence of fire fall?

Cruelty, don't speak to me
I fell in love with agony
Suddenly, I swept the floor
For your insanityback to top
Plasma Pool
Blood is my passion
My only obsession
My darkness is everything
The hunger for sins
running through my mindback to top
I'm gonna be cruel to you
Cruel like the fire in our wicked eyes
I'm gonna be cruel to you
Cruel like the fire in our wicked eyes

Be my guest in our cruelty
Be my guest in our cruelty
We'll serve you a fly in your eye

Drop into my plasma pool
Let me lead you to a crowded ship of foolsback to top
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