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Doomwatch lyrics

Album: A Symphony Of Decadence [1987]

 01  Notorious
 02  Iconoclast
 03  The Fourth Reich
 04  A Waste Of Mind
 05  Tragic Flow
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Rebel born, spirit of youth
Defiant, search for truth
Rejecting their established tries
Doors are locked, still he tries
Rebel now is lost in you
Can't see what is true
They cloud your mind with their own thoughts
Sheduled living, reason rots

it's plain to see they've got you going mad
Another way they waste away the thoughts that you've had
Another way they keep your mind simple and plain
Another way they confiscate your brain

Take the time to think it not
In your mind there is no doubt
Be aware of what they do
Let them know they can't have you

They'll close you in and shut you out
Make you want to scream and shout
You are different from the rest
And with their lies you're not impressed
But soon enough there'll come a day
When we finally have out say
Young of spirit, young of heart
Rebels all, we'll be a part

I'm sad to say that day may never come
That's not to say you should give up and start being dumb
Keep thinking, and although your life may not be the best
Take pride in knowing that you're better than the rest

Live for yourself, don't follow it
Keep it tough, don't ever quit
Throw back the hand they've dealt
And our presence will be felt

Think about it and you'll see
We're just trying to be free
They can never right their wrong
And what they've done has made us strong

Living our their stupid roles
We won't give up our noble goals
Our intentions gloriuos,
They brand us all "notorious"back to top
Fire and brimstone fly as they preach
Their horror stories of a swift-coming doom
And their fury comes not from those they disdain
But from their own guilt of their mockery of worship

Cathode-ray beggars drain the blood from their bibles
Under the guise of protecting out virtue
Using religion as a tool and a weapon
Moral atrocities beyond compare

If the judgement day occured tomorrow
They'd be the first to be ground into paste
In a world of real fear, we don't need their fiction
Or their silver-lined promises of a life after thisback to top
The Fourth Reich
Rising up from the ashes of their own broken dreams
To carry on their laws of hate as their doctrine deems
Continuing their terror-reign extermination rites
Seeking out greater goals even though they've lost the fight
The twisted cross is still alive

Fitting of a heart so black the south they dwell
Tropical heat so hot as if to thrive in Hell
Corrupt aristocrats make their paradise
Forgetting past atrocities, mankind's sacrifice
The Fourth Reich, Growing stronger

Silent beast stalking life, Nazi's silent march
Always scoffing, laughing at the world's vain search
Continuing their terror reign extermination rites
Seeking out greater goals even though they've lost the fight
The Fourth Reich lives on...back to top
A Waste Of Mind
You seem to think you know it all
But your capacity is small
You're all talk, won't shut up
And you drive me up a wall
Talk like you're tough
I think I've heard enough
I've got no time
For a waste of my mind

It really eats right through my head
Sometimes I wish that you were dead
Sicken me, revolt me
I can't relate to a thing you've said
Your ego makes me ill
I think I've had my fill
You're so tough and mean
You're a waste of my mind

They say , "a penny for your thoughts"
I say their getting ripped off
You don't think, you just talk
You make it so damn hard
For me to have an open mind
When I'm around you and your kind
I don't think you've got a mind
You're a waste of mineback to top
Tragic Flow
Evolution, dawn of light
The stage has now been set
The naked primate stands alone
With gift of reason blessed
Animalistic realisation
Instinct to survive
Controlling his environment
To prosper and to thrive
Plot unfolds, his mind expands
Morals and foundations
On his beliefs he builds a world
Fashioning his nation
Foreshadowing his own fae
Reason: eveil's mother
He learns that he can live his life
at the expense of others

Gleeful of corruption
Malignant to the last
man takes pride in his deceit
Born in ages past
His world rots from inside-out
Feeds it as he can
Parasitic malediction:
Tragedy of Man

Ironic as it seems
There are no broken dreams
Only shattered lives
Man's hypocrisy
His suicidal glee
No reason to revive
Ambition slain by greed
Which satisfied his need
Could have made him great
But instead he chose to fall
Now it's far too late

Digging his own grave
By his hate enslaved
Blessed with reasoning
Selfishness his king

Man now lives in fear
A shadow looming near
He can sense his end
The terror won't recede
Reflective of his deeds,
His mind begins to bend
Tormented by his mind
He can never find
Comfort in his day
He's haunted evermore
By a death he's waiting for
He's happiest that way
This twist of fate implies
That man never dies
His thoughts and madness swell
Into his living Hellback to top
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