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Dropdead lyrics

Album: 2nd LP with no title [1998]

 01  Superior
 02  BitterFruit(the Seed)
 03  Those Who We Deny
 04  Tied down for Survival
 05  Clay
 06  Idiot Icon
 07  The Enemy Within(Part II)
 08  WitchHunt
 09  Nothing Less Than Lost
 10  Stone
 11  Us and Them
 12  One inside One Hundred
 13  Justify Your Violence
 14  Spirit Lies Broken
 15  Dead Inside
 16  Life Disease
 17  What once was Life
 18  Prison
 19  Fade
 20  Hope is an Option
 21  Evolve
 22  Struggle
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Because we are superior
We believe we have the right
to enslave,torture and murder
and no ending is in sight

Because we are superior
We slaughter what we eat
Clothed in what once was living
and gorged upon the meat

Because we are superior
We perpetuate disease
consuming self made cancer
to feed traditions needs

Because we are superior
are alters flow with blood
embracing our extinction
we drown within the floodback to top
BitterFruit(the Seed)
Today the future was decided
by rich, arrogant fools
Dogs of war-who've condemned us to death
with fevered dreams of consumption
A fertile ground to plant the seed
-apocalypse disguised
as the rain forests die
and the oceans expire
the fruit that we bear
is diseased and defiled
offered up to the poor
it's consumed by the child
who inherits a future
that fools have decidedback to top
Those Who We Deny
Nationalistic attitudes
A country lost in pride
Racist and oblivious
To those who we deny

Policies of rhetoric
hypocrisy and lies
as third world countries falter
and starving masses die

Food supplies abundant
yet thousands go unfed
the body count is rising

The solution is before us
But our greed stands in our way

While millions are starving
Nations are dying
Still we do nothing
Who are we fooling?back to top
Tied down for Survival
No love left for this life
Everything dead inside
Caught inside the current
and I'm swept away

Ch:If I try to fight it
I'll drown anyway
Tied down for survival
Tied down for survival

Hoping to find
reason for hope
reason for life
freewill is gone

Ch:Wake up tomorrow
and do it all again
Tied down for survival
Tied down for survivalback to top
The Earth is just a grave
whos tenders we've become
embracement of extinction
as we repeat the past

Ch:Denial of tradition
one becomes the multitude
We can stand against the tide
that turns the world to red

We become the sculptor
clay becomes idea
future the accomplishment
to live another day...

Ch:(repeat)back to top
Idiot Icon
Armchair critics-in the vidicon age
Washed in the light of a one eyed god
Mtv anarchy and commercialized rage
Selling us revolution in our own back yard

Ignorance is the drug in the land of the free
As another generation-falls to the disease
Swallowing the lies and hypocrisy
Nurturing and breeding mass conformity

Our apathy feeds-the corporate lie
Alive but dead-and wasting away
Complacency reigns-idiot slave
watching our world-fading awayback to top
The Enemy Within(Part II)
A sickness breeds-inside our minds
As hour by hour-we waste away

Thoughts are corrupted-brainwash complete
anger extinguished-truth lies hidden

Violated and infiltrated
by thoughts that arent are own
programmed and incorporated
by the enemy within our homeback to top
Modern day witchhunt
as the religious right bears its teeth
another clinic bombed
murder in the name of Jesus

A womans right-is the right to choose
but the wall is crumbling
between church and state

Campaign of terror
bathed in Gods' hypocrisy
another shot dead
murder in the name of Christ

Ch:(repeat)back to top
Nothing Less Than Lost
When the words have lost their meaning
and become just simple songs
When rebellion is a T-shirt
or slogan on your back

Ch:Then the things that we once cared about
are now ashes in the past
And the future that we sing about
is nothing less than lost

When protest becomes simple verses
to all your angry songs
When defiance is just a fashion
and conviction is what you lack

Ch:(repeat)back to top
We are the stone
that is cast into the water
We are the ripples
that have strength against the tide
We are the wave
that erodes away foundation
We are the ocean
that can reach the other side

We are the one
that can influence the many
We are idea
that can bring new futures start
We are the voice
that can bring the song to many
We beat the drum
of revolution in the heartback to top
Us and Them
Sick and dying
Lepers of the modern age
They are us
and we are them
yet still we will deny
quality of life
dignity in death
the ultimate betrayal...
Perpetrated through ignorance
and fed on human bloodback to top
One inside One Hundred
One inside One hundred
the victims of the plague
the unrelenting holocaust
of this modern age

it will not discriminate
One inside one hundred
the infection rate

Numbers equal people
paper we are not
more than just statistics
lest we have forgot

One inside One hundred
may soon turn one in one
victims of our ignorance
as the human race is runback to top
Justify Your Violence
Justify your violence
like you justify your life
embracing your religion
while carrying a knife

Ch: Hypocrisy your dogma
and your dogma is your faith
traditions of intolerance
from a religion based on hate

Crusade to save the children
all of yet unborn
While you stand on the bones of women
deemed worthy not to morn

Ch:(repeat)back to top
Spirit Lies Broken
Wearing despair
Like a crown of thorns
Future uncertain
spirit grows weak

Ch:Spirit lies broken
Hopeless and empty
A lifetime of bondage
Alone in our pain

Consumed by our fear
Living but dead
Division of self
Existence profane

CH:(repeat)back to top
Dead Inside
Endless shifting
dead end lives
Stand on the corner
as the years roll by

Leaving-no mark
just-another drone
millions-dead inside
rotting-from day one

Search for-elusive dreams
Embrace-self made strife
Enslaved-and never realizing
that money-is not lifeback to top
Life Disease
Diseased and deformed
humankind grows
reflecting the image
shadow we cast

Poison roots thrive
distort the world
fed-life disease
returned to ourselves

CH:Hand in Hand(4x)

shit....back to top
What once was Life
My murder has become-justified
In your sick-barbaric world
My skin is ripped-from the bone
What once was life-you-ingest

(Industrial part)

A holocaust-unrealized
My lifeblood feeds-a selfish world
My suffering-goes unknown
What once was life-you-ingestback to top
Standing in line
waiting for the shit
that they feed us
Afraid to think
for yourself
to be aliveback to top
How easily we are diverted
and our focus is betrayed
as we judge each others actions
and our progress fades away

We fear to share ideas
in the face of ridicule
Unsure to take a stance
conforming to the rulesback to top
Hope is an Option
Searching for the light
in a world so black
My strength has weakened
My conviction has faltered

Ch:Hope is an option
but the future looks bleak

The older I get
the less I believe
the longer I live
the less that I care

Ch:Hope is an option
but the future looks bleakback to top
On your knees
born to serve
the mindless faith
that you deserve

Ch:How many icons will you place upon your alter?
How many Christs will you nail to the cross?

On your knees
born to serve
the mindless faith
that you deserve

Ch:When will you accept that the answer is inside you?
When will you evolve enough-to be your only God?back to top
Struggling everyday
to maintain our existence
the quality of life
dependent on our wealth

Ch:on our wealth

the enslavement of work
has become so commonplace
with our passive acceptance
our youth slips away

Ch:it slips awayback to top
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