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Dropdead lyrics

Album: Dropdead/Crossed Out-split 5" - 1993 [1993]

 01  New World Slaughter
 02  Sheep
 03  Belly Full of Lies
 04  Requiem
 05  Bosnia
 06  Nazi Atrocities
 07 Comp tracks or whatever
 08  The Circle Complete
 09  Wake of Deception
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New World Slaughter
Oppression --- The Fuel of Demoralization
Human Rights --- now in a State of Decay
Mass Control and media manipulation
New World Order - under the name of democracy

New World Oppression
New World Murder
New World System
New World Slaughterback to top
Life on your knees
Born to be led
Restrained and controller
Submit and comply
Sheepback to top
Belly Full of Lies
Gorge yourself on the flesh now dead
cruelty and suffering keep you fed
Celebrating life with traditions of death
stench of dead animal on your breath
belly full of lies
blood on your handsback to top
Wasting away
Victims of prejudice
Government spawned
Modern day plague
Immune Disease
Casualties rise
Contagion Unleashed
Humanity faltersback to top
Starving Mass - Wartorn city
Dying children - Pleas for help

Genocide - Infanticide
As thousands die - We close our eyesback to top
Nazi Atrocities
Nazi - Atrocities
Genocide - Never again!

Nazis must be stopped, before they rise again

Germany - Skinhead
Hitler Youth - Not again?!back to top
The Circle Complete
You and I - We are the system
But the system is wrong - the system destroys
If you want - to change the system
Look to yourself - and change yourself
or you can try - to lay the blame
But the fault is yours
And the world still turnsback to top
Wake of Deception
There is no hope - for the fate of humanity
Controlled by fear - Consumed by Apathy

Controlled by Fear - Controlled by War
Controlled by Religion - Controlled by Law

In the wake of deception
Under the rule of the state
We succumb to the power
We succumb to our fate

Controlled by Fear - Controlled by War
Controlled by Religion - Controlled by Law

Crushed beneath the oppression
Kept in line by their threats
We're consumed by the system
We succumb to our deathback to top
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