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Dropdead lyrics

Album: Dropdead/Rupture-split 8" - 1992 [1992]

 01  Washed Away
 02  Living in Fear
 03  Confused (Buried Deep)
 04  Attention
 05  Deliver Yourself
 06  Control
 07  Life in Chains
 08  End the Slaughter
 09  I Will Defy
 10  The Truth Behind
 11  Fucking Assholes
 12  Legacy of Death
 13  No Glory
 14  Still you Follow Blindly
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Washed Away
Human rights - washed away
By bigotry - and hatred

Upper class rule - white bred
Nazi - politicsback to top
Living in Fear
What will you do? What will you say?
When they take your civil rights away?
When they drag your family away?
When they take your life away?
What will you do? What will you say?back to top
Confused (Buried Deep)
Religion was forced down my fucking throat
Until I got sick and threw it out
Instilled with fear and deep despair
For the rest of my life it will be there

Age old sick theological shit
Unknowing children introduced to it
Buried deep in the back of our minds
Buried deep for the rest of our livesback to top
In this sick society, You have a voice.
But silent is what you'll choose to be.
You'll play your role, one with the society.

Desensitized! Desensitized!

The planet is dying, right before our fucking eyes.
You have a choice, take a stand or stand to die...back to top
Deliver Yourself
Deliver Yourself - from the chains of injustice.
Turn your back on the powers who've betrayed us.
Eliminate the source of your own subjugation.back to top
There is no freedom -- there is no free choice.

Manipulated masses -- fall prey to government.
Bound inside your servitude -- your life is spent.
Your life controlled -- you have no voice.
Manipulated masses -- fall prey to government
Bound inside your servitude -- your life is spentback to top
Life in Chains
Take a look at yourself
Understand that no one else
Is to blame for your fate
If you choose a life in chainsback to top
End the Slaughter
Wildlife - hunted - slaughtered
Habitats - stand polluted
Species - face extinction
Victims - of man's transgressions
End the slaughter now.back to top
I Will Defy
I will defy - what they call law
Bastard politics - and back room deals
sealing the fate - of a once pure world
As we're crushed beneath - their jackboot heels
I will defy - their hollow truth
And stand my ground - against their lives
I will defy - I will defy - I will defy - I will defyback to top
The Truth Behind
Pacified - Anesthetized
Brutalized - Raped!

This is the truth behind vivisection

Paralyzed - slowly starved
Torn apart - left for dead

Unending pain and experimentationback to top
Fucking Assholes
You don't make a difference -- won't even try
You don't want to listen -- heard it all before
You don't care, won't try,
What's the difference in the end?back to top
Legacy of Death
Mankind - living - on the brink
Extinction - stares us - in the face
A world - torn apart - by greedback to top
No Glory
There is no glory, no glory in death
Just the coldness of the grave
And another child dies
Another corporate banner is raised.
Another battle hymn is praised

There is no glory, no glory in death
Just the horror of a race enslaved
And as another politician lies
Another starving third world family dies
Another battle hymn is praised...back to top
Still you Follow Blindly
In the name of peace - the system wages war
Under the guise of liberty - the state enforces law

Manipulate and dominate - adhere to their restrictions
A history of slavery - a doctrine of contradiction

Still you follow blindly - Still you follow blindly
Still you follow blindly - Still you follow blindlyback to top
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