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Einherjer lyrics

Album: Dragons Of The North [1997]

 01  Dragons Of The North
 02  Dreamstorm
 03  Forever Empire
 04  The Conquerer
 05  Fimbul Winter
 06  Storms Of The Elder
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Dragons Of The North
As blood for wolves for riches and lust
Onward with hammers to chest
Villages burn,burn citys to dust
And for fun they tortue the rest

Cold,blue steel through a nice day`s breast
An avalanche of heathnes set sail
To show to the world of which men is beast
To conquer where others would fail

Odin is working to eagerly form
A great heathen fist from the north
Pray for your life when there`s signs of a storm
But praying won`t help when the dragons com forth

Roaming the bow,the berserks,the fierce
They know not fear of pain
Women and children are swimming in tears
While the berserks are going insane

Scholared embodies by blood and the mound
The clink of sword sound death chord
Bearslough and wolfslough are shaking the ground
Embraced by might,great northern horde

Odin,great warlord,I greed you with hail
This new god is weaker of class
Grant me thy powers,your secrets unveil
And I`ll kick this christ right in the assback to top
For ages I have drifted
Through storms & mists of grey
With knowledge I`ve been gifted
& path to lead me way
Alone in realms of shadows
My solitude I seek
I poison therefore my arrow
& aim it at the weak

Silently I welcome
The glorious mis of dreams
Time to send the heroes home
Their and justify my means
Dawn of death,tears of chaos
Echoes in my mind
It pleased me,I am satisfied

Closing in on death`s desire
Through I am not alone
With me comes my fear & fire
& a destiny unknown
My twilight affects me
Drifting still in dreams
A gate appears in front of me
Weary visions floats in streams

Come my winds - My Dreamstorm
Soon shall I forever sleep
Pale have I become
Who shall for my fading weep
For faded I have doneback to top
Forever Empire
I still dream of paradise
I still wake up crying
I`ve seen the sun,of tomorrow rise
I felt like I was dying
I still dream of forever
I still see me wave
From the deepest pits of never
Another soul to save

I still long for the sun to rise
I still fear the dark
I`ve seen the signs of our last goodbyes
Another submerging ark
In bitterness I`ve tasted my tears
A burnt out soul of emptiness
I loneliness I`ve touched my fears
& closed my eyes for hopelessness

Sail the waves of lunacy
Bring my presence out of never
The forever waves of my time to be
I set my sails for forever
Sail the waves of silent sea
In empty winds under rainbow fire
The forever winds won`t let me be
Wake me up from my forever empire

I am my paradise
Through my damnation you`ll fall
I am the wise
In my eternity I am all
You ask of me my sanity
Divided you shall fall
Your soul shall burn most certainly
Below me you will crawl

I am my own eternity
My creations will not fall
Dream or not it`s real to me
Your becoming I prevail
From my fists burns my fire
The emperor of my empire
Butt where will be a better day
Even I am doomed to fade away

Sail the waves of lunacy
Bring my presence out of never
The forever waves of my time to be
I set my sails for forever
Sail the waves of silent sea
In empty winds under rainbow fire
The forever winds has left me
I am fading through the stars,my desireback to top
The Conquerer
Waiting for the morning
For the sun to climb the mountains
For the wind & the waves to answer my call
My sword lays beside me
My ship lays ashore
But few to fight by my side

The snow is slowly falling
And gently caress my skin
Where the steel ripped my flesh
Mu quest is now ended
My home for my awaits
Where she prays for my return

When the winds are calling me
I raise my sword with pride
Full of hate & agony
Through the storms I ride
Fear is not yet known me
Fight me & you`ll see
The vikingblood is strong in me
The conqueror I`ll be

Rans web is avoided
Tall mountains salute me
Home is home again to me
I know by now
What matters to me
And those involved knows to...

Thunderstorms are raging
Across the churningsea
Towards the northern sky
Awaits the northern stars
The four winds are gathered
Legions of pride awaits me
As I hail the land of frostback to top
Fimbul Winter
On the other side we`ll stand
We`re the strong
In another world we`ll meet
You`ll be suffering one
On the other side we`ll fight
With swords of steel
In another world we`ll win
You`ll worship us and kneel
You`ll be the suffering one
On the other side we`ll fight
With swords of steel

Then a storm shall arise
Turning the skies black
Send up a howling wind
Across the churning sea
That`s just the beginning of
What awaits us all
The next three years shall be
Without summer or joy to man

The sign shall be - The blazing sky
The sign shall be - The grimmest cold
The sign shall be - The freezing winds of frost
The sign shall be - The Fimbul Winter

On the other side you`ll meet
Blades of steel
In another world you`ll meet
Axes swung by hatred strong

On the other side you`ll fight
The gods alliged
In another world you`ll fall
Our wrath will find you all
Axes swung by hatred strong
On the other side you`ll fight
The gods alliged

With fire and frost
We`ll tear your limbs apart
With hammers and swords
We`ll crush your warrior
With wisdom and strength
We`ll conquer your troops
With hunger and pain
You will remember us

Bright shall shine the sun divine
And unsowed field shall grow
Trees shall grow and rivers flow
Through woods as green as man
Has ever seen
Brighter every day she`ll shine
The Mother of our lives
Though I don`t want to live to see
The day Ragnarok take our lives awayback to top
Storms Of The Elder
Awaken thou one eyed God
Rise again from the slumber!
Give us a touch of the elder strenght
Flowing in your veins
And give us again the courage to crush
The embers of the faded ones

A lightning ripped the sky
The signs of ancient beliefs enlighten
The inner chambers
Of forbidden knowledge
Oh,rise the storm of elder

Let again Gungnir fly
Into the chests of Giants,
And release again thte power
Of your eight-leggend horse
Ride again in front of the Oskorei
And lead fear into hearts of men
Enlighten the path for those of the elder spirit
And quide them into glory

We entered a long gone and forgotten valley
It`s habitants flames of lie long gone
Ceased by a dark and ancient plague
In the heart of this forbitten place
We awakened the spirit of the past
And we entered the dawn
Of the slumbering one

Odin opened his eye
And looked out into the world
He lifted his arms to the sky
And called for he other gods
And commanded them to awaken
From their ages of slumber
Again their rose from the ground
For there where still embers
Of the lost faith of them
In the halls of Valhallaback to top
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