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Elegy lyrics

Album: Manifestation Of Fear [1998]

 01  Unorthodox Methods
 02  Frenzy
 03  Angel Without Wings
 04  Savage Grace
 05  Master Of Deception
 06  Solitary Day
 07  Manifestation Of Fear
 08  Victim Of Circumstance
 09  The Forgotten
 10 Redemption (Instrumental)
 11  Metamorphosis
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Unorthodox Methods
In a dangerous environment, a single mother fights against tradition.
Protecting her son from the corrupt influences surrounding them both.
She tries to raise him as a good and honest person.
Year after year, many sacrifices have to be made,
but the white lies and tales she tells each Christmas,
cause the child to develop a warped perception of life.

Danger lurks in every place
A mother fights to protect her child
Tradition stipulates its way
It's easy for them to say
Influences all around
Hard to change, creatures of habit
Sacrifices must be made
A few white lies she must tell

The pressure lay on her shoulders
Decisions unfair
Desperately seeking comfort
Searching for strength not there

Have no fear
Unorthodox ways, unorthodox methods
Alone and afraid, different from others
All alone
She carries the strain, the future uncovers
Hide your tears

Years of hardship and of pain
Corruption lingers in all the dark corners
Her efforts are in vain
His perception of life has changed
Don't waste your time
He's lost, it's time to pray

Stupid to point a finger, she isn't to blame
Believing that life will bring him strength
The courage to find his way

(Repeat chorus)back to top
Four walls, a ceiling, and a constant fear of the unknown.
Driven by a mother's instinct to protect her child,
her worst nightmares materialise before her very eyes.

A constant fear she has
A mother's instinct to protect
His innocence her child, must not be influenced
Surreal nightmares they appear
Before her very eyes
The walls start closing in, then the madness begins

The consequences of her actions
Into a life of stress he came

Frenzy, frenzy
On the edge of a nervous breakdown
A living hell, going crazy Frenzy, frenzy
The unknown, eats your soul alive
Your heart pounds, your blood is boiling

In her chaotic mind
The darkest secrets she would tell
And smothered them with tales,
Not for others
A psychological affect, she'd created
Caused the child to change, he was never the same

(Repeat bridge & chorus)

All the king's horses and all the king's men
Telling insane stories over againback to top
Angel Without Wings
Growing up in extreme poverty,
and living in a town filled with empty promises,
the young boy is filled with scepticism.
He battles between right and wrong.
Facing a horrifying decision, which no child should have to make,
his whole life could be turned upside down.
Does he listen to the wishes of his kind, but stressful mother,
to remain living in poverty, and be persecuted by many?
The alternative is to take a road into crime and deception,
with his so called friends.
Either way he'll suffer the consequences.

His mother sad, now she's left alone
No shoulder to cry on, no hand to hold
To stay alive, worked her fingers to the bone
Guilt nor shame, her child must have a home
She tried to teach him right from wrong
A town without vision, they don't belong
Eternal friends, persuasive lies
Tainted images, through sorry eyes

Don't be shy, pull up a stool, stick with us
You'll do okay
Money talks, that's their rule,
Once you join, you're here to stay
you can't walk away

Lord knows she tried hard to save him
The angel without wings

Stigmatised, the poor, the few
Opportunities given, but not to you
He searched along the corridors of power
A fruitless journey, his darkest hour

By any rule he doesn't play,
Now he's the keeper, no-one's fool
Who said crime doesn't pay
All his fears have disappeared

Lord knows she tried so hard, to save him
Lord knows she tried so hard, to save him

The angel without wings
Time, will it tell, a choice of heaven or hell

(Repeat chorus)

The years have passed by, the leaves have fallen
Learn to survive in time, you're on your ownback to top
Savage Grace
Having taken a path of no return, he develops a personality of power,
and turns supreme manipulation into an art form.
On the surface he portrays a person being of caring and consideration,
while his dark side hides calmly, until the moment of truth can appear.

Full of charm, so open minded
Lets you talk 'till you're blue in the face
Compassion sincere
His own portrayal, the proud example to others
When in fact, a covenant he's made
With the dark side of hell

Wait! Don't be fooled by him
Stop! don't go near him
His appearance can change, like the chameleon

We're all his helpless subjects
And like his damaged toys
Once they're of no importance
With savage grace destroys

So supreme, a master to many
An' acts like a friend, offers comfort to all
Patiently, telling wild fabrications
Gaining your trust the thrill, the thrill of it all

(Repeat bridge & chorus)

Get ready to run!back to top
Master Of Deception
Obsessed with dominance,
he crushes each person who innocently crosses his path.
His adrenalin thrives on a need to destroy basis.
His skill to deceive gains him vast wealth and fortune.
However any trace of his original character
or identity vanishes into oblivion.

No compromise, no words can make him see
He's elevated to a higher level
To feed a need, let the adrenalin flow
A warped sensation, deceit is blissful

Mystified by lies, demoralizing
No second glance, face to face
Thru' those naked eyes, captivating
He'll suck you dry, and leave no trace

Once inside your head, the captive mind his game
Manipulates his way, terrorizing
Secrets kept alive, subconscious thoughts awake
Watch him take control, hypnotizing

A master of, pure deception
His testimony that, that he's a freak of nature

(Repeat bridge & chorus)

Take a look into those eyes
And I can tell you what you'll seeback to top
Solitary Day
Paranoia slowly starts to take effect.
His huge fortune has created many enemies.
In haste he searches for solitude.
Secluded from the outside world, he lives in a fragile sense of security.
Locked away he hopes to find peace of mind,
but instead he's haunted by the terrifying images in his dreams.
Images of those whose lives he so mercilessly helped to destroy.

All of that money you've made
From all of those souls with their lives they've paid now
Lost your pride, locked inside
Where's the light at the end of the road

Blame and sorrow
No more day, just, tomorrow
Close the door, turn the key
Lock the misery away!
You're living in an ivory tower

All of the guilt you should feel when all of the torment you caused was real
Truth you've found, changed your made
At the end of the road there's a light

So many places, hidden lies, saddened faces
Close the door take the key, try and throw it away far, far away

In a solitary day
There's a solitary point of view
Hide the fear away!
That's the price you have to pay

They're coming to get you, put boards on your windows
It won't take 'em long 'till they find out a way
Don't sleep stay awake now, look over your shoulder
Your enemy's coming to take you away!

In a solitary day, there's a solitary point of view
Hide your fear away, it strips away the good in you

(Repeat chorus)back to top
Manifestation Of Fear
Captivated by his addiction for over indulgence,
his abuse of people touches the very core
of what mankind perceives as being uncivilised.
Hatred, like an infection, spreads from one victim to another.
The resulting factor is a broken spirit; a shadow of his former self.
Suffocating in his own remorse, he fears the unexpected.
His nervousness takes a form of it's own.
It manifests and takes control.
To him it's real.
He's unaware that his mind has shut out his surroundings.
Isolated and alone, he starts to fear, fear itself.

You know what they say, your many victims
What comes around, goes around
Over indulgence, uncivilized
Uncertainty, created your discontentment

His spirit is broken, lives in a world unreal
An infectious hatred
See how it feels
Now look at you

Manifestation of fear
Man's own creation
Manifestation of fear
The mind's exaggeration

First the unexpected, then the unexplained
Being a victim, that makes him so afraid
The resulting factor, his fear's coming alive
Silently, he's slowly suffocating

His spirit is broken, lives in a world unreal
Suffer gods children, see how it feels
Now look at you

(Repeat chorus)

Locked away, all alone
He doesn't know what to expect
Afraid of fear, fear itself
To manifest, taking controlback to top
Victim Of Circumstance
Sadly his mother watches helplessly,
as her child demolishes the very fabric she believes in.
Catching an occasional glimpse, she remembers with great pain,
the anguish she felt, as the memories from her past re-appear.
Frustration turns to confused anger.
She still can't come to terms with the fact
that her husband took his own life.
"Why", she asks herself, "why didn't he tell me?
Why couldn't anybody lend him a helping hand?"
All the while her son is silently crying out for help.

Looking back in time,
Without consent.
two lovers ran away
A tragic tale, so often made
So sad and destined to fail

They're in and out of every place
Searchin' hard a sad disgrace
At best a darkened room, without a view
Those memories, still remain
Never once did she complain
Now time repeats itself, all over again

What he did, was insane
Sadly his own life he'd take
And you've been left to face the guilt, alone

Just try to remember
He was a victim of circumstance
Close your eyes, try to recall
The strength you felt
Now, is the time to be stronger
Than you've ever been before
Bury all your anguish and fear, you're not to blame

Don't analyze, come to terms
Face the truth, don't turn away
Where there's a will, there has to be a way
Into the world, your child came
Responsibility or shame
He backed away from you, don't lose him again

You're not alone! you've got to be strongerback to top
The Forgotten
Ignored and hated by many, he can't stand the very sight of himself.
Believing only that people wish him harm,
while all the time there is a sympathetic eye from an admiring lady.
As the years pass, she slowly gains his trust,
but not without incident.
Being of a passive and loving nature,
she helps to transform his anger with regression.
Eventually his fears are changed into a positive belief
in the goodness we all possess.

Ignored by the many, adored by the chosen few
Friends he hasn't any, just his own point of view

There stands a lady inbetween the shadows
Waiting patiently for you
Holding out her hand she whispers
Together we'll pull through
She transforms his anger
Helps him wipe away the tears

I'll be there, standing next to you
I'll be there I will pray, I will pray for you
'Cos you're one of the forgotten children

One of the, one of those forgotten children
One of the forgotten friends
Cast away those sins forgiven
Fight on, fight on to the end
You?ve gotta fight onback to top
Gradually he no longer hates the world, nor himself.
Once the epitome of all that's evil, now is a guiding light.
His reformation, to put right his wrong doings.
Thus he is able, together with the strength from a kind heart,
to search out the damaged souls from his wicked past.
Not only to repay them in money,
but also to give the reassurance and belief,
that mankind has the ability to change for the good.

Infantile dillusion, played the biggest part
Anger caused confusion
A childhood fear, of fear itself
Mere mortals playing god
It's time to stop, feel the yearning
Mother Nature's calling you, a metamorphosis working

Your body's aching all the time
A shadow lurking
Your saviour's waiting in the wings

Night turns to day, only shame remains real
Take their misery away, redeem
Heal the pain they feel

A chance to turn it all around, a time for sharing
Bury your fears into the ground

Put your hatred aside, hear the calling
A transformation of kind forming, a season of good is dawning

Put away those evil thoughts
Open up your heart and breathe

Put your hatred aside, hear the calling
A transformation of kind, a season of good is dawning
Hear the calling, have no fear!

The cries of tomorrow, was all you could hear
But the road you have chosen, has wiped away the tears
Silence is golden - silence is real.back to top
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