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Elegy lyrics

Album: Supremacy [1994]

 01  Windows Of The World
 02  Angels Grace
 03  Poisioned Hearts
 04  Lust For Life
 05 Anouk (Instrumental)
 06  Circles In The Sand
 07  Darkest Night
 08  Close Your Eyes
 09  Supremacy
 10  Erase Me
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Windows Of The World
I lay alone, wrapped in chains and lost in visions
Searching for reasons why I feel the pain of the world
To my dismay the visions increased, the rage grew stronger
I'm burning the food of the ones who are skin to the bone

Who are you, projecting my crimes and dealing in pain
I need to go...

In vision two, a bloodred sky, well known intentions
I'm carving a name in the bullet, it gives me the eye
He's so alone, desperate he walks the streets of ashes,
removing the bricks from the ruins as he screamed for his girl

Where are you, projecting the grief,
a world gone insane
I need to go...


Under in body and soul,
take me under in a sea of love
Hiding behind the windows of the world

Under under your wings,
take me under and fly me away
Thunder, out the windows of the world

She's daddies girl, he loves her so, he'd like to touch her
Showes her the nature of men, it's the way of the world
A winters night, the writing stopped, the words are written
'Show me the freedom' she cries as she picks up the gun

Who are you, projecting the grief, a world gone insane
I need to go...

Chorusback to top
Angels Grace
The morning winds carries the guild of the night
Hands it out and sighs, angel like faces conseal
Masters and slaves, driven by the same

Caught in a world built on lies, left to rhyme
Given place and time, to fill up the gaps in your life
Silence bears the shame

Can you remember the time life was worth
The beauty of the word
No diamonds could steal it away

It was your life you see,
Forced into history, pushed back in time
I am your destiny
I feed you, disease you, I am your world

Capture the spirit, so open your mind
Listen to reason before you decide,
Money won't buy all the things you desire
The future lies wide open

WAR Greed and illusions, all caught in the fight
Darkness faces light

Can you remember the time life was worth
The struggle of a birth
No demons could steal it away

It was your life you see
Forced into history, pushed back in time
I am your destiny
I feed you, decease you, I am your world


Build your walls up high
For angels grace you cry

Capture the spirit, so open your mind
Listen to reasons before you decide
Money won't buy all the things you desire
The future lies wide open

FIGHT Fight of the fever
The capitol guide

It's not your life you see
Let it be history, way back in time

Love is your destiny
It greeds you, it feeds you
This is your world

Chorusback to top
Poisioned Hearts
The night that the eye of heaven shines
Down mountains of hope and joy we glide

The best wasn't good enough, all had to greed for more
Took our hand and our soul as well; dwell in the dark

Intrigued by a ghostly light divine
Engaged in our bodily delight

But we had to sail along, to where the story ends
Took the time, just to find that there ain't no way back


Who believes in reason, age of common sence
Poisened hearts of black and white
It's grey we are drowning in

While chocking in tiny bits of life
It's flashing in memories through our minds

Why we had to sing the song, we knew was wrong inside
Out of tune, there's no key to those who pray for you


All our dreams, we left them for...
Mysteries with velvet claws
All that seemed right to need,
it's goneback to top
Lust For Life
Do you watch the shadows, dancing on your wall
Do you float in silence, praying for the night to fall
Baby, had to believe...

I'm holding on forever, you're in my golden arms
I slowly suffocate you, with my lucky charms
Why don't I set you free


When I close your eyes remember
There might not be another day
I hold you in my heart,
and I knew it from the start
but I couldn't let it win
I saw it in your eyes...
No lust for life

When you sleep you're crying, maybe you wish for death
When you look you're hiding, don't look away again
Where does it end...

There is a star descending, you reach and tough
the light
Your earthly body's fading, swallowed up by
the night
Down in the dark I stand...

Chorusback to top
Circles In The Sand
I gave you freedom, don't hand me your pain
A loversheart burning, now has vanished in the flames
Our kind of love was to strange to comprehend
It's beauty as fragile as circles in the sand

Maybe one morning comes,
and I can see it clearly in the sky
Shining in my eyes

Your soul is a temple, all secrets retained
and why share your feelings when you have the world
to blame
Surrounded by water, your problems are oh so deep
You're swimming a lifetime,
but there ain't no land to see

Maybe one morning comes
and you can see it clearly in the sky
Shining in your eyes


I can see, but can you see
I can hear reality, knocking upon my door
Can't take it anymore,
words left unspoken, not to return

The mind is a weapon, a way to suppress
But how can I blame you, for you had no place to crash
Keep hope for the future and hold the strawend tight
Defeat isn't final when there's still a way to fight

And then the morning comes
and you can see it clearly in the sky
Shining in your eyes

Chorusback to top
Darkest Night
You took the step and slipped away
Enchanted by a friendly face
You thought it was love

It took your life out of your hands
You never dreamt that it would ever and never end
Bought and sold

Should have seen it from the start
He stole your love and broke your heart
Love out on display

Among your shattered dreams you stand
Make a reason out of hollow words
What's it worth


Oh oh oh YouOll never be the same
Put your trust on love
You're not alone

Oh oh oh I'll lighten up your darkest night
Close your eyes
I will be your day

Seasons come and seasons go
A miracle about to show
Love will come around

Put yourself back in the light
Lose the shadows of your darkest night
You'll be fine

Chorusback to top
Close Your Eyes
Close your eyes, love will come your way
Close your eyes tonightback to top
After you my dear,
in mutial use we're one, you see
You will know, how it feels to sing along,
with angelsongs, and ride the glory winds

Rule the tide
lose all thats you, all you can memorize

It's to bad, you're stuck in your stupidity
Use your head, it's just a game of give and take
Make your choice, it's joy versus reality

In a dream a woman cried from high above
Telling me In heaven they don't have enough
Can't you see, weOre messengers of higher breed

You and me,
We're all that's left of men's supremacy


Eyes behold; one of these days all my dreams'll enfold
Lies scream; It's over...over...
In return; for 'all the faith' that you had in me
You all may dig your holes

So in love my dear
By my side, while I'm inside of you

Yes it seems IOm seeing others down the side
Don't blame me I'm far to sick to realize
Seventeen, virginity on hand and knees

Stick with me
The needle shows just what you mean to me

Chorusback to top
Erase Me
Under a moonless sky, I stood, I laughed, I cry
seasons turned to tears, as I fought the years

This shattered soul of mine, has got a thousend sides
Remind me to win when the morning rings
Don't hope...


Should I take it on my knees?
In waves it comes...
It washes over me, it carries me along
Will it leave me when I'm gone?
I'm so young, I'm too me...

Now when I close my eyes,
I see the eyes of faith
They burn in my face
A thousend lies, oh why...
Leave my soul to bleed
Won't you erase me?

Go where the sceptre sways
It rules it's reign, I pray for the end of time,
now I've crossed the line, don't hope...
don't hope...


Now when I close my eyes, I realize the truth
No more lies, look at the sun for the last time
my friends
The final parade
Won't you erase me...back to top
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