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Elton John lyrics

Album: The Muse [1999]

 01 Driving Home
 02 Driving to Universal
 03 Driving to Jack's
 04 Walk of Shame
 05 Better Have a Gift
 06 The Wrong Gift
 07 The Aquarium
 08 Are We Laughing
 09 Take a Walk With Me
 10 What Should I Do?
 11 Back to the Aquarium
 12 Steven Redecorates
 13 To the Guesthouse
 14 The Cookie Factory
 15 Multiple Pesonality
 16 Sarah Escapes
 17 Back to Paramount
 18 Meet Christine
 19  The Muse
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The Muse
Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the soundtrack the muse

When I can't find words and wisdom in my life
And barriers abound
Should I feel blinded by the light
Knee deep up to my neck in heavy water
I conjure up my muse
She's my means to achieve a simple quota

When it's make or break
Make no mistake
She appears like lightening in a bottle
I catch the spark
Oh she lights the dark
The knot's undone the ideas come
Like two hands on a throttle

There's a place of one way streets and doubt
No red lights ever change
We wind up with no exit out
Facts are facts and stumbling blocks delay the mind
That's when my muse arrives
To sew loose ends up in timeback to top
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