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Elysian Fields lyrics

Album: Adelain [1995]

 01  I Of Forever
 02  As One
 03  Un Sentiment/I Was Dying Once Again
 04  Foredoomed Elegy
 05  Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)
 06  Elysian Fields
 07  Deicide/The Auspice
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I Of Forever
Born in the woods, raised among the jackals
Epic battles were to come; forlorned He stood
As the stars were falling one by one
He raised His hands and cursed
Eternal frost in soul to blame His children
Damned to be, to feel the unlight,
the creatures of the Night

My sadness I defy, Lord of darkened skies
whispering, as I die
The blackness I purify, God of my despise
dreaming, as I cry

The dark erases the past of sorrow
The fear freezes by the cold

I of forever

The stars are holding a world of their own
I sucked the light too deep inside
Can't find the statue of my lost soul
And the ancient form has merely died

For the thousand mirrors that I broke
The blood (that) was spilled wasn't mine
This is the darkest sun I ever saw
No one can pass my bloodline

Land of the unholy fire
Land of the everlasting fears
Slay thy children for they believed
And your will...shall be the one.back to top
As One
Black marks ablazing far in the red sky
Descendance of the true one God
Desolation rides in the maze of the demigods
Reign of dust; Thy abhorrence has cursed me

Rapture; Silence; Sinlessness;
Sacred black of my kingdom's desire

Grant me the power to embrace the silver
The ancients' domain
Grant me the power to enthrall...

I hear the fire coming from beyond
The chants (are) becoming louder

Gazing upon the twilight;
I wish th' immortal hordes were me...
I saw the moon; it was bleeding
The fiendish call, I embraced it; it haunts my soul

Fall; I suffered the paleness of the pure
I can't resist; Descend and be, one with me!

Black marks ablazing far in the red sky
Desolation rides in the maze of the demigods
Reign of dust; Thy abhorrence has cursed meback to top
Un Sentiment/I Was Dying Once Again
Worthless, mourns, infinity divine
Through the pale sunrise,
macabre souls, sour again

It is strange when I kiss the eyes of salvation
The night becomes mine. The queen...

As your wings were closing
I was dying once again
You will soon become one with me

I have felt the wrath, now, the sadness I
Beyond the dream of mortals, beyond my sky of

I have been in darkness
I was not alone
Blood was dripping from my soul
False feelings, lies of my world

When the horizons will be
Then far away to reach
I'll be there to cover all the misery
The sweetness; The thoughts and my dream

In the sight of love my precious
The innocence, the awareness
Even a shade can be hurt
Even a shade can feel the pain

Devoted till I last
A story so tragic
Weakness and rapture
I fade can you see me
I'm lying (there) forgotten
Take my Hand

Of, the beauty in your eyes
The passion; under a glorious moon
Black heart; I wither
Desire...back to top
Foredoomed Elegy
Inside the vision of a black night
I dreamt my lost joy
Just like a daydream full of light
Left me behind; the elders, the skies

High in the midnight sky
She sheds red tears from her eyes
Under the glow of the moon
She wakes up the ghosts of the gloom

Harrowing veil cover my tears for those gone
Buried now forever, begging for deliverance
Till the ones die I shall give myself to the night
...The blackest sun still remains in our sky...

Oh Goddess of all sins
the ghosts appear before thee
The tears of please won't stop falling
until your night begins

To cover all of me
all the sweet of angels harmony
Nothing can ease your wrath
This is your night; the fullmoon oneback to top
Father Forgive Them (For They Do Not Know)
Howl - Hear the sanctified screams
Die - For I have sinned
Bless - The evil seed
As - Th' infernal sky falls

Fatal eyes; Your reflection dies
Bleed before I do; Your lie is true

For I've sinned

Ode to the one... Who died for my sins
Thy veil of disguise... Sworn to avenge

Obsecration of the glorified
Aeons perished in the deep
Path of th' eternal winter
Condemned to primordial myths
Divine the flames of the Great
Embracing the fatal beliefs
Fiendish forces bring forth
The soulgrave of the burning king
Ancestors engraved in the mist
Seek the forgotten domain
Forsaken creations ascend

The last serenade has withered
(It's now far) away
Father enlight my path
Bring back to me the day
That will sorrowfully imply
My surpassingly declining allyback to top
Elysian Fields
And the angels shall spread their wings to fly
And by the sunset He shall grovel
Grovel before the black kind of Yours
And quake when the infernal splendour
shall breathe out by the moonbeam
Bow before th' eternal helot
From now you shall endure endlessly

Lust, whilst the Night obtains a shadow,
's been sent to old forts
And between nine deaths and three moons,
I shall deny that I ever saw the lands of
red and serenity

And I tried to be alone, at my last forever dawn
When the sacrifice will be, oh I'll be bleeding
before thee
And I tried tobe alone, the solitude I own
Your name I shall divine, heaven is thine

When the sun won't rise again
The quietism of my heart's done
When the sun returns to me
I'll fall into despondency

And I tried to be alone, at my last forever dawn
When the sacrifice will be, oh I'll be bleeding
before thee
And I tried to be alone, the solitude I own
Your name I shall divine, heaven is thine

Fire, comes from a northern sea
Thanatos fills my eyes
Ashes Thy black of wrath
A stone broke the skyback to top
Deicide/The Auspice
Witchcrafting forces
Burn the sacrificials
Enchanting forests
Visualize the end

Crushing fear
Revelation of the falling nights
Forbidden rhymes
Figures of the shuttered
Unholy lands
Mayhemic immolations
Spiritual dissension

Battles beyond no light
I embrace my death
Celestial warfares
Sadness in your eyes
Golgotha's darkest oath
Perpetual fulmination

... Onward to the evil seas,
Where thorns enshield the blackest dawns
... Thy dreadful myth unleashed despair
As power of th' immortals grow.back to top
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