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Elysium lyrics

Album: Such A Sweet Embrace [1998]

 01  Aeon
 02  Night of the thousand suns
 03  The forgotten sunrise
 04  Mourning
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Intensive uniting in time and space
realization of all imaginable
it seems to be eternity
defining all the tragedies
What is time
and it?s point?
Must we know
or is it just irrelevant
The time we rushed through
just a fragment
fragments in pain and love
..the hope for love
You are one part of my aeon
I am a mark in your aeon
Together we are all
Together we won?t fall
All came so quick
as quick as it stopped
to fast to recognize
to slow to forget
... And I saw your face
Fundaments of mourning
Telling more than a single word
An expression
Like a chapter of the book of know ledge
Just one drop of tears
lets my heart nescience disappear
I see more than you want me to see
I see more than I wanted to see
The book of truth
An elysian fruit
A mirror to see your inner-face
Reflections on your skin
building up a story
making me worry
I cannot restrain
Situation turns
Feelings change
Life alters
Just you, foreverback to top
Night of the thousand suns
My mind seems buried
Murdered by your wish
While wandering the path of sadness
All rapture becomes mourning
You seemed so fragile to me
The opposite was real
Unexpected malice
Beautiful oasis turns to desert
Where the clouds gather with the sun
There I stood
Now the tempest is present
And I, I drown in sadness
In my winds of dream
The night of the thousand suns awakes
every sun, every ray, darker than black
Thousands ideas of you Thousands uncried tears
Chained words
uncried tears leaving my eyes
endlessly deep ravines of sorrow
conquering my soul
Delivering screams in the darkness
sounding out of the misty paradise
far away the mystical unkown
deafening release
I please my heart
not to be my guide
strength is an art
but you are my bait
Inner uproar
Thunder like growl
leaving the hiding place
unable to conceal anymoreback to top
The forgotten sunrise
It seems to be a new day
but something is missing
The light of the day
Brightness of the sun
Just a solar eclipse?
An error of mother earth?
No! It?s a hint of our fate
But nobody knows what it means
Good betrayed upon the evil
light turns to black
Darkness overflows our world
and ghostly silence spreads among us
What?s the motive?
Where?s the meaning?
The forgotten sunrise
A black day in our thoughts
forgotten, lost in infinity
Please! Never let it happen
Fear and despair occupies me
When I think of this moment
which will surely come...
Sometimes, in the soonest future
The darkest moment in the story
of mankind
It?s the forgotten sunrise
The loosing of the warmth in our life
Darkness and silence rulesback to top
Wander the path of the night
Silence comes so sweet to me
clearness beauty of infinity
Majestic landscapes of metal misery
Passionless without meaning
so raven dark, but I find release
from my inner pain
You are the reason of sadness
My forlorn love
The mouring of my soul, nature of
my life
So I fall into oblivion, a good
occasion to die
In the mourning, I see no reason to live
You are my liberty the key to other spheres
the gleam from a falling star
as you died my heart is broken
Wander the path of the night
silence comes sweet to me
clearness beauty of infinity
Majestic landscapes of metal misery
so raven dark passionless
without you there?s no meaning
in my life, so I fall into oblivionback to top
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